Which smartphone is better to choose: Huawei Honor or iPhone

At one time, the iPhone won great popularity and, thanks to the stereotypes that had formed, became a symbol of status and prestige. At the same time, more expensive does not always mean better, and taking into account the development of technologies by modern standards, apple devices are clearly inferior in their characteristics to many flagship smartphones of well-known manufacturers. We will not compare the operating systems Android and iOS, on this subject is already a lot of controversy. Someone is satisfied with the work within the Apple ecosystem, protected from interference, including the device owner himself and greatly restricting actions, while the Android is not enough for others, in this case, advanced users can always expand the capabilities of their smartphone.

Phone selection: Huawei Honor or iPhone.

With the advent of the new acclaimed brand Honor from the well-known company Huawei, Apple-devices, in particular, iPhone devices, in addition to Samsung’s flagships, have appeared next competitors, and very decent ones. Now consumers are increasingly tormented by the question of what is better to buy, iPhone or Honor. Of course, connoisseurs of “status” devices always remain in their position, while many users tend not to emphasize the status by buying the latest iPhone, but to get a high-tech device for the money spent, which will meet modern requirements. We will consider the important parameters of smartphones that most consumers are guided in when choosing a device, and compare the characteristics of popular Honor and iPhone models. When comparing, we should not forget that the cost is very different for brands with similar characteristics.


Apple doesn’t particularly indulge its fans with a variety of box contents, the iPhone 7 comes with a charger, a Lightning / USB cable, EarPods headphones with a Lightning connector, an adapter for 3.5 mm headsets, a clip for a SIM slot and instructions. The anniversary model of the iPhone X also has a standard package, but for the XS version, the Lightning adapter is no longer supposed to be, its owners will have to buy new iPhones themselves. In addition, the 5-watt charger comes with the elite class smartphone, with which you can not even dream of fast charging, with this unit you will have to charge the device for at least two hours. If there is a desire to recharge in an accelerated mode, 50% in 30 minutes, you will have to additionally invest in the purchase of an adapter with a power of 30 W, and these inconveniences and unnecessary expenses somehow do not tally with the huge cost of the iPhone XS. However, the XS Max is deprived of the same accessories, the price tag of which is higher, what to say about devices of earlier versions, neither 8, nor 8 plus or X are able to provide fast charging out of the box. A small compensation is the possibility of wireless charging, starting with the "Eight".

Honor smartphones are supplied in standard boxes for the brand, their contents are also not surprising, the manufacturer put only the necessary items in the box. Included with the Honor 10 smartphone comes a charger, a Type-C USB cable, a screen protector, a thermopolyurethane case and a tool for removing the SIM tray. The silicone bumper is transparent, so it will not affect the original appearance of the device.

Appearance and protection

The shape of the iPhone has not changed for many years, and has already become a peculiar style of several generations of representatives of apple smartphones. Externally, the iPhone 7 is not much different from the same iPhone 6s or previous iPhone models. The case of the device is made of anodized aluminum, and the screen is protected by high-quality glass, while Apple decided to make serious changes, removing the mechanical Home button and the 3.5 mm connector from the seventh iPhone, so an adapter is supposed to be used for your favorite headphones. Only the anniversary version of the iPhone is fundamentally different from its predecessors, it already has nothing in common with the traditional appearance of the "apples", here you can find an innovative OLED screen, a virtually frameless display, as well as Apple's other metamorphoses, to which we will return. The iPhone 8 is shaped like the 7th version, while remaining in the traditional style, has a glass case, and the side frame of the device is made of heavy-duty aluminum to protect the design. Seven became the first version of the iPhone, almost one hundred percent resistant to moisture, while Honor can not be bathed. Plus 8, 10 iPhone is an oleophobic coating that prevents contamination, so the protection of apple devices at altitude.

As in the case of the iPhone, the Honor case consists of metal and glass, the color palette of version 10 is much calmer, but due to the use of multi-layer coating, the manufacturer achieved a stunning effect of overflows, the color changes depending on the viewing angle. The unsurpassed and recognizable design of Honor smartphones uniquely distinguishes the device from the competition. Brand models look very impressive, which of them do not take. A “monobrow”, which is a trend of 2018 and causes a lot of controversy, can be disguised using a mode in which areas on both sides are black. The back side of Honor 10 is made of glass and covered with a protective Gorilla Glass, protecting the device from scratches. Under the display there is a touch button, in addition to the option “Home”, it is a fingerprint scanner. According to the implementation of the appearance of the devices, it is unequivocal to say that the brainchild of one brand cannot be better than another, especially since there will never be associates here.


Apple, in the anniversary iPhone model, introduced the non-weak 6-core A11 Bionic processor, in which 4 cores operate at a clock frequency of 2.53 GHz and the other two at 1.42 GHz. Power is automatically adjusted depending on the tasks performed by the device. At the same time, Honor did not disappoint, the 10 model is equipped with a HiSilicon Kirin 970 processor with a neural module, it has 8 cores, 4 of which operate at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, the rest at 1.8 GHz. Honor has significantly more RAM than 4/6 GB versus 3 GB for the iPhone. The technical parameters of the iPhone 7 are significantly inferior to Honor, the apple device with a 4-core processor (A10 Fusion) cannot be fueled with a more recent smartphone. In defense of the iPhone, we note that it has an integrated LTE, as well as the ability to execute commands out of turn, which cannot be said about Honor.

Battery life and performance

For many users, the most important parameter is the autonomy of the device, since the phone still has to perform basic tasks, rather than create communication barriers that are provided by excessive attachment to the outlet. The battery capacity is responsible for the autonomy and Honor is doing well with this, for the “Tens” the battery with a capacity of 3400 mAh is implemented, while the iPhone hardly falls short of the figure of 2900 mAh. Even Honor 8 in this regard will be better than the iPhone, its battery capacity is 3000 mAh.

The performance of both the iPhone and Honor is high. In addition to the power of processors and RAM, which is very different for both devices, this parameter is also influenced by the installed operating system. In the case of iOS11, you can not worry about speed, because the OS produced by the apple company is designed specifically for "apples", and works perfectly in tandem with iron. The task of smartphone makers on Android is to improve the “stuffing” to improve performance, since the Android OS, although it has flexible settings, is still not sharpened for a specific smartphone model. It is worth noting that Honor’s hardware is good and doesn’t have resources.


If we consider what is better than Honor 10 or iPhone 7 in terms of the display, here Apple is certainly inferior. The Chinese smartphone has FullHD + screen resolution of 2280x1080 pixels (size 5.84), the density of dots is 432 dpi, while the seventh iPhone with its 4.7 inches has a picture of 1334x450 and a density of 326 dpi. The IPS technology used in the models under consideration provides excellent viewing angles, color reproduction and the ability to adjust brightness, adjust the resolution and color temperature. At the same time, the iPhone has soft and natural colors, and Honor has a brighter display, similar in brightness to OLED panels.

A completely different picture emerges when considering the anniversary "apple", in which Apple applied the Amoled-matrix from Samsung. The display of the iPhone 10 supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision, which Honor has not stated. Resolution 5.8-inch monitor 2436h1125 with a density of 458 dpi points. Features OLED-display allowed to realize high brightness and contrast. So, the characteristics of brightness, contrast and color accuracy of the iPhone X screen are better than those of IPS. But there is a nuance here, when working with displays that use PWM, eye strain is felt at low brightness. In addition, due to the excessive brightness that Apple has achieved, screens can fade (this is very noticeable on a white background, when residual images shine through), so it is not recommended to overdo it with the increase of this parameter in the iPhone 10. Samsung with the same Amoled -matters decided to stay at more modest values.


Apple has never been able to boast a large amount of RAM and memory for storing data, only in the latest models of devices, users of younger versions of the iPhone have the opportunity to use 64 GB of space, although by modern standards this is not much. In comparison with the iPhone 7, this parameter is clearly superior to Honor with 4/6 GB of RAM and 64/128 GB of internal memory. Internal resources of the "Seven" suggest 3 GB of RAM and 32/128 / 256GB, iPhone 8 and 10 (X) already offer 64/256 GB.


IPhone models have always been distinguished by quality cameras. The original optical stabilization system in iPhone 7 allows you to shoot moving objects, significantly reducing video blur. The quality of night photography here is also increased. The seventh iPhone is equipped with a 12 megapixel module, and only the Plus option is already equipped with a dual camera, the X model also has two main 12 megapixel cameras. Honor 10 also uses two cameras - 24 and 16 megapixels, as in version 10. Thus, the “apple” of the 7th generation is far from the Chinese, but let's not forget that Honor is younger than the competitor. An iPhone 10 with two cameras can already fully compete with Honor 10, and I must say that it avoids it when it comes to shooting at night, and the detail of the image will be slightly better for Honor, but the images in the daytime do not visually differ much. Front-facing cameras have a resolution of 7 megapixels for the iPhone and 24 megapixels for the Honor.

Huawei has recently been very impressed with the implementation of cameras, smartphones use AI technologies that allow you to adjust shooting parameters on the machine by determining what is in the frame. Shooting with AI will allow you to get high-quality photos, and thanks to the dual modules of the main camera, you can zoom in on the image without losing quality, use effects and stabilize the picture. If you compare where the camera is better, in the iPhone or Huawei, then it is more expedient to compare the flagship model P20 from Huawei, which is a level higher than Honor 10 and perfectly captures at night, thanks to which it definitely wins the iPhone, although the daytime photos are almost the same.

If you don’t want to mess around with the settings, then the iPhone camera will suit you better; in Honor, you sometimes need to dig to get an improved image in the settings. In terms of video in 4K resolution, the iPhone is definitely a plus. Huawei cameras are rapidly improving, focusing on them in all modern models, such as the 2019 flagship Honor View20 from the Honor brand offers a number of innovations used for the first time, including a 48 megapixel SONY IMX586 camera on a CMOS sensor and an integrated front-facing camera 25 Mp Intelligent Kirin 980 processor with dual neuromodul causes high image detail.


The playback of multimedia files is implemented at a high level both in Honor and iPhone, they do an excellent job with this task. At the same time, the screen size should also be taken into account, it is not unimportant when playing content, the Chinese have it more, why Honor and the iPhone is better in this regard. The difference in display sizes when compared with version X is negligible. In the technical part between the iPhone 7, as well as the versions above and Honor 10 there are some differences, the apple device is now devoid of a 3.5 mm jack, which is supposed for ordinary headphones, while an adapter is available. The iPhone has stereo speakers that the Chinese do not have, and three microphones - Honor has two of them. In practice, multimedia playback is not particularly different.


As for cellular networks, all popular communication formats are supported by competing devices. Broad support for LTE, 3G and GSM is implemented in all versions. At the same time, Honor offers support for two nano-SIM, while Apple for many years disagrees with users who want to be able to switch between SIM cards. For many, this is one of the determining factors when choosing, therefore, deciding which phone is best to buy, Honor or iPhone, you should consider that if you need to use two SIM cards often, it’s better to give preference to the Chinese than to constantly change cards or buy an additional phone.

Additional features

Honor also has various “goodies”, this is a multi-user system, voice recognition without connecting to the network, the ability to install software on external media, Java support, two-way orientation of USB Type-C and others. The iPhone X has no fingerprint scanner, and the user ID is the proprietary Face ID technology (this is not at all that Honor’s face recognition). The Honor smartphone for unlocking provides a fingerprint scanner. Of the additional features of the Chinese smartphone is also worth noting infrared. While Apple considered the technology obsolete (indeed, who is now throwing files to each other via infrared), due to the mass distribution of Huawei smart technology, they not only equip their smartphones with this interface, but also install an app for managing household appliances.

Cost of

It's no secret that the owners of the iPhone half the cost of the devices overpay only for the brand and all those functions that are available in other smartphones, including the flagships of well-known companies, Apple offers at an exorbitant cost. Price tags for already outdated iPhone models today are the same as those of modern device models. The same Honor 10 with excellent functionality can be purchased for the price of 6 iPhones, and their characteristics do not significantly differ in favor of the second, 7 iPhones are even more expensive and this is despite the fact that power, memory, screen and cameras are better for the Chinese. In the top version of Honor 10 you can buy for 27, 000 rubles, and in order to purchase an iPhone 7, you need to add at least 10, 000 rubles to this amount. At the same time, even Honor View 20, which surpasses the iPhone in all characteristics and combines all the best that you can now realize, is several times cheaper, today you can get it for only 38 thousand. Huawei Honor company offers an amazing balance of price and quality, besides the devices look spectacular and expensive, which provides a worthy alternative to apple smartphones.


Count on the monopoly of Apple is definitely not worth it and domination over the global smartphone market will have to share with competitors. Of course, one can argue about what is best for infinitely long, since each product has its admirers, and in connection with the release of apple novelties, there is always a mass madness in pursuit of them. At the same time, it is impossible to ignore the fact that the iPhone has more pathos than uniqueness, and an unbreakable belief in the exceptional quality of devices is a big question, because serious brands also have something to offer buyers.

Each user evaluates the device according to different parameters and selects a smartphone, taking into account the characteristics that are most important to him. Many people buy phones taking into account their financial capabilities, although not always - an example of this is loans for buying an iPhone. Choosing what is better to buy, iPhone or Huawei, it is necessary to determine for yourself whether the parameters are important or whether a smartphone is acquired for another purpose. So, for those who are concerned about the status issue, the choice is obvious, the user will get a good device without the need for self-tuning at an inflated price, but if there is a desire and opportunity, why not. If you need a productive smartphone that offers more features and rich functionality, then you should choose Honor, it is definitely worth the money and fully justifies the expectations, and the iPhone certainly will not look worse.