Top iPhone Games Rating

Computer games today are the most popular way of organizing leisure, they have long moved to mobile devices running iOS and Android, because modern smartphones fully meet the requirements of even quite resource-intensive products with excellent graphics. Gaming content for portable devices, represented by various genres, has gained an even larger audience than software for desktop computers, since users can access entertainment anytime and anywhere. New gaming industry replenish the already considerable assortment of application stores every month and among the many products it is not easy to identify really worthwhile options. Therefore, we have collected for you only the best in the top 10 games for the iPhone X and other versions of apple smartphones. Some of them require an internet connection, while others can simply be installed on the device and enjoy the game process offline, while all of them are worthy of attention and relevant at the beginning of 2019.

The best games for the iPhone.

Top 10 iPhone Games

Each user has his own preferences in terms of choosing a genre, and modern products often combine many areas, thereby expanding the audience. Here is a selection of interesting and entertaining gaming products in various genres that will appeal to fans to play on your iPhone, and some of them will squeeze the maximum out of your devices and present the most vivid impressions of the gameplay.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

One of the most popular and exciting online games, which millions of users around the world have already appreciated. In the summer of 2017, it was launched on computers and gaming consoles, and in the spring of the next year, it reached mobile platforms. The coolest online shooter rightfully topped the ranking of the best games for the iPhone, “Fortnight” for iOS is almost no different from the console version. Here you will find all the same “Royal Battle”, in which your hero will have to stay alive. Build, fight, destroy the strengthening of enemies, create squads with friends and just enjoy the gameplay, the creator of which you can become yourself, and the weekly updates will add new colors to the game world and impressions. If you have not had time to get acquainted with the hit, feel free to download the game from the App Store. The software is compatible with devices iPhone SE, 6S, 7, 8, X, XS, is distributed free of charge, while there are built-in purchases. You must have iOS 11 or higher, as well as an internet connection.

PUBG Mobile

The original game in the genre of royal battle, which in a short time gained millions of fans, is now available on mobile platforms. You have to fight for victory and survival - out of a hundred players there will be only one lucky one. Here you need to look for weapons, vehicles and resources, as well as fight with other players. It is possible to unite with friends in battles, communicating and coordinating actions through sound chat. Serious graphics with excellent detail, realistic effects and 3D sound will ensure maximum immersion in the gameplay. In addition, not so much posh arsenal is impressive (among the weapons there is even a frying pan), so much the presence of a wide variety of vehicles that can be used for their own purposes.

This is one of the best games of its genre. With each update, new features are added (modes, event effects and other cool buns). The game PUBG Mobile is available for free, there are built-in purchases. It is very demanding of resources, iPhone 6s and more recent models are recommended, iOS version 9 or higher is required, as well as a permanent connection to the network.

ROME: Total War

Cult strategy with a fascinating storyline that allows you to plunge into the world of epic historical battles, is now available for all devices on iOS. The game, which has become a classic of the genre, is perfectly optimized for smartphones, all fractions of the original version and Russian localization are available in it. You can choose your preferred mode - turn-based strategy or real-time tactics. Rule a great power and take part in breathtaking epic battles, immersed in the era of the Roman Empire.

Among the paid games that are included in the top, “ROME: Total War” takes pride of place and without doubt will decorate the collection of mobile gaming software of any gamer. Its cost in the App Store is 749 rubles, while the purchase can be made once, after which you can play on any iOS devices that match the requirements. Up to 4 GB of storage space is required for the game, as well as iOS 11 or higher. Declared compatibility with iPhone SE, 5S, 6/6 Plus, 6S / 6S Plus, 7/7 Plus, 8/8 Plus, X, XS / XS Max, XR. Of course, despite the optimization and under the device with a 4-inch screen, on large smartphones, the strategy will look much better. This is one of those games that maximize the capabilities of powerful devices.


Adventure role-playing game with elements of strategy and card tactics, which is an indie hit of 2015, just recently moved to the iOS platform. Mixing genres allows you to embody all the best from the world of gaming software, and in "Armello" makes the gameplay as fun and exciting as possible. This is the most daring and unusual fantasy of dozens of the best games.

The kingdom of animals is killed by rot, the legitimate ruler is dead, and you have to become a hero who will occupy the royal throne. But for him, of course, will have to fight, performing various tasks, exploring the territory and fighting in all possible ways. In pursuit of the throne, cute animals become cynical and cunning, they do not stop to plot, betray and use various dishonest tricks to achieve the goal. Here real passions are boiling, even worse than in the world of people. In addition to an interesting plot, you are waiting for a beautiful ever-changing world, many unique characters and more than 150 colorful cards. The game is distributed for free, but also includes in-app purchases, is compatible with iPhone 6 and up devices

Tesla vs Lovecraft

Who would have thought that two famous people of the last century - Nikola Tesla, an outstanding inventor of all time, and legendary writer Howard Lovecraft, will converge in a mad duel. The authors of this shooter, included in the top 10 best games, provided an opportunity not only to observe the struggle of science and mysticism, but also to participate in it on behalf of Tesla himself. The game's plot is tied to the hero's confrontation with the monsters generated by Lovecraft's fantasy. After the attack on the laboratory, Tesla, taking with him the most powerful weapon, is sent to destroy the monsters and thanks to a nehilny arsenal of technologies, Lavkraftovsky horrors to the scientist are not afraid. Get in Tesla-mecha and let the monsters fight! Issue price in the Apple Store 699 rubles. Requires iOS 10 and up.


Grim, but from that even more fascinating game Grimvalor was presented on mobile platforms in October 2018. It can rightly be considered one of the top 10 games and become one of the recognized representatives of the genre. Developers have worked on action for a single year, and the product has definitely turned out to be a success that many gamers have already appreciated. The hero will have to save the kingdom from demons, monsters and other terrible creatures. The plot is fascinating, and from the charmingly dark atmosphere of the ominous world of fantasy goosebumps, the color of the game add characters. Admirers of the famous game Dark Souls will definitely like the platform Grimvalor. The game is available in the App Store at a price of 529 rubles and is compatible with almost all iPhones on iOS 10 or fresh.

Escape from Chernobyl

Another product from the creators of the game Radiation City, which is its continuation. In search of the truth about the missing wife and the true causes of the accident, the hero will explore gloomy territories, saturated with the spirit of a large-scale disaster. The open world game again plunges into the eerie atmosphere of the Exclusion Zone, where distracted mutants and zombies roam with whom you will have to meet on the way. The plot of the game involves the study of a nuclear power plant, including the fourth reactor, which caused the tragedy, and every corner of the Chernobyl NPP territory. You have to fight with the inhabitants of the radioactive zone, search for weapons and supplies, as well as find out what secrets hides an abandoned disaster site. The game will appreciate the excellent graphics, careful drawing of parts and exciting gameplay. You can play without the Internet, while the product is designed for high-performance devices, the software is compatible with iOS 9 and higher.

Alto's odyssey

A good game from the category of arcade on iOS, which will bring aesthetic pleasure and a lot of positive emotions, so it is simply impossible not to include it in the top 10 games rating. If you are tired of endless battles, then the journey through the vast expanses of the desert with Alto and his friends is for you. This is the long-awaited sequel to the exciting Alto's Adventure arcade. All that is required of you is to soar over the dunes, swept by the winds, overcome the most beautiful canyons, explore the desert cities and just enjoy the process. Alto's Odyssey is a quality game with beautiful graphics and pleasant music in Zen mode, which will give pleasure and tranquility. The application has no built-in advertising and purchases; by purchasing it, you can play offline, synchronization is also available due to iCloud support (you can switch from one device to another without losing game progress). The cost of the game in the App Store is 379 rubles, iOS 10 or higher, compatibility with iPhone 5s and later versions of smartphones is required.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Arcade online race, which is included in the top of the best, is a continuation of the cult racing series of games Asphalt, which definitely needs no introduction. In the new part you are waiting for incredible travels around the world, career mode, 50 supercars available for editing, 70 new tracks, the new Touch Drive control system, as well as impressive graphics implemented at the console level. You can become a new legend Asphalt, winning the title of best rider. Get another shot of adrenaline, command speed and prove to all your superiority on the road. The new part of the legendary game Asphalt is freely available, there are built-in purchases. Requires iOS 9 and above, compatibility with iPhone 5s and more recent versions.

Grid autosport

Another race on iOS in our top, released under the curtain of 2017, and, nevertheless, not losing popularity to this day, despite the release of a more recent arcade "Asphalt". Playing with a console quality level, one of the best for the collection in the iPhone X, it will squeeze everything out of your device and will impress you with great graphics. You are waiting for 100 sports cars and 100 tracks, in addition you will get your own garage where you can tune cars. For 749 rubles you get a lot of adrenaline and emotion. The game is very demanding of resources, only to install the software with the packages necessary for a full-fledged gameplay you need at least 6 GB of free space for it, it is recommended to free up and more. Compatible with iPhone 6s and more recent smartphone versions, iOS 11 or higher.

Last year gave gamers a lot of decent products optimized for the iPhone, 2019 will also be rich in surprises, although developers are not always in a hurry to port games to mobile platforms. It's all about the complexity of optimizing for devices, but modern smartphones have no problems launching resource-intensive software, so computer games are increasingly becoming available for popular iOS and Android systems.