How to increase the life of the phone or smartphone battery

Any batteries begin to lose charge over time, poorly charged or not charged at all. Unfortunately, this is not going anywhere. But the situation can still be slightly improved. Just follow a few simple rules. In this article we will look at how to extend the battery life of the phone. Let's figure it out. Go!

The first rule - never allow the smartphone to completely discharge. Modern phones are best to put on charge, when there is about 45%. Keep in mind that if you constantly bring the device to 0 or even 10-15%, it will not in the best way affect the battery life.

Tip number 2 - remember about the charge cycles. Any battery has a certain number of charge / discharge cycles, we are talking about when the battery is completely discharged. Constantly discharging the battery "to the end", you will spend these same cycles, and if you follow the above rule, you can significantly extend the life of the smartphone battery.

Rule number 3 - forget about the nonsense with full discharge / charging of the phone you just bought in order to “wake up” the battery, adjust it to the working mode. This is utter nonsense, not giving absolutely no effect. Better you won't do it for sure.

Full discharge of the phone does not affect the battery life

Fourth tip - heat and cold harm the battery. It is worth remembering that lithium batteries are quite sensitive to overheating or overcooling. The most appropriate temperature is considered +15 degrees. Keep in mind that high temperatures are much worse for batteries than low ones. So, at zero degrees, the capacity of the battery is reduced by 6% per year. With +25 there is a risk of losing already a fifth of the capacity, and in the case of heating to +40 per year, the capacity of the battery can be reduced by 40%. There is a little trick to use in the summer. If it's hot outside, do not charge the phone by more than 90%. This will help to avoid overheating of the battery, and as a result, and reduce the capacity.

As for the cold, you should also be careful here. Definitely not worth keeping your smartphone in the fridge or on the balcony in winter. The phone is contraindicated temperature below -15 degrees. Such a severe frost can adversely affect battery life. Of course, there is nothing terrible in the fact that in a severe frost you will reach the telephone in order to talk. The main thing is not to allow strong cooling or heating of the device itself, and then everything will be in order.

Do not use the phone at temperatures below -15 degrees

The last piece of advice is that if you are going to store the lithium battery separately, be sure to leave it partially charged (by about 30–50%), otherwise after a while the battery cannot be started. Also, always store the battery in a dark, cool place with a low humidity level.

Summarizing, we can say that no battery in the world will last you a lifetime, but by following the simple rules described above, you can significantly increase the life of a phone's battery.

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