Top Wireless iPhone Headphones

The operation of modern gadgets at the present time by many users does not seem to be without special accessories that simplify the lives of smartphone owners. One of these elements are headphones that allow you to listen to music while playing sports, in your free time, on public transport, without interfering with other people, and also to communicate with friends and acquaintances, without being distracted from work or driving, if the headset is equipped microphone that is important for drivers. Current trends and progressive technologies are rapidly moving forward, which authorizes the rapid arrival of standard headphone models to replace the constantly tangling wires that restrict human movement, wireless headsets, the usability of which is hard to overestimate. In this article we will talk about the headsets of the portable category for smartphones from Apple, namely, discuss what you should pay attention to when choosing an accessory, we will review the best models of wireless headphones for the iPhone.

TOP best wireless headphones for the iPhone.

The specifics of the selection of a wireless headset

The question of which wireless headphones to choose for the iPhone is really relevant, since portable headsets are represented on the market of mobile accessories by a huge range, and the models differ not only by brand, but also by price, depending on the characteristics, type and technical features of the product.

First of all, before you start selecting a headset, you should exclude models from the “priority” list that are not synchronized with Apple products, as some smartphones of this class have exclusive functionality inherent only in IPhone. The next important point in the selection is the presence of a microphone and a control panel in the selected model, which will not only listen to audio content, but also provide feedback, for example, if you need to answer an incoming call, adjust the volume without taking the smartphone out of your pocket or bag. After that, it remains only to determine the form factor of the model: focusing on personal requirements for the type of goods, it is important to specify that vacuum, full-size or overhead headphones are preferable for a potential buyer.

Select the headset in the appropriate price range of the user's capabilities and preferred format will help the presented rating of wireless headphones for the iPhone, which hit only the best models in the ratio of cost and quality indicators.

The best vacuum and plug-in models

As the best headset for iPhone X and other presentable models of Apple products, professionals position the Beyerdynamic Byron BTA intra channel category headphones. The pricing policy of the product is far from democratic, however, the model is worth its money: advanced and high-quality sound, metal capsules, which determines the reliability of the design, convenient control panel, strict design - these parameters put the headphones on the leading position in the rating list. This product has German roots, which indicates the reliability and durability of the model.

It's hard to imagine the “Best Wireless Headphones for iPhone” rating without Apple's original AirPods model. The products are perfectly synchronized with all devices under the Apple brand, it has excellent sound insulation qualities that have no analogues, easy connection and low weight, which is important for everyday use. The kit includes a small case that acts simultaneously as an element for storing headphones and a “charger” device that ensures the autonomy of the product. The headset has almost no flaws, except for the price, which significantly exceeds the ten thousandth threshold.

The Chinese analogue Xiaomi Mi AirDots professionals have already called the "killer" of Apple's original headphones, due to the pricing policy of the model, which is half the amount required to purchase the previous copy of the rating list. The model is equipped with Bluetooth and NFC communication interfaces, is equipped with a "charging" case, with the possibility of charging via USB connector. A great alternative to the previous model for the consumer who wants to buy excellent wireless headphones for the iPhone at an adequate price.

Usams LC Bluetooth is another alternative to Apple’s original headphones. Headphones are positioned as the best in their class in terms of price and quality characteristics: the budget model in terms of parameters is not inferior to the original headset, with a duration of autonomy up to twenty-five hours, the presence of a control panel, volume and rich sound, an appearance that differs from the original only by brand inscription.

Beats X is an elegant and convenient model of a wireless headset, equipped with a control panel, a microphone and the ability to synchronize with all Apple gadgets. The kit includes headphones, four nozzles, which will allow you to choose the right size for personal use, a USB cable for recharging, instructions and warranty card. The price of goods varies within ten thousand rubles, however, clear and precise acoustics, the ability to simultaneously adjust music and answer calls, the autonomy of work up to eight hours in active mode, the presence of sound insulation and ease of operation justify such a significant investment in a reliable and durable headset.

The best wireless headsets among full-size models

Full-size headphones, despite their size, are popular among many consumers, with both wired headsets and wireless accessories being chosen. The dimensions in this case provide ease of operation, with almost one hundred percent exclusion of the option of losing the accessory. Sony's full-size MDR-ZX770BN headphones come in the TOP 3 of popular and presentable models, according to professionals and consumers. Although the headset can not be categorized as affordable accessories, the model is equipped with a microphone, a convenient and simple control panel, the ability to remember up to eight connected devices, which justifies the high cost of production. A positive impression of the headphones complements their stability and reliability of work, good design, ease of use of the accessory.

The Philips SHB9850NC model has earned universal recognition from lovers of full-size headphones. Among the advantages of the model, consumers call a decent sound quality against the background of an average pricing policy, the ability to connect both via Bluetooth and through cable, good quality materials, reliability and long service life. Headphones have a stylish and at the same time a rigorous design, touch control, comfortable ear cushions, noise reduction technology, and a folding configuration makes it easy to store and transport the headset. A worthy option for headphones for the IPhone, and not only, for a reasonable price.

As a affordable headphone version of a full-sized configuration of a wireless class, the E55BT model under the JBL brand is one of the best. The headset perfectly combines affordable cost with good portability, excellent sound, the ability to connect an accessory in a wired manner when discharged, against the background of compactness of the model and synchronization with many smartphones, including the iPhone. If the price issue in choosing a product plays an important role, while a high-quality and reliable headset is needed, then you can safely give preference to JBL E55BT headphones: the purchase will not disappoint you completely, will justify the buyer's expectations.

Top models of consignment category

The SE-MJ553BT wireless headphones under the well-known Pioneer brand are included in the rating of the best models of the overhead class, and as one of the most autonomous headsets. Manufacturers guarantee the portability of the device for fifteen hours of uninterrupted listening to music, without additional charge, and users note among the advantages of the excellent sound provided by headphones, along with the reliability of the design. The headset perfectly syncs with both the iPhone and other smartphones, is lightweight and has a presentable, albeit rustic design. A great buying option in the middle price category.

Plantronics BackBeat PRO headphones stand out well against the background of similar-class models with their chic design and excellent sound, sound insulation and autonomy criteria, as well as an unimaginable range of up to one hundred meters. Included with the headphones is a cable that allows you to connect them to the device, in case the charge runs out, which, according to users, happens very rarely, since the accessory autonomy is about twenty hours of continuous use in the active format and up to six months waiting Synchronized with both smartphones running on IOS, and with gadgets on Android, and the technology allows you to connect the headset to two devices simultaneously in the active mode, with the ability to switch between them, take calls and listen to music.

The model under the Sony brand with the marking MDR-ZX330BT is included in the list of the best products of a specific category. The popularity of the model brought a reasonable ratio of price and quality indicators: headphones, at a cost of five thousand rubles, allow you to enjoy high-quality playback of music content of any format, have an excellent microphone that does not distort the conversation. Among the advantages, users also distinguish a fairly presentable design, durability, manufacturability and reasonableness of the model to the smallest detail.


The article contains the best models of wireless headsets for iPhone owners of any series, and the presented copies, apart from excellent user reviews, have a different price category and modification, which will allow each consumer to pick up a product, regardless of their preferences, requirements and wishes. Naturally, the list cannot be called absolutely final, since the range of headphones of the wireless class is so rich that it is very difficult and almost impossible to choose ten, or even twenty of the best, among the products presented, because some worthy models could not enter the review. Before you buy one or another product, be sure to study its technical characteristics, and also give preference to headsets presented in certified stores, which minimizes the risk of buying a fake, the quality of which may be far from the declared by the manufacturer.