Increase font in 1C

The work of an accountant is hard enough, but even more responsible. Errors should not be allowed, as huge troubles can follow this if they are not detected in time and not corrected. It is difficult to track many operations, especially to look for errors when the font in 1C is small. Strain each time the vision to consider something written in small letters is possible, but this will definitely be followed by loss of vision. In this case, you have to go to the eye doctor, to fight for the return of visual acuity.

Making individual edits to the program facilitates the work of an accountant.

However, you can do a little differently, warning of visual overstrain. For this it is quite enough to simply increase the font size in 1C. If you have the latest version of 1C installed, you just need to change the size of the system font of your operating system. By performing such actions, you will be able to increase the font until you are comfortable with the program.

You will have to act a little differently if you continue to work with the program 1C of the seventh version or earlier. To eliminate unsuccessful attempts provoking excessive agitation, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the recommendations of experienced users in how to increase the font in 1C.

Action algorithm

So, if you decide to perform actions that make it possible to increase the size of letters, first note which version of the 1C program is installed on your computer. This is very important, because it will depend on how to change the font size in 1C.

Perform actions in 1C 7.7

If 1C version 7.7 software is installed on your computer, select the “Service” option on the main menu panel, then click on the “Parameters” line, then make the transition again by selecting the “Interface” tab. Only now you will see a window in which there will be a button "Select Font". If you click on it, a window will appear that is very similar to what the user encounters when working with office applications.

It remains to choose the font of the options, the style of its design and, of course, size. In conclusion, do not forget to agree with the proposal to save the changed parameters by clicking on the “Ok” button each time before closing the window.

Perform actions in 1C 8.2

If the PC has the 1C version 8.2 program installed, the sequence of actions will be slightly different. In addition to changing the font, and, more precisely, to increase it, you can, by increasing the OS system font, as we have already indicated, there is another version of user manipulations. We suggest you to deal with these manipulations, to grasp how to directly increase the font on the screen in 1C.

Initially, just as you should go to the "Tools" menu, go to the "Options", then go to the second tab of the open window "Texts". At the bottom of the open window, you can easily find the “Font” line, open the variants of embedded fonts and their sizes, choose the one you prefer. As you can see, in this case, no difficulties arise. Following the recommendations, you can easily achieve the desired.

Increase size through configurator

There is another way that is a bit more complicated than those we have already considered. However, if you decide to try this algorithm of actions, you will succeed if you have the desire and maximum attention. First run the program, then find the item "Configuration" and follow it. After that you will find the line “Open configuration”, click on it.

Now the base structure window is loaded, located on the right side of the main window. Find the “Styles” parameter, click on it, then the sub-list will open. Select the General option to edit it. Further, all actions will automatically become clear, since you will only have to choose the desired font, its size and, if desired, other important parameters for you.

If the program is used by several users who prefer different letter sizes, it will be useful to do some more manipulations. In particular, go to the “Operations” menu, follow “Information Registers”, then select “User Styles”. In the window that opens, list those users who need a large font size. Set 1 in the “Style Number” field opposite the selected user.

So that later everything worked without failure, it is important to make some more changes to the parameters. Click on the original “Configuration”, find further “Support”, click on it, there you will be able to find the “Support Settings”. In the upper right part of the open window, find the button “Enable change ability”, then in two blocks confirm the choice of possible editing while maintaining support. After performing such actions, everything will change, you will be satisfied with the achieved result.

So, you can increase the font in the 1C program yourself if you strictly follow the recommendations of experienced users. Try it, act bolder, improve your skills in working with such software, change the parameters to create comfortable conditions for yourself.