IPhone Cases: Features of Accessory Selection and Best Models

The acquisition of an expensive smartphone from Apple is almost always accompanied by the emergence of a dilemma on how to protect a new, ideal type of device in its original form during its operation. Regardless of the criterion, a housewife who practically does not leave the house, an office worker, or an extreme person is bought, the probability of mechanical damage to the smartphone, or at least abrasion of its surfaces when worn in a pocket or bag is large enough. The issue of protecting the gadget from falling and damage, keeping its appearance in perfect condition is the purchase of a special case for the iPhone, the features of which and the best models presented in modern sales markets will be discussed in the article.

Selection of the best covers for the iPhone.

The specifics of the selection cover for the smartphone

The dilemma of how to choose a case for the IPhone, at first glance, seems simple and elementary, as long as the owner of the gadget does not have to select the resulting accessory among those available in a rich market assortment. The variety of products in this category is so great that any person will “get in a head” when they need to buy a protective accessory. The question is caused far from a dilemma, what color to buy a case, which is often solved individually, according to subjective taste preferences, but by global design differences of models affecting the device protection criteria and ease of use.

Before proceeding to the selection, it is worthwhile to understand the modifications of the models represented by different form factors. There are both simple silicone covers on the back panel of the smartphone, as well as books, flips, bumpers, as well as a practical segment of products in this category, with various additions in the form of functional chips. As one of the most reliable protective elements for the iPhone, the so called bumper covers absolutely all vulnerable areas of the smartphone that is perfect for active people. In the second place in terms of protection, according to experts, there are flips and books, the third place on the safety of the device is occupied by the lining. The latter option often justifies expectations only when parallel installation of protective glass, ensuring the safety of the IPhone screen.

In addition to structural features, when choosing a case, one should also take into account the material used to make products, which directly determines the strength and reliability of protection. If we analyze the situation from the standpoint of high shock-proof qualities of the goods, then it is worth considering variants of covers made of high-quality rubber or polymeric material. When a person is distinguished by accuracy and is not a supporter of extreme activities, does not lead an intensive and risky lifestyle, and protection is needed in terms of eliminating the frayed device panels, then you can choose silicone, skin or its substitute, depending on subjective preferences and financial capabilities. Another important condition for selection is the compatibility of the preferred model of the case with the smartphone, since this determines the possibility of operating the gadget in full force. When buying online, it is important to check in the characteristics of the product its purpose and compatibility with the existing smartphone, and when purchasing an accessory in a store, the best option to check is fitting it to the device.

It is important that the case does not cover the function keys, microphones and cameras, fits snugly around the device, is pleasant to the touch and does not slip in your hands. Having decided on the important characteristics and features of protective accessories, we choose the “best case”, focusing on products that deserve the maximum number of positive ratings from critics and users. Facilitates the choice of accessory TOP-10 best models, among which every potential buyer will be able to choose the right model in terms of form, price category and subjective preferences.

Top iPhone Case Covers

Accessories MagCare series under the brand Pitaka are reliable protective elements for the IPhone, the range of which is represented by unique models. The MagCare series includes models for flagship gadgets, as well as accessories, positioned as the best cases for the iPhone 6, and even for the iPhone SE, which are already counted among the "old men". The ruler is in great demand among IPhone owners, presented to buyers in the form of a “cover-pad”, made of ultra-strong aramid fiber, which guarantees reliable protection of the device. Worthy colors, small thickness of the overlay element and not too high price make it possible to add the model to the rating list of the best cases of a specific class.

Manufacturer Otterbox is a leader in the production of covers for mobile devices. The rating includes the best model Defender, which can choose for your smartphone as the owner of the fifth IPhone, and all subsequent versions. In the arsenal of the manufacturer are also presented covers for the iPhone XR in different color categories, for which Apple has not yet introduced branded security features. Among the premium characteristics of the lining, users note the presence of raised edges of the accessory, which is displayed on the screen protection from scratches, as well as a comfortable holster with a clip, the decisive question of wearing a smartphone. The material of manufacture, which includes rubber and high-quality polycarbonate, is responsible for the durability and reliability of the product.

The Apple Leather Folio book cover is an excellent security feature for Class X and XS smartphones. The highlight of the “book” is the presence of the Wake / Sleep function, which is not available in models of covers from other manufacturers. The brand accessory is made of genuine leather, has an inside pocket for plastic cards or money: the price of goods is not budget, however, the style and image with the purchase of such a cover is absolutely guaranteed.

Models of the X-Doria Defense Lux range are included in the list of the best due to the shock-proof characteristics, which, according to the manufacturers, guarantee one hundred percent protection of the smartphone when dropped from a height of three meters. The guarantee of such protection is the material of manufacture: the bumper is a metal alloy, and the plate consists of polycarbonate. The corrugated surface provides an anti-slip effect that allows you to hold the smartphone in any conditions, and raised sides around the perimeter exclude the possibility of damage to the screen. The stylish appearance and decent color range will enhance the impression of the accessory, which will allow you to choose the right version of the case for each customer to suit your personal taste preferences.

As the best covers for the iPhone X and XS in terms of water resistance, protection from dust and mechanical deformations when struck, LifeProf accessories are positioned by the owners. For example, the FRE model, which is in demand among buyers, guarantees one hundred percent protection for a smartphone, including the screen from any damage even when dropped from a two-meter height, or when a gadget hits the water, without limiting the functionality of the device. Excellent protection for smartphones whose owners are energetic, active and extreme, however, is far from affordable price: for example, on IPhone X you can buy an accessory for about seven thousand rubles, and for iPhone 8 Plus the case will cost a thousand cheaper That also does not apply to budget purchase options.

Not least in popularity is the case from the manufacturer Baseus marked Simplicity Series Transparent, which took the lead due to the transparent texture of the material, allowing not to hide the merits of the purchased modern model, and made of high-quality raw materials that will not turn yellow over time. The cost of the model for the X series is about one and a half thousand rubles, which is much cheaper than a similar cover from Apple.

Surely enter the TOP 10 best accessories for Apple smartphones leather covers from Nomad. Any copy from the Rugged Case line is an excellent solution for protecting a modern smartphone for business class people and not only: a stylish, leather accessory will significantly enhance the status of the owner of the device. The model is suitable for iPhone X and XS, is presented in two color categories, black and brown, has a sophisticated design that allows you to use any wireless accessories, including charging with QI technology, as well as a high threshold of protection against accidental damage when the smartphone is dropped. Over time, the skin is covered with a peculiar layer of patina, which makes the case even more elegant. No less popular are the noble leather copies of the Horween Clear series under the Nomad brand - these are the best cases for the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus, which will allow you to reveal the grace and style of your smartphone.

For fans of luxury accessories, with a touch of exquisite style in the format "under the tree", the company-developer and supplier of cases for smartphones Pad & Quill offers the Little Pocket Book model, resembling in design a spectacular, modern printed book. The book protects both the back, most prone to fraying area of ​​the IPhone, and the screen, which most often suffers from an accidental fall of the gadget. The average cost of covers for the iPhone 7, 8 and their derivatives is about four thousand rubles, while the models for the flagship Pad & Quill iPhones will cost the buyer a little more. The inside of the case is equipped with convenient pockets for storing bank cards or bills. A series of Pocket Book covers are the best models in terms of price and quality for different versions of smartphones, which makes it possible to purchase an original and stylish accessory by any IPhone holder.

Choosing the best case for your smartphone, no one user can resist the goods under the brand Mujjo, which has established itself as one of the most reliable manufacturers of cases. The German quality of the goods stands out even visually from the general assortment: elegant models in the form of a case, in leather, with perfect forms, lack of flaws and a matte finish - a great choice of the smartphone owner of the latest line. Covers are presented in two versions: a classic cover-slip, and a slip, supplemented by a special department for carrying a credit card or banknotes. The cost of the accessory is from three and a half thousand rubles and above, depending on the location of the point of sale and delivery conditions.

For fans of accessories with a high level of smartphone protection, due to an active lifestyle, in combination with a restrained, strict and solid design, you should pay attention to the models from the Spigen brand product segment. The flagship positions in popularity are taken by the Tough Armor product line, which is characterized by an ideal balance of reliability, protection, quality, durability and style. When choosing a product under the Spigen brand, consumers need to beware of counterfeits that are common in illegal sales points: only the original manufacturer's products are the guarantor for the smartphone in terms of protection, meet the stated quality indicators.


When selecting a case, remember that this accessory should act not only as a stylish element that enhances the image of the smartphone owner, but also possess qualities such as reliability and durability, with an orientation towards the highest level of protection for your IPhone from mechanical damage during its operation. Acquire only reliable products that guarantee maximum protection to the gadget, preferring accessories from trusted manufacturers, and with respect to design, color and form factor - then these questions are better guided by subjective preferences.