Error "The buddha.dll file is missing": causes and methodology for eliminating the failure

Computer devices confidently entered the life of a person, and their current multitasking allows you to perform not only professional and work tasks, but also to organize your leisure is interesting, exciting, according to subjective preferences. Few users think when operating a laptop, how complex and diverse processes are performed by the device during operation, since it does not need to delve into the software features of a PC until it encounters certain inconsistencies in its work that restrict access to the tasks.

One of these “stumbling blocks” is an error that declares itself by a notice on the screen, represented by the phrase “The buddha.dll file is missing”. Often, such a failure of the laptop occurs when a person attempts to launch an interactive game for pleasant leisure time, limiting the user's ability to enjoy his favorite activity, with the parallel exception of the possibility of distracting from reality and plunging into a fantasy world. Such a problem is not a reason for rejecting one's desires: the error can be corrected, however, it will have to figure out the reasons for its occurrence, followed by carrying out restoration program works, which will be discussed in this article.

Causes of failure

Before you start looking for solutions to the problem associated with the failure of the device to launch an interactive game, you need to understand the essence of the error itself.

The error often occurs on the background of launching a gaming application, which, by default, is not licensed, and, accordingly, specific methods associated with the process of its software hacking were used to download it. Original variations of games, especially popular and demanded by gamers, are often supplied on a paid basis, however, current fans of interactive entertainment bypass the system, illegally “get” free, pirated versions of installation programs.

Windows, regardless of the variation, does not include the so called buddha.dll file. By default, the file is not counted as system components, it must be present in the installation complex of the game application. When downloading from the Internet "non-original" variations of the game, certain system failures can occur, which are accompanied by damage to the so-called "repacks" and "patches" that are available in licensed versions. Accordingly, the installation of a pirated application in which the resulting file is damaged is accompanied by a problem, which is expressed by a notice that the buddha.dll is missing on the computer.

No less popular reason why the program did not detect the buddha.dll file in the system could be blocking access to a specific component of the DLL by antivirus utility installed on a PC. In this case, scenarios may include the following:

  1. The file downloaded together with the pirated version of the game contains a threat to the computer software in the form of viruses.
  2. The perception of the conditional file by the anti-virus application as unreliable, due to the unlicensed origin of the game or its incorrect installation.

We will tell in detail how to deal with the problem, focusing on the root causes of the problem.

Troubleshooting Options

The question of what to do if the error “The buddha.dll file is missing” does not allow the consumer to effectively perform target tasks involves several options for eliminating the causes of problems in the chronological sequence presented below. Experts recommend starting work with simple to implement solutions, gradually moving to more complicated ones, if the elementary methods did not give the desired result.

First of all, in the fight against the caused malfunction, experts recommend eliminating the likelihood of an error due to incorrect software perception of the file, or due to its unprofitable blocking by the antivirus program. Starting the program may not be possible due to improperly unpacking the application, caused by the user or a malfunction of the software system. In order to eliminate this cause of the problem, the user must try to reinstall the program after previously removing all of its traces from the computer device. It does not hurt to inspect the computer with the help of software such as CCleaner or similar to it, in order to clean the PC from unnecessary information, restore and optimize its work before the process of reinstalling the program. As an alternative solution to the problem, consider downloading the application of interest from another site.

If it was not possible to eliminate the error in this way, then it is worth considering the following probable cause of the precedent, namely blocking unlicensed applications by the antivirus program.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus installation window

In this situation, the correct question arises as to how to fix the buddha.dll error, bypassing the antivirus utility, however, without the risk of infecting the computer, with the orientation to the fact that the resulting file may actually contain a threat. The task can be accomplished through the alternate implementation of the following instruction points from specialists in the field of computer technology:

  1. After installing the "pirated" application, run a PC scan for viruses.
  2. If the threats from the application are not detected, it means that the game is “clean”, which allows you to disable anti-virus software without any risk to the laptop software.
  3. Check for the presence of a running application in the quarantine category of the anti-virus utility: if a locked library file is stored in the list, you will need to restore it.

After the operations performed, try to restart the application. If the system gives an error, then most likely the buddha.dll file is really missing from the application installation package. To be able to use the application, the user will need to additionally download the missing component necessary to open the program and install it on the PC. You can download a DLL file in the network, and experts recommend using only the services of proven sites to eliminate the possibility of acquiring a virus disguised as a conditional library.

Buddha.dll window

Next, it is necessary to integrate the downloaded library into the installation folder of the application, as well as into the PC system:

  1. The library in 32-bit Windows OS should be placed in the System 32 folder. The path to it goes through the “Computer”, to the local C drive, with a transition to the Windows archive, where the required folder is located.
  2. On 64-bit systems, the file must be copied to a similar folder with the same name, called SysWOW64.

If the process is executed correctly, after the conducted manipulations, the conflict will be settled, and the application that is not opened due to the lack of the buddha.dll tool will become available for operation.


The error, which manifests itself as the absence of the buddha.dll file, limits the ability to operate a specific application that uses the resources of the conditioned library to open, however, is not critical for the user and is eliminated by simple manipulations, the rules for which are described in detail in the article.

Login to the buddha.dll program

At a certain stage of execution, the user will solve the problem, and the time when this happens depends on the specific cause of the failure: sometimes, to fix the problem, it is enough to reinstall the application, and in some cases you have to try all the ways one by one to achieve the result. Remember, “patience and work” will meet all your expectations: the main thing is not to stop halfway and success is guaranteed.