SIM card and iPhone: how to insert, pull or cut

The iPhone, like any phone, needs a SIM card to complete its work. Through it, the mobile operator provides communication services. Calls, messages, Internet - it all depends on this accessory. Therefore, it is important to figure out how to insert a SIM card into an iPhone, pull it out, and what types of cards should be purchased for Apple devices.

Standard SIM is not suitable for current iPhone models - it is too big. You can buy a new one. But it costs money. And if you have some phones on the old map, they need to be transferred. Easier to cut the SIM.

In this article we will explain how to prepare, install and remove a SIM card into your iPhone.

Paste or pull out

The card must be in a special "tray" iPhone. But in older models of the gadget, it can be inside the device. And in order to get it or insert it, you will have to remove the back panel and pull out the battery. Before you open a sim card on an iPhone, you need to know where it is.

Look at the case of the device. The iPhone 4, 5, 6 and SE tray is on the side. In the 3G series - from below. In the closed state, it can be recognized only by the contour and a small hole next to it (it can be used to remove the SIM card).

If there is nothing like this in your device, then the SIM should be inside. To pull it out:

  1. Turn off the device. To do this, hold down the lock button. A red slider appears on the screen. Move it to the side. In some cases, it must be clamped.
  2. Open the back cover of the phone. If it does not detach, then the SIM card should not be inside.
  3. Remove the battery.
  4. There is a SIM card slot. Next to him indicate which side to insert it. On the SIM, they always make an oblique angle so that it can be seen where it is “top”.
  5. It should be placed chip down so that it is adjacent to the contacts of the phone.
  6. “Pull” the SIM out of the slot if you need it. And you can also shove it back.
  7. The card can be secured with a cover. Pry it off with something thin to open.

Here's how to pull a sim card from an iPhone, if it is located in the tray:

  1. When it is in its groove, it is so easy not to remove it. Included with the iPhone should be a tool for extracting SIM cards. If it doesn’t exist, an expanded clip, a blunt needle or something similar will do. Sharp objects are best not to use.

    For the operation you will need a special tool.

  2. Insert it into the small hole next to the tray and press lightly. He will come forward.
  3. Pull it out completely.
  4. It will have a SIM mold and a rectangular hole. The card must be positioned so that the chip coincides with this hole. If the SIM does not fit there, it must be cut or buy a new one.
  5. After all the manipulations, insert the tray into the iPhone.

How to trim

Different models of Apple devices support different SIM formats. You can pull out the tray and see which card is used in your gadget. This should also be stated in the instructions. Or in the device information on the official Apple website.

A regular SIM card can be cut to Micro-SIM and Nano-SIM, if it has an “elongated” chip. With a large square contact, this will not work, since one of its functional parts will be “chopped off”.

All new sim cards have serifs. Just press in the right place to get the Micro or Nano option. Unnecessary plastic just breaks off. If there is nothing similar, it is best to purchase a special set for cutting the SIM card (it is somewhat similar to a stapler). Or take it to the Apple phone store and entrust the work to professionals. If you do it manually, there is a risk of damaging it.

If you decide to cut the SIM card yourself, you will need sharp and durable scissors, a well-sharpened pencil and ruler. In the process, the main thing is not to damage the chip and cut off only the plastic. If you already have a SIM of the right size, just attach both cards to each other and cut off all unnecessary. Or measure the tray. You can also find on the Internet a template with the size of a SIM card and print it on a printer.

Remember where it has a “corner” (or mark it with a pencil). In a cropped version of it, too, will have to do. Otherwise it will be unclear which side to insert the card.

Depending on the iPhone model, different SIM card formats are used.


Micro simka has dimensions 12 × 15 millimeters. To trim it:

  1. Put it on the table so that the chip is on the top right. Before each operation it is better to draw lines with a pencil. They should be drawn parallel to the sides of the chip.
  2. Top cut off part of the card so that there is 1 mm of plastic before contact. Do not touch the chip.
  3. On the right, leave 1.8-2 mm plastic.
  4. You need a rectangle 12 mm high and 15 mm wide. It should be proportional to the map that you have now. Initially, its sides are also different sizes.
  5. Draw lines for the rectangle. Mark where it will be a corner.
  6. "Undercut" is better than "cut." If the SIM is too big, it can be corrected. If it turns out to be too small, it will not fix it.
  7. Now cut your Micro-SIM.
  8. The corner should be cut diagonally (45 degrees). If you do not have a protractor at hand, measure 2.5 mm from the bottom and left of the SIM. Draw lines. Where they intersect with the edges of the sim card, cut a piece. The corner must always be on the same side.
  9. Try inserting the card into the tray.

Micro-SIM is used in iPhone 4 and 4s. Current models are compatible with Nano-SIM.


In a miniature SIM, all that remains is a chip and some plastic (to cut off a corner without touching the contacts). Its dimensions are 12.3 × 8.8. It is quite difficult to measure with such accuracy. It's okay if you go half a millimeter wrong. Nano-sims are thinner than usual. Therefore, you will need a nail file or sandpaper to erase the plastic layer.

Here's how to cut a sim card on the iPhone:

  1. Put it on the table so that the chip is on the top right.
  2. On the right, top and bottom, cut off all the plastic. Before this, draw the lines on which you are going to cut, and mark from which side a corner. Take care not to accidentally damage the chip.
  3. On the left, leave 1–2 mm of plastic.
  4. Cut the corner carefully.
  5. Use a file to remove a layer of plastic on the card so that it becomes thinner. Do not scratch the chip.

It’s not so difficult to figure out how to get a SIM card from iPhone and insert it back. Worse, if the SIM does not fit. Then you have to cut it. Or purchase a new one.