Creating an image and writing it to a disk and a flash drive via Nero

A disk image is a structured set of files perceived by a computer as a real CD or DVD. Let's see how easy it is to create and burn an image to disk through Nero. The creation process is very similar to copying, but has its own characteristics. The fact is that during normal copying, files and folders are distributed in an arbitrary order specified by the parameters of the destination folder, and in our case they are an organized structure that completely repeats the structure of the original folder. This is especially important when transferring programs, games, operating systems that will not function if you simply copy them. Let's get started!

Using the Nero program, you can make and burn a disk image on a CD or flash drive.

How to create a disk image in Nero?

  • Run the program, see the start window. In the menu, choose Nero Express.
  • On the left we find the “Image” button and click on it. A list appears: "Copy of the whole CD", "Copy of the whole DVD". Select the desired item.

  • A summary window opens. It shows where we are going to record our data, and we need to choose where they will be saved. To do this, click the "Browse" button, then select "Copy".

To create a disk image through Nero, it is not necessary to have a recording drive. It is enough that it simply reads the information, since the cutting will not occur: the creation of a virtual CD does not require it.

How to burn an image to disk via Nero?

So, we found out that it is very easy to make a disk image in Nero even for those who use this program for the first time. It is stored on a computer and works like a regular CD or DVD with the only difference that it cannot be picked up. But sometimes it becomes necessary to record it on a separate carrier. Do it again through Nero.

  • We insert the disc into the drive, run Nero Burning ROM.

  • We see the start window "New project". But since we will act a little differently, we will not need it. We press the button "Cancel", located on the upper right.
  • In the top menu, consistently select "File", "Open."
  • Find the object that we will record, confirm.
  • A new window “Write project” appears. In it, open the “Record” tab and configure the burning parameters: put a tick next to the “Record” item, set the speed to 8x, set the required number of copies (1 by default). The remaining parameters do not interest us.
  • Click "Burn" and wait.

How to burn an image to a flash drive via Nero?

Every year, CD and DVD-media are used less and less, they were replaced by USB-flash drives. They are compact, convenient and reliable, contain a large amount of information, work quickly. Let's see if it is possible to write an image to a USB flash drive via Nero.

ATTENTION. The developers did not allocate separate items for working with USB-drives, but provided for the possibility of recording on them.

You can put the necessary information on such a drive in two ways:

  • select a flash drive as a disk and perform all the same operations as when recording it;
  • copy files to a USB flash drive directly from a recorded disc.

As we see, working with Nero is easy and convenient. It has an intuitive interface and does not require special skills for mastering. The given step-by-step instruction is suitable for the most common versions: 7 and 2017. Share your experience using this program in the comments!