Instaquest - how to download a photo or video

Have you seen a test photo or video in Instagram and want to download it? A social network will not allow you to do this. But the chances to get the coveted content is.

How to save photos and videos from Instagram to your phone or computer.

What about the right button

Indeed, many websites allow you to save multimedia in this way. But in Instagram, the link saving function does not lead to a jpeg file, but suggests saving the tape itself in the format of a full web page. Direct download is not possible. Why it happens? The developers of the service care about the copyright of users. But they do not know the resourcefulness of people who want to download their favorite photos. Bypassing such restrictions is quite simple.

Direct links

If the media file is reflected on the page, then the link is in the code. To do this, go to the developer tools or call the option to view the page code. In Chrome, the Ctrl + U key combination (on the Mac Cmd + U) is responsible for this, Firefox will show you only when you press the right mouse button or touchpad. In the context menu that appears, there are two choices:

  • The program code of the page will open its contents as the search robot sees it.
  • Investigate the element will bring the user to the inspector mode and highlight the desired line.

Next, the idea is to look in the code for mentioning the syntax og: image or og: video. But this technique does not seem to work - when viewing the page code or in the Windows 10 item inspector mode, all photos have a div code with a random set of numbers, and the link cannot be pulled out.


This method is still working. To do this, follow the link // and drag the button with the inscription Instagram 3.0.1 (it is located at the top of the screen) to the bookmarks bar. Next you need to find an interesting photo and click on this button. The photo will open in a new tab with active familiar context menu options. This method is only good if you need to save one or more photos - up to about 5 pieces. And if it is necessary to unload “route train” for local use - 54 photos? The bookmarklet is inconvenient, and the computer will freeze and hands will fall off .... But the solution seems to be there.

Photos wholesale

For such cases, the 4KStogram program will help us. In free mode, it will allow you to download all the pictures and videos from a particular account or from a selected location. The disadvantage of this option is the inability to select specific photos - they are automatically loaded. You can find downloaded media in the folder where your device stores external photos. For example, Windows is a folder with a username and a subdirectory of Images. And on Android and iOS, they may be called Pictures or Images.

Download to Android device

Unlike the computer, where there is a chance to find the Temporary Internet Files folder and find those very pictures from Instagram, the mobile operating systems do not have this option. The social network application does not allow downloading multimedia directly. Third-party development will come to the rescue:

  • Fastsave For Instagram. There are Russian and Ukrainian interfaces. Minimum requirements - OS Android0.3 and 4 megabytes of free memory. One of the most popular applications.
  • Quicksave - Download Instagram. Adds a download button to a proprietary social network application. A free version is available, but it is better to spend 70 rubles for a premium and then the functionality will expand. It weighs 5 MB, there is no serious load. Works on Android 4.0.3 and higher.
  • Regrann. Its advantage is the ability to repost or save content from a social network to other sources without leaving Instagram. Unlike analogs that impose a watermark on the photo, Regrann adds a link to the author’s profile in the description field. To work, you need version 4.4 and newer. The program weighs 5 megabytes.

App Store by Appstore

The app store for iOS is very dynamic. The American company carefully protects users of local social networks, so it is easier for them to ban applications to bypass the ban on downloading content. But still some options still work.

  • Rapid Save Reposter allows you to quickly download media content from your favorite Instagram authors. The program is fast and agile. But from the appstore it is gradually expelled.
  • Instasaver for Instagram. Chinese application with similar functionality. It is already difficult to find in the vastness of the domestic application store, but you can try to search.


Instagram developers are actively fighting copyright infringement. They regularly send complaints to application aggregators and plug-ins for browsers, mobile systems and they delete these applications. One never knows, there will be only one way to share content outside of Instagram, saving the screenshot, as media do.