Can I connect a USB flash drive to the iPhone

Apple mobile devices are popular all over the world and have many fans. All this is largely due to the undisputed advantages of Apple over competitors and cost-effective solutions to problems in the field of development. However, it does not do without significant shortcomings, which many are dissatisfied with. One of these is the lack of connectivity cards. Each iPhone or iPad can be purchased with a limited amount of memory (16, 64 and 128 gigabytes), which can not be expanded. Of course, the price varies greatly, so not everyone has the opportunity to purchase a device with a memory capacity of more than 64 gigabytes. As you understand, by modern standards it is quite a bit. Is there a solution to this problem? Fortunately, yes. In this article we will understand how to connect a USB flash drive to the iPhone. Let's get started. Go!

Learn in detail how to connect a USB flash drive correctly and effortlessly to your iPhone.

Connecting a flash drive is probably not exactly what all iPhone users would like, but you must admit, this is a completely compromise solution for some situations. It is unlikely that you constantly need a large amount of memory on your smartphone or tablet. As a rule, not enough memory is needed to solve everyday tasks. Another thing trips and business trips. It is here that comes to the aid of USB-drive, which you can record a bunch of movies, TV shows or music. There are several options here.

First option

The first is to purchase an adapter from the Lightning to USB connector. You can buy as an original conductor, which will cost you a pretty penny (actually, like any original Apple accessory), and non-original, which is quite inexpensive. In this case, you can use the most ordinary flash drive. However, keep in mind that working with folders will not be entirely convenient, and all content must be recorded strictly in certain formats supported by “apple” devices. Everything is simple with music. Of the popular video formats, the iPhone does not support, perhaps, only flac, but with the video everything is a bit more complicated. All videos must be in MPEG-4 or H.264 formats. You cannot create any folders either. New folders should have a similar structure and names with those that you can see by connecting your iPhone to a computer.

With the help of such an adapter, you can connect a USB flash drive to the iPhone

Second option

The second option is much more convenient. Now you can buy a special drive that connects directly through Lightning without any adapters. Called this wonderful device developed by well-known Transcend company, JetDrive Go 300.

Flash Drive Transcend JetDrive Go 300 will expand the capacity of the internal memory of the iPhone

Very convenient, on the one hand the drive Lightning, and on the other - the usual USB, which is very convenient. In fact, everything is very simple. Insert JetDrive into your computer, write the necessary files in the appropriate formats and that's it. No hassle with folders. And all thanks to the special Transcend application.

Use all the features with the drive and the Transcend application

This application is the main advantage, leveling all possible inconveniences. The applications are very user friendly and easy to use. With him it is not difficult to understand even a child. All files are clearly and conveniently organized. A huge plus is the backup function, which allows you to create a backup copy of photos and videos, including content from iCloud. The speed of information transfer will also pleasantly surprise you. A 4-gigabyte movie will load in no more than 30 seconds. Such a solution is the most comfortable and optimal, so it is recommended to get a JetDrive Go 300 without hesitation and not to suffer with adapters, folders, and other nonsense.

Now you know that you can insert a USB flash drive into any iPhone, be it 6, 6S, 5 or 5S. Moreover, it can be convenient. Write in the comments about your impressions, if you have already tried to connect the drives to your iPhone or iPad, share your experience with other users, and ask any questions you may have about the topic discussed.