The message “Something went wrong, try to restart the GeForce Experience” or “Something went wrong ...”: the reasons for the appearance and options for eliminating the error

The Geforce Experience program is used by many PC users as a companion application, as a guarantor of the smooth and correct operation of the NVIDIA class video card. The multi-functionality of the software guarantees the possibility of an automated driver update, optimization of the video mode of games, allows video recording of game battles and fantastic victories, and controls the backlight and color reproduction on some video card models. Often, when you try to start the program, immediately after its installation or during operation, the user is faced with a problem that appears on the screen with a notification message “Something went wrong Geforce Experience”, which makes it impossible to continue using the software. In this article we will discuss the reasons for the occurrence of an error limiting the operational capabilities of the program, and consider effective troubleshooting options.

Bug fix: Something went wrong, try restarting the GeForce Experience.

Causes of failure

The application crashes with the message that appears on the “Something went wrong Geforce Experience” screen, which translates as “Something went wrong ...” acquired a large volume with the advent of the third variation of the program, against the background of its cardinal improvements and upgrades by developers. The error is critical for the consumer, since it makes it impossible to launch the utility, and, due to the factor that it is hard to find a worthy alternative to this software, the consumer has to solve the problem of resolving the problem on his own, with an orientation to a positive result.

Before you start looking for a way to deal with a malfunction, it is important to understand why the so popular Geforce Experience program produces a conditional message at startup that will allow you to determine the methodology for correcting a software error. As the main provocateurs of "lag", professionals call for several reasons that have a different nature of origin, from the banal incorrect installation of software to the presence of damages and incorrect settings in the program. It is practically impossible to identify the source of the problem with theoretical methods, because the user will have to try, through trial and error, to provoke an error. The user, at a certain stage of work, performing alternately operations, in order from simple to more complex, when the cause is found, will be able to correctly launch the utility.

Troubleshooting Methodology

Before starting to study the question of how to fix the “Something went wrong Geforce Experience” failure by interfering with the program settings, you should try to solve the problem in simple ways, for example, restart the application. It is not enough to just restart the PC: first you need to enter the Task Manager menu by calling the Run line by pressing the WIN and R keys, where you can enter the TASKMGR directive, which will open the dispatcher's processes window. In the conditional window, you must stop the active NVIDIA processes, then restart the PC and try again to start the application. As one of the easiest ways to troubleshoot is to change the access point to the NVIDIA service. To do this, you need to find the NVIDIA Telemetry Container tool in the services, go to its “Properties”, where you can change the installed portal to “Login with a system account”, which works in ninety percent of cases. If these manipulations were unsuccessful, then proceed to the practical search for the failure provocateur, consistently eliminating the possible causes of the failure.

Compatibility Mode Setting

One of the common reasons why the program does not work properly, does not start, may be the incompatibility of the Geforce Experience and the PC operating system. The compatibility adjustment process is as follows:

  1. Right-click on the program icon, select the "Properties" tool in the drop-down list.
  2. In the window that opens, go to the "Compatibility" tab, where in the "Compatibility Mode" section, select the OS version used on the PC.
  3. In the same tab, check the box next to the "Run this program as administrator" directive.
  4. Confirm changes with "OK".
  5. Check the result of the operation by trying to start the application.

If the result is negative, the table with the error did not disappear, you have to go to the next stage of work.

Installing the Visual C software package

Sometimes the problem is not a conflict of support, but the lack of software components necessary for the correct functioning of the Geforce Experience. To exclude this event scenario, the user will initially need to update the Windows system components to the latest version, and then install the Visual C package into the system, without which the program cannot work. To do this, you need to download the conditional software component on the Microsoft website, and for 32-bit systems, it is enough to install the vc_redist.x86.exe file, and for 64-bit systems, two files: vc_redist.x64.exe and vc_redist.x86.exe. If the reason was hidden under the heading of the absence of a conditional package, the program, after installing the updates, will work in standard mode.

Revitalize NVIDIA Display Container LS

The provocateur of a problem that manifests itself as a table with the words “Something went wrong Geforce Experience” is often the disconnected NVIDIA Display Container LS module, which directly supervises the launch of basic NVIDIA tasks, which necessitates correcting the tool status in the settings. The service activation methodology is carried out according to the following regulations:

  1. In the Run window, enter the service command with the msc extension, which will open the registry of all services.
  2. In the list you need to find the NVIDIA Display Container LS service, open it by double clicking on it with the right manipulator key.
  3. In the window that opens, set the “Start type” line to “Automatic”, confirm the change, click the service icon again and select the “Run” directive.

To check the correctness of the performed manipulations, the “System Configurations” window should be expanded through the “Run” tool, for which you need to write the msconfig command in the “Open” line. In the list of services, you need to check whether the checkboxes are in front of all elements that have the word NVIDIA in the name, to deliver notes if they are missing in some places, then confirm the changes and try again to launch the Geforce Experience.

Change the “name” of the folder

The launch error of the Geforce Experience application, which is expressed by a notice with the text Something went wrong, is sometimes triggered by the banal inappropriate system requirements by naming the user folder in which the utility is installed. In the name of the user folder is not recommended to use numbers, as well as Cyrillic characters. The name may contain only letters written in the "Latin", without the use of specific hieroglyphs and pentagrams. After changing the name of the user's folder, which is often located at C: / USERS / NAME, you will need to restart NVIDIA modules again, and check the effectiveness of the manipulations.

Reinstall application

If the above methods have not been successful, it is worth thinking about reinstalling the application: the software variation used may contain “curves” of settings or drivers, which most often happens when downloading a program from “doubtful” sites. To do this, you must first remove all NVIDIA components from the system: the absolute elimination of program modules is carried out by introducing the Appwiz.cpl directive in the "Run" menu. In the dialog box, you must delete all the components that have the word NVIDIA in the name, after which the PC will need to be rebooted for the changes to take effect, and to reinstall the new variation of the program from the developer’s site.

Installing the actual drivers for the video card

The cause of the error during the operation of the program may be outdated video card drivers. Experts strongly recommend regularly, according to the release of software updates, to carry out driver updates, which will allow the card to cope with the tasks that meet the user's requirements and the system. Drivers are updated by removing “old” software items by logging into the system through safe mode. A further task is to load the DDU - this is a simple and convenient utility provided on the World Wide Web in free access, the job of which is to correctly remove the drivers.

The utility does not require any specific installation actions: to work with the application, it is enough to open the software, where in the Launch option module you will need to select the Normal mode, confirming the command with the Launch button. Further in the main application window on the right, in the line “Selecting a video driver” from the drop-down list, select the NVIDIA position, make sure visually that the name of the driver to be permanently deleted is written in the log in the same window on the left, and then click the Delete button and restart. After the PC has restarted, it will only be necessary to download the new video card drivers from a trusted source and install them into the system.


The urgency of the problem with the launch of the Geforce Experience in recent years has really increased, and users are confronted with an error both at the initial stage of software operation and during use, after the recent “normal” functionality. Often, the error does not have a critical help; to eliminate it, it is enough to inspect the settings of the application, which solves the problem.

In some cases, it may be necessary to update the program to the latest version, which is a bit more difficult, however, also doable through simple manipulations. If you had to face a conditional error, do not rush to take drastic measures, try to restore the application to work, following the manipulations described in the article, and only if there is no result after adjusting the settings, use extreme methods to solve the problem.