Installing Flash Player in Ubuntu

Adobe Flash was previously considered an indispensable program. She necessarily entered into the list that a skilled Linux or Windows user always kept in her head - because without this program it was hard to imagine being on the Internet. The number of products created "on the basis of" only contributed to its popularity. Now the excitement around technology has diminished noticeably, but the installation of Flash Player Ubuntu makes it even more functional, and in Windows it adds a new valuable data format.

You can install Adobe Flash Player on Ubuntu.

What is Flash Player?

It is more accurate to say that Edoub Flash is not a program, but a whole multimedia platform. It is actively supported by Adobe, widely known for its graphic products. You can install Adobe Flash Player for use in multimedia presentations, web development, banners, as well as when playing media.

Flash can play many programs. But installing Flash Player on Ubuntu is very justified, because it contains development tools and also allows you to work with various graphics. The standard file extension is “swf” (a simple web format).

Surely you remember how popular in the past cartoons and small games in the "swf" format. Yes, a few years ago they seemed to be a great way to brighten up the boredom, although they consumed an incredible amount of hardware capacity. But technologies are evolving, and the Macromedia virtualizer is increasingly giving way to new products.

Installing on Ubuntu Linux

The technology you need is no longer being improved for the Linux operating system. Now installing the latest version of Flash Player on this OS is not possible. You can use the latest versions of the platform through the Google Chrome browser. You can also “get” the plugin from Chromium, but the stability of its work will be questionable. Therefore, having established Chrome, it is more reasonable to use technology. To begin, we will look at an alternative solution to how to install Flash Player on Ubuntu.

  1. Launch the Application Manager from the Taskbar.
  2. Select "Edit" - "Sources" and add a new source in the first tab - the setting "Applications protected by copyright or other laws." In Ubuntu, you can update Flash Player in the same way.

  3. Wait until the current data sources are updated. After that, go to the Store (Application Manager).
  4. Find the flash player for Ubuntu OS “Pepper Flash Player” in the application store. This is a similar solution from Adobe Player.

  5. Install it. This is a current, constantly updated program that should be installed.

If you want to know how to install Adobe Flash Player on Ubuntu, proceed as follows.

Manual player installation

First you need to go to the official page of the program. Locate the .tar.gz file in the Installation section and download it. Note that while Adobe Flash Player is being installed, Ubuntu does not allow other actions to be performed. You will need to unpack the contents of the archive to where the browser plugins are located. Use the commands of the Terminal:

sudo tar xvzf install_flash_player_11_linux.i386.tar.gz -C / usr / lib / mozilla / plugins

sudo rm -r / usr / lib / mozilla / plugins / usr

This will install the Flash Player for Ubuntu, followed by its configuration.

If you want to remove the installed plugin, run the command:

sudo rm /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/

This will work for a manually installed plug-in.


In this article we have discussed in detail how to install Flash Player on Ubuntu - both standard and good alternative. Both solutions can perfectly meet the needs of viewing content online. We hope you will be pleased with the use of this multimedia platform.

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