The best protective glass for iPhone

About fragility of displays of smartphones from Apple know, probably, everything. If you were lucky enough to avoid damage to your device, then in any case, it was possible to see how, among other device owners, their screens are covered with a cobweb of cracks. Replacing the display module, including the matrix and other components, is not cheap and, as a rule, is about a third of the cost of the iPhone itself, which is not very fun considering Apple price tags, especially if you have an iPhone X / XR. If the damage did not affect the module, and the matrix remained unharmed, the replacement applies only to glass (already cheaper), but this focus does not always roll, a vivid example of the iPhone 7 that does not structurally suggest such a possibility, so in case of trouble, the entire display .

Which glass for the iPhone is better.

Despite the use of new technologies in the manufacture of screens, they are still the Achilles heel of apple smartphones and require additional protection. Of course, you can do without all sorts of films, glass or even covers and enjoy the wonderful feeling of direct contact with a new device from a well-known brand, but at the same time the risks of parting with a fairly decent amount in case of an emergency with the screen increase significantly. We all save our purchases, especially such expensive, but, as practice shows, only in the first days after the purchase. Then the phone wanders in pockets, bags and begins to actively interact with keys, as well as other items, so minor scratches or scuffs, even with short use, cannot be avoided.

You can protect the iPhone screen from such traces with a film, while even the highest quality film is ineffective for mechanical damage due to falls and bumps. To avoid these troubles, because the "decoration" in the form of a cobweb is definitely useless, it is better to use protective glass. The variety of protection for the iPhone and their manufacturers today is great and among such a variety is not easy to choose a decent option. What kind of protective glass is better to use on the iPhone 7, 8, X and other versions of "apples", as well as on what parameters to navigate when choosing, we will consider.

How to choose a protective glass for iPhone

In contrast to the usual film, which for many years, users pasted over their smartphones, even if the best, tempered glass provides the best protection. Its cost will be higher, but the functionality of such equipment is much broader. Smash the native screen of the apple device is many times more difficult with protective glass. Of course, impact resistance is not all that users need, an upgrade should in no way detract from the quality and functionality of the display, affect sensor sensitivity, response, etc. The best protective glass for iPhone version X will not overshadow the rich colors of OLED, nor will Protection for other models of Apple devices should perform its functions without adversely affecting the color rendition and other characteristics of the smartphone display itself.

Products are made of tempered glass with several layers to enhance its strength and resistance to mechanical damage, as well as impart additional specific properties. When choosing a high-quality protective glass, remember that good protection, suitable for a specific iPhone model will not suit the other at all, so be sure to consider this factor. In addition, you should pay attention to the basic parameters of glass, which are specified by the manufacturer:

  1. Product hardness (H). The H9 standard implies a fairly good resistance to damage and is currently used in the manufacture of most modern protective glass, but in some expensive products, another value of hardness is possible.
  2. Glass thickness The standard thickness of the product is 0.2-0.3 mm, the glass will not be thinner to fully protect the display, and those that are thicker in the appendage to the protection will add inconvenience, moreover, it will be visually noticeable that a protective screen is used.
  3. Oleophobic coating. The technology used, including for the "native" screens of smartphones, provides protection from dirt, fingerprints, etc.
  4. 2D and 3D protection. This parameter should be chosen taking into account whether the additional cover on the device will be used. So, 2D-glass is designed only for the screen and does not cover the sides of the smartphone, which in this case will be covered with a cover. 3D glass is curved and rounded at the edges, it covers not only the display, but the side faces, this option is convenient when you refuse to cover. The glass can be cast or have a silicone frame, in the first case you will get better protection against mechanical damage to the side parts, while in the second the product is more durable.
  5. Other characteristics. In addition to the above properties, manufacturers also provide their products with additional qualities, for example:
    • Anti-reflective coating that prevents the screen from reflecting light sources from the outside.
    • A private protector that limits the viewing angle, as a result of which the information on your screen will not be visible to unauthorized persons.
    • Blue protection reduces eye strain and protects against HEV radiation.

After reviewing the characteristics that should be considered when choosing and, having decided on your own requirements for the product, it will be easier for you to choose the right accessory for the iPhone of any model.

Top 3 best protective glass for iPhone 7 and above

Before you buy, do not be superfluous to get acquainted with the best manufacturers and their products. The rating includes only proven brands that offer high quality products for various device models.

Nillkin Amazing CP + Max

One of the best protective glasses for iPhone XR / XS is a product from Nillkin. With the use of Japanese materials and the use of HARVES nanotechnology, the manufacturer managed to achieve high strength, hardness and damage resistance. The protective glass for the iPhone XS with rounded edges provides full screen coverage, the light transmission coefficient is 99.9%, so you won't even notice that it is installed, and a small thickness of 0.3 mm does not change the sensitivity of the sensor. There is also an oleophobic coating that prevents the appearance of prints and other contaminants. In the arsenal of Nillkin there are several product series to protect the screens of iPhones of various versions, so among the assortment you will find other high-quality accessories with different properties and shapes. For example, many users will be interested in the PE + series, a feature of which is a protective coating that protects your eyes from short-wave radiation of the device and prevents some eye diseases.

Benks X PRO + Sapphire

If you want to buy the best protective glass for iPhone 7, you should not save. The premium product provides ideal coverage, bringing the appearance of the apple device as close as possible to the factory appearance. 3D glass is produced by direct casting technology and includes a sapphire coating, due to which it was possible to achieve high strength and transparency. This is ideal for the iPhone 7. Benks is famous for strong and durable products, it offers protective glasses for various models of apple smartphones, each line has its own characteristics, so you can choose protection for your smartphone based on your own needs and preferences.

Moshi ionglass

The best protective glass for iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus / 7 Plus / 8 Plus. The product is made of material of exceptional strength and provides maximum protection, completely repeating the form and covering the iPhone screen. There is a bevel around the Home button, thanks to which you can quickly unlock a smartphone using Touch ID. Glass has been strengthened at the ion level and is superior in performance to tempered glass. The product is resistant to shock, scratches and other mechanical damage, and the oleophobic coating also provides protection from contamination.

Popular manufacturers regularly delight iPhone owners with numerous variations in the performance of protective equipment that is made for specific models. They have different characteristics, so the choice is still individual. You can buy glass and more modest, while it is worth remembering that your expectations from the purchase are in line with the basic parameters declared by the manufacturer.