Mining cryptocurrency - a way to earn money on a video card

Today, the Internet space offers many options for making money. There is work that requires certain knowledge and skills, there is the simplest work that even a schoolchild can do. But there is a way of making money, in which you do not do anything in the literal sense. Then we will tell you how to make money on a video card or mining cryptocurrency.

All that is needed for this job is a computer with Internet access, a powerful video card and an electronic wallet for withdrawing the earnings! So, get acquainted - mining, earnings on a video card.

Mining is a way to get BitCoin cryptocurrency, the course of which is not amenable to manipulation. This currency is stored in the wallet on the computer. The video card and the central processor perform calculations, which carry the income. Such calculations of the video card ensure the operation of the BitCoin system, and for this you receive money.

How it works? It's simple. We go to the site of mining, register, download the program for earnings, set up. Your video card does the computing, and you get the money. So, during the night you can not only sleep well, but also earn about 50–100 rubles. In the morning we withdraw money to a mobile phone, Webmoney or to another payment system. Great?

A bit of mining history

At first glance, it looks suspicious and unrealistic. Divorce? A virus program? How can I make money just because the computer is on? In order to understand this, a little history.

This idea is not so many years. Back in 1998, the first cryptocurrency was created - Bitcoin. Bitcoins store the virtual computer world, and they are mined using certain calculations. The computer is puzzled by the fact that it is looking for solutions, for each of them bitcoins are added to the owner. In 2009, this idea was put into practice.

The size of the cryptocurrency that is in the virtual world is limited. And those who found out about this earnings in the front ranks earned decently by mining bitcoins. Because in order to get the cherished virtual currency, a relatively small amount of computation was required from the computer. But the device of the system is such that a new unit that provides cryptocurrency is in the virtual world every 10 minutes and with increasing network power, the frequency of finding blocks increases, respectively, and the complexity of calculations also increases. At miners it turns out to get less and less bitcoins, while the cost of cryptocurrency is growing.

Initially, this problem was solved with the help of processors. But over time, it became clear that the best bitcoins are mined using video cards, because, thanks to their structure, calculations are performed much more than the central processor of a computer. With the advent of mining and the increasing complexity of the network, bitcoins could be computed for weeks and months. Hence the decision to unite and mine cryptocurrency in pools, distributing computational tasks among several computers. The pool is the solution and each participant is charged its share in proportion to the power that was invested. Actually, sites for mining on a video card are the very pools.

How to earn cryptocurrency

So, earnings on a video card are intended to give the system, using your computer, the ability to search for new blocks, due to which the entire network of bitcoins works.

Who is not suitable for this type of income? Holders of a weak or outdated video card, also the owner of laptops, can of course earn money, but very modest amounts. Owners of a stationary computer and a modern card can afford more or less decent mining (the more powerful the better). Before starting mining - update the driver card.

The first thing to do is register for a service that provides mining software. Today, there are plenty of such services on the Internet. There are both foreign resources (for example, and resources of the Russian-language space (sites, WMZona, IPUservise). Each site is interesting in its own way. For example, WMZona, in addition to mining, offers other types of earnings, but it attracts lightcoins on this site, which are easier to get. LTCraft allows you to use not only the video card, but also the power of the processor.

The next step is to install the program that the selected site offers and the settings file suitable for your card type. The site will have a section like "My computers" that will help you with this. Please note - the programs on these resources are free.

Next - the most enjoyable action. We start the program, determine the level of video card loading and go about our business, from time to time watching the growth of income in your account. The program is engaged in calculations without your participation, and you are thus mining bitcoins on a video card. At this stage, be alert to the level of load. A full load, of course, will give more bitcoins, but you can hardly do something on the computer, and you risk ditching the video card due to severe overheating.

The last step is converting bitcoins into cash. Withdrawal of funds can be carried out using different payment systems, for example, WebMoney. Some sites offer the exchange of earnings for the vote VKontakte.

What income can cryptocurrency mining on a video card give? You will find the answer to this question on the site you have decided to work with in the “Video Cards” section. Income will depend on the type and performance of your video card, but given the fact that miners are more and more, you should not count on big earnings. On mining resources, as a rule, there are forums where you can find answers to all your questions.

For owners of a weak video card there is an opportunity to earn money in the referral program of mining sites (you can also find the corresponding section on the site). You invite new users to the project using a referral link, and you have an income on this.

Pros and cons of mining

To understand the full picture of this business, let us analyze the positive and negative sides. So, the advantages of mining.

  1. Undoubtedly, it is "earn, doing nothing." Install the program, and it works.
  2. Integrity of personal data on the computer.
  3. Affiliate programs - we earn on inviting new members.
  4. The ease of converting bitcoins into cash.
  5. Money is withdrawn at any time and in any amount.
  6. Income stability With good card performance income promises to be from 50 rubles per day.

Cons earnings on video cards.

  1. To get a permanent income - the computer must always be in operation.
  2. Sufficiently strong overheating of the video card. In order to avoid breakdowns take care of good cooling.
  3. Perhaps the main disadvantage is that the more you set the intensity of the video card, the harder it will be for you to work at the computer. The risk of wanting to earn more and set the intensity to the maximum is that all power is squeezed out of the video card, and this can lead to its failure. Therefore, be careful, in order to avoid the inconvenience of using a computer, we recommend that you set the optimum intensity.

But if the idea of ​​cryptocurrency mining seriously interests you, you can sort out the topic further and do it without additional services. The advantages of independent work are that there are no pool commissions, you yourself decide how to deal with bitcoins - sell or wait for a profitable course, and also be able to play on bitcoin exchanges. But doing it yourself is more difficult. Therefore, first of all, check whether it is beneficial for your computer, because the video card remains the key indicator of income.

So, having joined the resource of mining, feel free to leave the computer in working condition, go about your business and get your earnings on the video card right in your wallet!