How to fix error 0xc000014c when loading Windows OS

Windows users are often faced with all sorts of failures that occur during operation or when loading the operating system. One of the problems encountered when starting the computer is an error 0xc000014c, which prevents the OS from starting. The failure is caused by damage or absence of the BCD file, which replaced the boot.ini file in Microsoft operating systems starting with the Vista version. Boot Configuration Data, which contains information about the boot loaders and operating system settings, is necessary for booting Windows, and if there are accidental or deliberate changes in BCD, the system cannot start. You can encounter a failure with code 0xc000014c on a blue or black screen in different versions of the “windows”, but despite the fact that it is impossible to start Windows correctly, the configuration storage file can be reanimated without having to correct the error to completely reinstall the operating system.

Method for fixing error 0xc000014c in Windows.

Causes of Download Manager Error 0xc000014c

Windows start failures are caused by the incorrect execution of the start task by one of the system components. Thus, a blue or black screen accompanied by an error having the code 0xc000014c may occur for the following reasons:

  • Damaged or missing BCD configuration data.
  • Bad sectors on the hard disk, so that the system can not access the components that provide the boot.
  • Hardware conflict.

Of course, the causes of the 0xc000014c error when booting the OS can also be triggered by various factors, such as system infection with viruses, incomplete deletion of some items, removal of associated software, incorrect BCD settings configured manually, invalid entries in the registry, made by accident or intentionally, power failures or incorrect shutdown of the device.

How To Fix Error 0xc000014c

First of all, you should try to load the previous successful configuration of Windows, for which we reboot the device and press the F8 key (it is possible on your computer to get to the boot menu using another key, for example, F12), select the appropriate boot option from the start up and look, load whether the system. Perhaps the error appeared after installing the new equipment, then to resolve the failure of the conflicting object must be removed, and then restart the computer. If the problem persists, you will have to solve it in other ways.

Recover BCD Files

To correct the error 0xc000014c when you start Windows 10, 8 or 7, you will need an installation flash drive or disk with the appropriate OS version. You must first change the boot priority in the startup menu (F12 or another of the function keys indicated when starting in the Boot Menu line) or in BIOS (Del, F2 or other keys depending on the version). So, go to the Boot Menu and choose from which we will run. The system BIOS utility assumes the choice of bootloader in the Boot tab, where you can configure startup from a USB flash drive in the Device Priority section, sometimes, in addition to priority, you must also set a forced boot from external media in the Hard Disk Drives section. After the done manipulations, you need to press the F10 key to save the changes. When all the necessary preparatory work is done, we start the computer from a USB flash drive or a disk with Windows 7, 8 or 10 and proceed directly to restoring the BCD files to fix the error 0xc000014c:

  • In the first window, select the language settings and click "Next."
  • Click "System Restore" in the next window.
  • Select "Troubleshooting" - "Advanced options" - "Command line".
  • In the command line you need to specify the following commands, after which press the Enter key:
    • exe / rebuildbcd
    • exe / fixmbr
    • exe / fixboot

After completing the procedure, we check if the error 0xc000014c disappeared. If not, proceed to the following ways to resolve the problem.

Fix error 0xc000014c Windows 10 with SFC tool

The System File Checker system utility is used to fix various operating system failures, including helping to eliminate the error on a blue (black) screen with the code 0xc000014c. The tool is launched from the command line as an administrator via the Run console or a search from the Start button, if the system boots up, or from the installation media using the method described in the previous version of the error correction. So, you can scan and restore system files as follows:

  • Run the command line.
  • Enter the sfc / scannow command and press the enter key.
  • We are waiting for the completion of the process, it may take some time. According to the results of scanning and recovery of damaged items (if any, and succeeded in replacing the files), the system will generate a report.

If after performing the procedure and rebooting the problem is still relevant, we will correct the error in another way.

Fix error code 0xc000014c with CHKDSK

Another way to describe what to do when error code 0xc000014c appears in Windows 10 or other versions of the operating system involves using the built-in system utility CHKDSK (Check Disk) to check the file system. The tool allows you to scan the hard disk for damage to sectors and errors, correct them and restore the data in case of detection of problems, which will fix the error. To run the system utility, do the following:

  • In the command line (how to open, see above), enter the command chkdsk C: / f / r / x.
  • Press the enter key.
  • Command parameters can be entered both together and separately. Thus, the value of / f in the request implies scanning for errors and their automatic correction, / r - searching for damaged sectors and restoring their contents, / x - disabling the volume before checking, and the / r and / x commands both require / f.
  • The utility utility will independently start a check that will take some time and at the end of the process will display a report on the work done on the screen.
  • Reboot the device and see if the error has disappeared.

In addition to tools integrated into the system, you can use a special software to restore system elements and operating systems. If the restore files failed, you will need to resort to performing the system recovery procedure.

When none of the above methods was effective, you will have to take more serious measures in the form of a complete reinstallation of the system. Sometimes also the error 0xc000014c indicates problems with the hard disk, with such a development of events, it may be necessary to replace the equipment.