How to make bootable LIVE USB using Acronis Disk Director

Below we consider one of the popular ways to generate a bootable flash drive using Acronis Disk Director. The work of the program version 12 (12.0 and higher) will be described, it is possible that the principle of working on the versions below is no different, so be careful.

How to make LIVE USB using Acronis Disk Director.

The very idea of ​​creating, using bootable USB-carriers instead of CD / DVD-disks is justified, because the memory card can be formatted and (or) change the data inside, which is excluded when using CD / DVD-disks. The recorded disc requires a special drive (disk drive), and modern computers are equipped with USB ports.

Preliminary preparation of flash cards

To create LIVE-USB successfully, you need to format the memory card in the FAT32 file system. Getting started.

We insert the USB flash drive into the memory card slot, open “My Computer”, find our USB flash drive in the list of attached devices, click on the right mouse button (call the explorer context menu), select the “Format” item in the menu that appears.

The system will open the memory card formatting window. In the "File system" column, select "FAT32", in the "Distribution unit size" column, select "Standard cluster size" or click on the "Restore Defaults" button.

You can set the formatting of the USB memory stick to “Quick (clear contents)” or complete data deletion. It is advisable to use the second formatting method. To do this, uncheck the "Quick (clear contents)". Next, click the "Start" button. We are waiting for the completion of the cleaning process of the memory card (a notification should appear on the successful completion of the operation). Now you can proceed directly to creating a downloadable flash card.

We launch Acronis Disk Director, on the left side of the program window we see the Acronis Bootable Media Builder button, click this button or select the corresponding item in the Tools menu.

The Acronis Media Boulder Welcome window will open. Click on the button "Next" on the computer screen. In the window that appears to select the type of bootable media, set up the presentation of the volumes to “Windows-like representation”, and select the type of bootable media “Based on Linux”. This type provides access to dynamic disk volumes. (LDM).

If desired, select the type of "Linux-like representation." It already depends on the personal preferences of the user and does not affect the result of the operation. Go to the next step - click on the button "Next".

TIP. In version 12.0. After the previous step, the Linux kernel parameter selection window opens. When adding parameters, you should take into account that they are separated by spaces, but you can leave this step unattended. We pass on.

Select Acronis bootable components. Mark all the checkboxes (if not checked by default) and proceed to the next step. Experienced users can exclude components of choice.

ATTENTION. Some selected items will require additional free space on the media! You need to make sure enough memory on the flash drive.

Select the type of memory card to be created. We select our USB Flash-card in the list of equipment connected to the computer and continue - click “Next”. The program also allows you to create a virtual disk image in * .iso format for further recording to USB or CD / DVD-media or write data directly to disk.

If you need to add mass storage drivers to our USB flash drive to use them, then click the “Add” button, find the necessary drivers in the directory, select and click “OK”. Or skip a step, if not in this need. Go ahead.

The final stage of preparation of the carrier

In the Acronis Disck Director Bootable Media Builder, information about the flash card is displayed, if everything is correct, then click Continue. We observe on the screen the progress of the operation and receive a notification of the successful completion of creating a bootable USB.

It is also recommended to familiarize yourself with the instructions for working with the program, which comes bundled with the installed software from Acronis. In the main menu of the program, select the “Help” menu, open the “Help sections” item.