Setting the font in Corel Draw

Corel Draw - a very popular program for vector graphics, it is easy and convenient to work with small amounts of text. By default, there is a list of headsets embedded in the system, additional ones need to be purchased or downloaded for free if there are such offers, and you can also create them yourself. Now let's talk about how to install the font in Corel Draw.

Learn how to install the font in Corel Draw correctly.

How to install the downloaded font

Strictly speaking, we will add the font not to the program itself, but to the OS, which means that the headset will be available not only in Corel, but also in other applications that work with text: Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, etc.

If you downloaded a ready-made font, the sequence of adding is as follows:

  1. Unzip the file if it is in the archive (just drag the contents to a separate folder).
  2. Open the document with the .ttf extension.
  3. You see a sample of writing and a “Install” button - click it.
  4. Now the headset will appear in the list, and if this does not happen, restart Corel.

Click the right button on the font and in the context menu select "Install"

To save time when adding multiple fonts at once, you can act differently:

  1. Collect all ASCII files in one folder.
  2. Select them, right-click and click "Install."

You can collect all the fonts in one folder and install them

Add your own font

Now let's look at how to add a font to Corel, if you have drawn it yourself. The process of creating a headset is not so difficult for those who have at least a little knowledge of the tools and understand how to combine objects. Calculations for modular grids, individual letters, the outline of the outline can be found in the tables of GOST. Next, we act like this:

  1. Create a multipage document (a separate sheet for each letter).
  2. We draw a letter with a convenient contour tool (pen, Bezier curves), we try to make smaller nodes. We cut out the inner closed contours: draw a shape according to its shape, fill it with any color, overlay it on the desired area, hold Shift and select the letter itself. The “Exclude” function will appear in the Toolbar, select it. The shape can be removed, a “hole” will remain in its place.

    CorelDraw can be used to create fonts.

  3. Select each letter separately and press Ctrl + E. The export window appears. We select the folder for storage, we name the file, the recording format is .ttf, put a tick in front of Selected only, click “Export”.

    Specify the format in which you want to export the symbol.

  4. Enter the name of the font in the following form (take this carefully, the name should be so easy to find it in the list), set the grid size to less than 700, otherwise the program will generate an error, Leading - 0, Space width - 2048.
  5. After clicking OK, the following window will appear. Specify which key activates this symbol, for example, if the letter “A” means that we mark “A”, etc. Let other settings be the default.

    When exporting fonts lose all settings related to the display of their contours

These manipulations are done with each character. When the headset is typed completely, close the program and look for the saved file. How to insert a font in Korel? In the same way as downloaded from the Internet.

Possible errors and solutions

Probably, many have heard about how installed fonts downloaded from untrusted sites do not show themselves in the best way in CorelDraw. It is more prudent, of course, to download licensed headsets (and for commercial purposes it is necessary) or to make your own. Here are common problems you may encounter:

  1. Only one style is active, for example, Normal, and Italic and Bold are gray and unavailable. This means that either in the archive with the font there are none at all, or they are presented separately. How to add the necessary? Check whether these files are in the archive, and download them separately.
  2. Too large (small) double-letter spacing in the set font. Kerning can be fixed with the “Figure” tool: just click on the word and pull on the marker.
  3. Some letters are missing in the Cyrillic headset. If you convert the text into curves, you can replace some characters with Latin ones or draw the missing letter.

And finally, before adding a font to CorelDraw, make sure that you really need it: in the extensive list of headsets, it is more difficult to find the right font, and in addition, it may hang slightly.

In the comments to this article, you can describe your way of how to install fonts in CorelDraw, as well as share your experience in creating headsets.