Ways to fix the error “Cannot find 800X600X32 video mode”

Errors related to the discrepancy between the parameters of the application required for operation or specific material and PC settings are considered to be among the most common in the field of computer technology. One of these malfunctions is a failure, which signals its appearance with the notice “Cannot find 800X600X32 video mode”, which occurs mainly when the user tries to launch an application from the GTA or San Andreas category on laptops with Windows installed in the tenth variation. Such a message often leads the user to be perplexed, a lot of questions arise about the reasons that do not allow the game to run on a PC with decent, suitable for the application technical parameters, forcing or abandoning the use of certain software, or looking for rational ways to solve the problem. Naturally, the rejection of a certain series of games for a gamer is a critically unacceptable solution, which necessitates understanding the provocateurs of the problem in order to eliminate the failure and return the possibility of exploiting the desired content, which will be discussed in this article.

Correction of the error “Cannot find 800x600x32 video mode”.

Causes of failure

Before you begin to solve the problem, it is important to understand what its essence is, what factors provoked the appearance of a failure, which will determine the methodology for dealing with the error. In the translation, the error with the text of the message “Cannot find 800X600X32 video mode” sounds like “Unable to find the 800X600X32 video mode”, which indicates that it is impossible to play a specific video mode that modified the installed game on the laptop in use. The essence of the problem is due to the properties of gaming software. The developers made sure that the games were available to any user, with their orientation on the target audience of consumers with different parameters of computer devices. This fact allows you to exploit the game even to people who have a laptop with an ordinary monitor, with a modest, average resolution and installed Windows from the first versions.

Naturally, if a lover of gambling content has a modern monitor with a decent resolution, and the latest Windows version is being used as an OS, then the requirements for the video mode playback parameters become more complicated, as the technique is focused on “rendering” pictures in a modern, improved HD quality. The conflict of the video mode, programmed in the game and installed on the PC, provokes a problem of the conditioned category, since the gambling content is not able to independently adjust the video mode to the system parameters. Such a precedent necessitates consumer intervention, with the need to synchronize parameters in manual mode.

Methodology of “struggle” with video mode error

Based on the nature of the problem of the discrepancy between the video mode of the gaming application and the monitor, when asked how to fix the error “Cannot find video mode” category, the logical answer is to manually adjust the resolution-compliant software. This can be done in several ways, differing in the technology of the task.

Change screen resolution

The simplest method of solving a problem is to independently, forcibly change the settings for displaying a picture on a monitor. To do this, right-click the manipulator to click on an empty place of the display, go to the registry "Screen settings", where you select the option "Advanced settings". In the settings menu that will open, you will be able to select the resolution corresponding to the video mode of the game. It remains only to confirm the changes by pressing the "Apply" directive, and try to start the game. If this option did not work, when you start the application, you have to contemplate the picture again with a message about the impossibility of finding the video mode with the parameters 800X600X32, you can try to correct the situation as follows:

  1. Enter the NVIDIA Control Panel, where in the task list located in the left pane of the window, expand the Display menu, select the Change Resolution item from the drop-down registry.
  2. In the display settings window that opens, we correct the following characteristics: the resolution from the conditioned OS is 800X600, the color depth for 32-bit playback, and the refresh rate is 60 Hz.
  3. We confirm the selected parameters by clicking the “Apply” button at the bottom of the window, restart the computer device and try to launch the “problem” application, which is often crowned with success.

If the user is using a laptop computer that operates on an Intel processor as a working laptop, then the following operations will be necessary to obtain a positive result:

  1. Go to the "Intel HD Graphics Control Panel" by pressing the right key on the free screen: in the "Display" tab, change the resolution to 800 * 600, for correct image playback.
  2. In some variations of the OS in the task list of the “Display” menu there are no corresponding settings. In this case, the necessary parameters are changed through the “User Permissions”, after which it remains to restart the laptop and check the effectiveness of the manipulations.

Compatibility setting

Another option to cope with the problem lies in the capabilities of the OS itself, allowing it to “adapt” to the technical requirements of the applications necessary for playback on a PC. In simple words, the user can specify, through the hidden Windows function, the command to adapt the operating system to the parameters of the application. To do this, the contractor will need to open the GTA properties, in the menu that opens, select the “Compatibility” option, where you can enter the following characteristics:

  1. Activate compatibility mode by ticking the checkbox “Run program in compatibility mode”.
  2. In the line under this caption, select the operating system on which the application runs 100%.
  3. Confirm the changes by clicking the "Apply" button.

The executed manipulations solve the problem of the inability to play the video mode, authorize the adaptation of the software under the operating system being used.

Patch download

Another option to solve the problem with playing GTA games on a widescreen monitor: add the root directory of the game with a called patch. To do this, you just need to find the Widescreen Fixes Pack mod on the network, download it and install it. Detailed instructions for installing the patch are often bundled with the files. According to the statements of gamers, the installation of the patch not only solves the problem with a conditional error, but also allows you to optimize the image for the parameters of the widescreen screen: it does not stretch the picture, does not distort, guarantees its realistic reproduction.


A powerful, productive computer with a widescreen screen is an opportunity for a gamer not to limit himself to gaming variability. However, decent technical parameters of a computer device are sometimes a “stumbling block”, if the consumer wants to use gaming applications developed for less “rich” equipment, resulting in an error due to the discrepancy between the video mode of the program and the PC. In the situation with the emergence of the “Cannot find video mode” class error, methods for solving the problem exist, and their implementation is often not accompanied by complexity, with knowledge of the rules of the process. The proposed methods for solving the problem, by downloading the patch, or by changing the settings for the monitor resolution, will allow you to enjoy the desired gameplay, according to subjective interests and preferences.