Files with the extension dat: how and what to open a document

Every person, regardless of his experience and experience at the computer, during the operation of the equipment has to work with different formats of materials in the system. With each computer turned on, we learn, gain experience and learn something new. As practice shows, it is the problem moments that force us to look for practical ways to solve the problem, which develops our horizons and knowledge.

One of these issues may be the need to open a file with the extension dat. When a computer user encounters materials in an unknown format for the first time and he has a need to open them, without knowing how to do this, it is almost impossible to solve the problem. We will tell in this article how and with what you can open a file with dat extension.

What is dat extension

Documents with dat extension are characterized by a peculiar structure. DAT is an abbreviation of the word data, which is translated from English as data. Based on the interpretation of the concept, we can assume that the document may contain data of any kind. Such archives do not belong to either informational or binary types. This greatly complicates the search for an application that will guarantee one hundred percent its decryption.

The specific characteristics of this extension suggest that the file you want to open to the consumer can carry any data. They can be standard information, video, picture, music application, or have complex content. Depending on the type of nested data, you need to select a utility that can identify and open the document. However, in order to see what's inside, you need to decide on the option of opening the document. It turns out a kind of vicious circle.

Then we will tell you how to solve this problem and by means of which converters you can determine the contents of the file. It is worth noting that in order to view the content, the user will first need to find out which program created this format, and only then open it using this utility.

Elementary ways to open a document

Sometimes, in order to open a file, there is no need to use special applications that are designed to decrypt its properties. The fact is that most often the format is used to encrypt text information and is revealed using the most primitive notebook, which is available on any computer. You can also try to use Microsoft Word, Open Office and other standard user applications to decrypt content. Very often attempts to resolve the issue in this way give a positive result.

If it is not possible to open the data using known programs, you can try to change the extension of the archive to a format known to the user. If the consumer finds it difficult to choose which format to choose, you can right-click on the archive with the right mouse button and select the “Open with” option, where the computer itself will offer valid applications. This method can also give a result, and the user will be able to view the contents of the document using computer-suggested applications.

Option "Open with"

If none of the options does not give the desired results, it is not possible to view the contents of the archive, then it is worth moving to more efficient methods, with the help of special applications to solve the problem posed.

How to define a utility for decoding dat format

There are special utilities that are designed to decrypt unknown formats. They allow you to browse through which application the file was originally created, which later on gives the user an answer to the question of which program to use to open it. It should be noted that you can open the contents of the archive without problems using the utility that created it.

Most often, for these purposes, the available utility FileType Verificator is used, which has a simple Russian-language interface. To solve the problem you need to download and install it on your computer. This can be done by entering the program name through any Internet browser installed on the computer in a search engine or by clicking the link The program is available on free sites, because problems with downloading and installing it usually does not arise. You need to download it to your personal device and install, following simple instructions. You can also use the Win Hex utility, which belongs to professional applications, to decrypt.

FileType Verificator window

After installing the application, go to its main menu, select the “Add file” option and attach the dat extension document of interest to the user. Further in the utility, select the selected file. In the window that opens, all data about it will be provided, including the information required by the consumer about the application through which it was created.

How to open a file with dat extension

When the user is aware of the utility with which the archive was created, the problem with viewing its contents is very easy to solve.

To do this, it remains only to reveal the file of the dat extension of interest to the user through the utility in which it was created. If it is available on the computer, it will not be difficult. Just click the right mouse button on the name, select the option "Open with". Next you need to go through the "Select a program" in the "Other" menu, where all utilities installed on your computer will be shown. The user needs only to select the necessary program, and the document will open without problems.

If the application through which the archive was created is missing, then you will need to download it additionally via the Internet and install it on a personal device. After installing the required utility, open the file according to the above recommendations.

Let's sum up

As you can see, working with materials of an unknown format does not have any particular difficulties, the main thing is to find the right approach to solving the problem. Sometimes, in order to decrypt a dat document, it is enough to try using the available or popular utilities installed on the computer.

If the trial method does not give a result, then you need to use a proven and reliable method, namely, download a program that shows the correct way to decrypt the archive. Using the above provided tips and recommendations, the user will be able to cope independently with the task, and also get useful experience with documents of unknown format.