The best company manufacturers of SSD-drives

Solid state drives, better known by the abbreviation "SSD-drives", over the past couple of years have completely captured the market for storage devices, in some categories, even bypassing the usual USB flash drives. To argue with the fact that "SSD-drives" could breathe a second life into a huge number of already obsolete computers is simply meaningless, as this is confirmed day by day. Such popularity and colossal demand simply had to generate even more offers. And today, in addition to giant companies that have invested in development from the first days, they are trying to occupy another ten manufacturers of such information storage devices in this area. “The battle between them is just merciless, ” as the “SSD disk” some Chinese companies disappear for almost nothing at famous Chinese online stores. But even despite the fact that such “outsiders” are trying in every way to entice users to their products, the top five manufacturers of solid-state drives successfully retain user and consumer interest due to not only an affordable price (although above the average cost of the Chinese assortment), but also due to quality, which is time-tested. And it is about these companies that will be discussed in this article.

TOP best manufacturers of SSD drives.

Top 5

It should be understood that any rating or top involves the distribution of candidates in certain "prize places", which mainly affects the personal preference of each. This article is not an exception, but the top five candidates are selected not only because of their popular brand, long history and practical experience of testing, but also on the basis of already existing ratings, which emphasize the price-quality ratio as the main criterion. And it is on this and will build further narrative.


The company “Kingston” in the market of devices for storing information and other equipment for more than 30 years, starting in 1987. Today, without exaggeration, it is the largest independent manufacturer of the devices in question with a staff of more than 3, 000 people, with offices and representative offices located throughout the world. Why choose the SSD drive from Kingsotn:

  1. Using the most advanced technology in the creation of its products.
  2. There is a huge price range that allows you to purchase decent equipment for "real pennies".
  3. Each drive demonstrates the best price / quality ratio.
  4. Extended warranty period averaging 3-5 years.
  5. Most of the proposed range of work with the type of memory "TLC", which significantly increases the speed of the drive.

In general, the “KINGSTON” brand is already a sign of quality and availability, which less well-known manufacturers should pay attention to. Among the negative aspects of KINGSTON products, many experts distinguish somewhat higher energy consumption than their direct competitors, which leaves a certain imprint on the ratio of such a criterion as price / quality, but the overall impression of the existing offers does not spoil.


Is it possible to imagine any top or rating selection of electronic gadgets or components for a computer without a "Korean giant" with a long history called "Samsung". Products of Apple's main competitor in the market of smartphones and tablets, where it is insignificant, but inferior to a more popular brand in the category for storage devices, has no equal rivals. To confirm these words, it is enough to open any rating of the best SSD disks, and among them in the first rows you will surely meet a representative of a Korean developer. It is enough just to remember how much noise in user circles did the 960 EVO and 960 Pro, which have already received improvements with the output of drives in the EVO and Pro line with the number “970”. Characteristics, as well as price, amaze:

  • 970 EVO with M.2 form factor:
  • Capacity of 2000 billion bytes.
  • Samsung V-NAND 3-bit MLC main memory.
  • Samsung 2GB Low Power DDR4 SDRAM buffer memory.
  • Reliability (MTBF) 1.5 million hours (cf. time between failures, abbr. MTBF).
  • 5-year limited warranty or 1200 trillion. bytes to write.

Extremely interesting indicators, for which it is not a sin to part with almost 50, 000 rubles, since the average price tag for the “970 EVO M.2 MZ-V7E2T0” starts at 45, 000 rubles. It is in this price issue that lies the main disadvantage of Samsung products. Yes, quality and advanced performance can be properly overpaid, especially given the five-year warranty, but the amount is really impressive. Is it worth it to add something else? “Samsung” is a brand, having heard the name of which everything is already becoming clear.


Another overseas corporation, which began its activities in the late 80s of the last century. Solid State Drives from WESTERN DIGITAL are in constant demand, and most of the output goes to customers without even reaching the store shelves. It should be noted that “WESTERN DIGITAL” in 2016 acquired the notorious company “Sandisk”, which partly allowed us to expand the range and to release three new lines “Green”, “Blue” and Black. Yes, “WD” drives are classified by their color affiliation, which is the most convenient for perception:

  • Blue is a universal storage device that positions itself as an ideal option for the office segment.
  • "Green" - fully justifies the assigned color, since the devices of this model offer lower power consumption, minimum noise and vibration, but somewhat lower performance indicators.
  • "Black" - the main model, characterized by increased performance for smooth operation in the mode of increased (domestic) loads. A great option for games and work with complex and resource-demanding software.
  • “Red” is a specialized model for working in conditions of continuous / round-the-clock operation. Used in relatively small network communication systems.
  • “Purple” is a specialized model for working with a video surveillance system, it has integrated software for video signal processing and guarantees of the safety / security of video streams.
  • "Gold" - selected drives, mastering the load, which exceeds ten times and more standard tasks of desktop computers.

As can be seen from the above, “WESTERN DIGITAL” tried to embrace the entire user market, making their products accessible, but at the same time meeting modern technical standards and trends.


"TRANSCEND" is a brand that has gained most of its popularity by releasing a huge amount of low-cost storage devices, in particular, it concerns the "USB-carriers" available to every second user. Separately, it is worth noting that “TRANSCEND” rather self-critically assesses its capabilities, not focusing on the professional segment, and continues to produce the most affordable products with decent indicators of stability. For example, most of the TRANSCEND SSDs offer the following specifications:

  • Type of flash-memory - Memory type MLC.
  • SMI Controller SM2263XT.
  • Read speed up to 550 MB / s and write up to 330 MB / s.
  • Resource (TBW) - 282 TB.

“TRANSCEND” is maximally represented in many well-known Chinese online stores, where it occupies far from the last places in user demand. Quality and availability, even in some way budget, time-tested.


Perhaps the choice of the last company in this top may surprise someone, since it began its activity relatively recently (2001). But despite its youth, Adata has already publicly declared itself at the expense of the excellent quality of all types of products produced, the optimal price and attractive performance indicators. The line of solid-state drives is quite diverse and somewhat resembles the range of "WD", including due to the similar styling of the model range in colors. Among the variety of choice, the SSD "SX8200 Pro M.2 2280" stands out well, which can successfully impose competition on the above manufacturers due to the following features:

  • NAND Flash 3D TLC.
  • The controller is SMI.
  • SVBR 2 000 000 hours.
  • Performance (max.) Read 3500 MB / s, write 3000 MB / s.
  • Interface - PCIe Gen3x4.

Extremely curious indicators, given the fact that the price is much lower than analogues from more eminent manufacturers. In general, the company “Adata” is truly one of the best manufacturers of solid-state drives, which confirms the quality bar for 10 years already.


So, the above were five manufacturers of SSD disks that demonstrate stable user interest rates, since their products never lie on the shelves and pass various tests with success, which gives them the right to wear the title of the best for today.