How to fix the error ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

The ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error appears when you open a website or page on a social network. This can happen on any web server, regardless of its popularity, quality and availability of updates.


When the site opens, your PC accesses the server to display the contents. A certain time is allotted for this, when it ends, you are informed that the page is unavailable, because the connection time has expired - the error description sounds exactly like this in translation.

Err connection timed out error

In fact, this means that there are some problems on the site or specifically with your connection. Moreover, the error concerns only one resource, for example, Facebook, and with others everything is in order, you can safely view the content.

The error may be caused by:

  • a large number of simultaneous calls to the server (most often in games, as well as during certain periods, for example, on New Year's Eve, when everyone congratulates each other on social networks and performs many identical actions at the same time);
  • router crash;
  • anti-virus blocking.


There are several ways to deal with the problem, unless it is related to the site itself. Otherwise, it is better to write to the support service.

Reset internet connection

When CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT_CONNECT appears, the first thing to do is to turn off the router and leave it for 1-2 minutes, and then turn it on again. After a reboot, the situation may be corrected.

IP update and Winsock reset

If the first method did not help, try a less obvious one:

  1. In the Start menu, find Command Line, click the additional mouse button, and select Run As Administrator.
  2. In the field, type ipconfig / release + "Enter".
  3. Without waiting for the progress report, also type: ipconfig / all + “Enter”.
  4. Then type: ipconfig / flushdns + “Enter”.
  5. Again, do not wait for the system report, enter: ipconfig / renew + "Enter" and netsh int ip set dns + "Enter" (save all characters and spaces).
  6. And finally, the last command to reset the Windows Sockets presets: netsh winsock reset + “Enter”.

Restart the system and try to go to the problem site to make sure that the error is fixed.

Switching to public DNS servers

Public DNS servers

In this case, we will use the servers offered by Google:

  1. Click the additional button on the Start button and click on Network connection.
  2. Find the name of the existing one, double-click it and select the Properties tab.
  3. Here you need to expand the link signed by Internet Protocol version 4 and note that you enter the server yourself.
  4. You will see two lines: first, write, And the second -
  5. Agree to the changes and restart the PC.
  6. Try to open the site.

If nothing has helped, be sure to check if the antivirus is not filtering the site you are trying unsuccessfully to access. Open the firewall settings and create a rule for the site, which will have permission to establish a connection.

The site can also be blocked by the built-in Windows firewall. It can be disabled if you have an antivirus or enter the address of the resource in the list of exceptions.