Wireless Chargers for iPhone: Choice Features and Best Models

Elements with wireless functionality were put into operation several decades ago, as modules for transmitting Internet connection, and were also implemented in manipulators without wires, a keyboard for personal and portable computer devices, and not only. Finally, they came: the world "saw" and wireless technologies in the chargers for smartphones, which, against the background of technological progress, was to be expected. Unlike wireless mice and keyboards, which, although popular, could not force out standard, wired accessories, charges that “work” without wires, predict a “great” future, due to their distinctive features and capabilities that make it easier for the owner of a modern device. . In this article, we will focus on a relatively new wireless communication device, in the form of charging for a smartphone: consider the best models at the present time, tell you about the principles of operation of devices, their advantageous aspects and features of the selection of the accessory, according to the specifications and preferences of the user.

The nuances of choice As a wireless charging for the iPhone.

Wireless Charging Functionality Specification

Before proceeding to the selection of a modern, wireless accessory for a smartphone, it is important to understand the features of its operation, which will explain many technical aspects related to the principles of transferring current from charging to the device without having the usual wires. To do this, it is necessary to make a slight insight into the theory of "school" physics, on the basis of which the principle of charging a smartphone is based.

To understand the principle of operation of a wireless charger, it suffices to recall information about electromagnetic induction: electromagnetism is formed when current passes through a conductor, during which an electromagnetic field occurs around it. When another conductor enters the conditioned field, a current is created by inertia in it. Accordingly, if the inductance coils are correctly positioned, it is possible to localize relatively conditionally powerful electromagnetic radiation of a relatively small area in terms of area parameters. Wireless charging is developed on this physical principle: in their configuration there is a built-in electromagnetic coil of small size, which is activated by connecting via USB or a socket, ensuring the transfer of a charge to a device that has a similar, reciprocal electromagnetic element built into the gadget.

Then everything happens simply and trivially: when the smartphone is located on the surface of the charger, the electromagnetic coils interact, due to which the battery charge of the device modified by the response electromagnetic component is replenished. At the present time, the possibility of wireless charging is implemented in the iPhone models of the eighth and X-series smartphones, as well as in the latest versions of devices running on Android. However, according to the claims of professionals, the operation of accessories is possible on earlier devices, through the purchase of special covers or modules built in under the removable cover of the gadget. If the user has a smartphone, the capabilities of which support the QI option, or purchased an additional module that allows charging a modern gadget wirelessly, then it is worthwhile to start analyzing the characteristics that determine the selection of a charging accessory from the range of wireless models.

Important characteristics that determine the choice

Despite the relatively recent entry of the wireless category into the world markets, their range is worthy. Diversity is not only in the manufacturer, but also due to the technical properties of products, which provokes the need to understand the difference between the charging devices, finding an answer to the question of how to choose a wireless charging for iPhone, so that its characteristics meet the requirements of a potential buyer.

The first thing you should pay attention to when solving a dilemma, which wireless charging to choose for iPhone X, or another version of a smartphone, is the standard that forms the basis of the device's operation. Preference is given to models that use the QI protocol for charge transfer, which is more reliable, efficient and variable than the competing PMA standard. Not bad, if among the functions of the selected device will be present the option Quick Change, which is interpreted as a fast charging mode. This feature allows you to reduce the time of filling the battery, which is important for busy and mobile people. The following comes out of this function - the power that causes the full charge rate of the battery in conjunction with the previous option: the more powerful the device, the faster it will be able to cope with its immediate task.

It is also important to use the device for several gadgets at the same time: this condition is relevant for people with several smartphones, as well as for family use. Appearance of the device or design - these characteristics rarely affect the choice, are considered relatively many products a subjective feature for selection, however, in relation to wireless charging, this criterion directly affects the rationality of operating the model:

  1. Horizontal chargers in the form of a pad or a tablet are characterized by inconspicuousness and compactness, however, they limit the ability and convenience of viewing information on a smartphone while it is charging.
  2. Vertical docking stations allow you to monitor information on the screen in charge mode, have reliable gadget fixation, which excludes the possibility of it “slipping” from the platform when you call or receive a message in vibration mode.
  3. Charging-transformers - this is the optimal solution that combines the advantages of both options, however, the pricing policy of such models is much higher.

And one more important point: brand or manufacturer. As practice shows, a purchased wireless device under a “dubious” brand can cause the device to fail to perform the declared functions, or quickly fail it, and sometimes even a factor that shortens the “life” period of a smartphone, which makes it necessary to take this criterion into account when purchasing a product.

The best models of wireless charging

Users and experts, as the most important characteristics of wireless charging, emit multitasking, the ability to quickly recharge multiple devices at the same time, decent power, ease of operation, due to the charging configuration, with reference to products from a time-tested manufacturer. Based on the main criteria, a rating of wireless charges for the iPhone, as well as other smartphones modified by the QI standard was made.

Confidently and unquestioningly, the Charging Pad model from the well-known and reliable manufacturer of mobile accessories Belkin is included in the rating of the best wireless category. The model is suitable for any smartphones equipped with QI technology, characterized as a powerful unit that guarantees the possibility of fast and safe charging, due to the uniform distribution of energy over the surface of the tablet-shaped platform, with a diameter equal to twelve centimeters. The advantages include a non-slip surface that protects the device from falling, the presence of a light indicator that notifies the user of one hundred percent charging of the gadget by changing the color of the backlight, as well as a modification with a relatively long cord that allows the device to be located at a decent distance from the power source. The device has practically no flaws, with the exception of the price, which is about nine thousand rubles per item, which cannot be attributed to democratic purchasing decisions.

As the best wireless charging for the iPhone XS, the Momax Q.DOCK 2 Fast model is positioned by many consumers, modified by two induction coils and developed in the form of a designer, which allows charging the device in both horizontal and vertical positions. Despite the Chinese origin, the device is characterized by excellent and reliable quality, decent operating period, power equal to ten volts, interesting design, with the ability to select the color of the goods, as well as synchronization with all devices with QI technology. It is noteworthy that the smartphone will be charged even in a case, the thickness of which does not exceed six millimeters. The impression of the model is complemented by a relatively low price, the presence of a color charge indicator and anti-slip coating. Excellent model for "reasonable" money.

Another model from Momax called Q.PAD Dual can not be included in the rating of the best models of wireless charging, as its functional features and popularity are in leadership positions, moreover against the background of an excellent combination of price and quality indicators. Its chip is versatility, and not only in terms of the range of gadgets that are permissible for synchronization, but also in the field of the ability to work simultaneously with two smartphones, even if they have different technological bases. A simple, and at the same time pleasant and stylish design will allow the model to be operated with any requirements for compatibility with the interior, and non-skid coating will protect your gadgets from falling and mechanical damage.

In the TOP-5 wireless chargers, suitable for both the iPhone and other smartphones with QI standard, users include the RavPower Charging Pad model with a spectacular design and decent technical parameters. The unit has a decent capacity for power, quickly copes with the task, is made in the form of a washer, and to start the charging process does not require precise positioning of the smartphone on the site. The disadvantages include the inability to charge a smartphone with a metal or thick body, the parameters of which exceed three millimeters.

Anker PowerWave Wireless Vertical Class Charging Stand is positioned as a high-quality and high-performance device that allows you to replenish iPhone X battery and subsequent variations from Apple, at a power of seven point five, while lower-rated smartphones will be charged at ten volts. Wireless-grade charging tools are equipped with a cooling system, which guarantees reliable protection of gadgets from overheating, and also significantly increases the operating period of the device.


The choice of the element to ensure the charge of the battery of the smartphone does not really deal with critical tasks, if you approach the process correctly. First priority is to decide on the type of device you want and the amount that a potential buyer is willing to sacrifice for the convenience of ease and simplicity of charging the device. It remains to examine the range, exclude options with unknown origin, and choose the device that is suitable for the existing gadget for technical specifications, according to the requirements for charging speed, and the absence of negative impact of the product on the smartphone and its battery. The article offers the best options for wireless charging at the present time, however, it cannot be called final, as production does not stand still, and maybe tomorrow a new product will appear on the market that will surpass all the proposed models in quality parameters. Before buying a device, be sure to check out the entire assortment, which will allow you to make the right and rational choice.