Detailed instructions for refilling HP Laserjet 2130 cartridges

The idea of ​​inkjet printing is not new, but even now these multifunction printers occupy a leading position in the market. The reason is simple - the price. They are cheaper both in terms of the cost of the models themselves and in maintenance, because they do not have such expensive consumables as photoconductors and photodrums. It is also worth mentioning that almost all images are printed on inkjet printers, because the resolution of conventional laser leaves much to be desired.

However, one should not forget about the main lack of inkjet printers - a small print cartridge resource. A standard black ink cartridge from the HP deskjet LaserJet 2130 will give you a maximum of 120 full pages of text. In this regard, printing large amounts of information becomes financially expensive, due to their frequent replacement. There is only one way out - self-filling. Take a look at this process in more detail.


Consider the situation when we need to refill two cartridges:

  1. HP 123 (F6V17AE) - black ink, volume 2 ml
  2. HP 123 (F6V16AE) - 2-color tricolor ink
Note You may have XL versions of ink cartridges with an increased amount of ink: HP 123XL (F6V19AE) and HP 123XL (F6V18AE). They differ from the usual ones only in volume, 8.5 ml in (F6V19AE) and 8 ml in (F6V18AE). The process of filling is completely similar.

For refueling, we need:

  1. 4 medical syringes with needles (for each color, optimal size 5 ml)
  2. High quality ink. For example, ink-mate, colors (Cyan, Magneta, Yellow, for a color cartridge, Black - for black) or an analogue of the RDM HP Series H1W (colors are similar)

  3. Wash fluid (eg Cleaning Solution ink-mate)
  4. Dry napkins in case of smudges
  5. Stationery knife
Note Black pigment inks, colored - water soluble.

Refilling cartridges

  1. Open the cover of the MFP and remove the cartridges.
  2. Place the cartridge on the cloth with the print head down.
  3. Prepare a workplace, put a few napkins in a convenient place for you.
  4. Refill the syringes with paint.
  5. FILLING BLACK. Take a stationery knife, gently pry and remove the sticker from the cartridge. Under it you will see one small hole. Through him we will fill. Take a syringe with black paint and push the needle deeper into the filling hole, about one and a half centimeters, do not overdo it.

    The cartridge contains a filler, so there may be little resistance when pushing the needle. It is necessary to fill 2–2.5 ml of ink (4–5 ml in the XL version). As you refill, slowly raise the syringe up to evenly distribute the ink in the filler. Wipe dry with a surface of the cartridge. After return the sticker in place. It is important not to overflow ink. If after you have sealed the film, see that it is leaking, then pump out a few ml of ink.
  6. COLOR PRINTING. The procedure is similar to black, except for the number of holes. The color of the ink in the cartridge is shown in the picture. The volume of 2-3 ml of ink (3-4 ml in the XL version) for each color is considered separately. Another nuance - the ink must be refilled in a certain sequence: the first yellow, then red and last blue.

  7. We take the washing liquid and drop it drop by drop onto the print head, 2-3 drops will be enough. The liquid will begin to soak through the gaps and will penetrate inside, thereby dissolving the dried paint. This will prevent possible printing problems.
  8. If you find no leaks, insert the cartridge into the HP deskjet LaserJet.


Congratulations, if everything worked out right the first time. Now you know how to fill the cartridge in the HP deskjet LaserJet 2130 printer is not worse than a professional.

Write in the comments about your ink replacement experience in the printer.