Import or export contacts from Outlook

Business and personal e-mails are an integral part of modern life. Fast sending e-mails allows you to effectively solve many problems, to be aware of all the important events.

When exporting contacts from Outlook, their copy is saved

Outlook is a great helper when creating emails and forming subsequent mailings. The application is able to keep contacts of all those who have already established contact.

In practice, it may happen that you have to reinstall the operating system, during which all previously installed programs disappear. Of course, this sad event extends to Outlook 2010. The fact of disappearance of Outlook 2010 is not capable of causing a depressing mood as compared with the fact that the ability to export contacts was not used in advance.

Saving contacts

It is no secret that in certain situations it is impossible to restore contacts unless an alternative source of communication with an important subject has been provided in advance. For this reason, many people are actively interested in how to export contacts from Outlook 2010 before reinstalling the operating system.

Also, some prudent users prefer to export contacts after certain periods of time, saving them in case an operational failure takes them by surprise.

Such forethought will prevent the loss of the most important data, as well as solve all problems, knowing in advance how to import contacts into Outlook 2010 after loading a new operating system.

Import and export have not only on a computer or laptop, but also on other modern gadgets, which include mobile devices on the Android and iPhone platforms.

How to transfer email addresses to Android

If you are bogged down in search of an answer to the question of how to transfer contacts to Android from Outlook, then you just need to read our instructions and make sure that there is nothing difficult in this process.

The transfer process involves just a few simple steps, which, of course, should be carried out clearly, without any changes.

First, start Outlook 2010, go to the "File" menu, there you will see the "Open and Export" option. Clicking on it will open an additional submenu in which you will find the line “Import and Export”.

Click the "Export" button, after that the built-in wizard will start immediately, which will allow you to easily carry out all further manipulations.

The wizard prompts you to select the file variant in which you wish to export all email addresses contained in the email application. Experts strongly recommend choosing the second line - “Values ​​separated by commas”.

Outlook 2010 prompts you to select the folder you want to prepare for export. Choose the Contacts folder and feel free to click the Next button.

The wizard automatically generates the exported file in CSV format, and you just have to save it, accompanied by the appropriate name.

To import prepared email addresses into Android, first log in to your Google account. There, find the Advanced tab, then select the Import option.

On the Advanced tab, locate the Import option.

The wizard will ask you to specify the path to the previously saved file with the extension csv. You will certainly have to follow this requirement, after which the program will obey you and will be able to successfully transfer all previously saved contacts to your Android.

The synchronization process will start automatically, so your participation is not required. Everything will end quickly, and you will be able to enjoy an easy solution to the problem.

There is another way to import contacts into Android, using Bluetooth. In this case, the file is transferred and downloaded by launching Bluetooth, and the Google account is not used. The remaining actions are carried out similarly.

How to transfer email addresses to iPhone

If you are not the owner of Android, and the iPhone, and you have the same problem, then it will also be easy to solve, if you carefully read the recommendations on how to transfer contacts from Outlook to iPhone.

The first steps involve the export of those contacts that are contained in the mail application. The principle of exporting is the same as that described above for the case of Android, so questions about how to transfer contacts to Outluk should not arise.

It remains only to understand how to save the already saved contact file to the iPhone?

To make the import process easier, it is recommended to download the CopyTrans Contacts application on your PC. Launch this app, connect your iPhone to your computer.

The utility CopyTrans Contacts will be for you a real assistant.

In the window that appears, you can easily find the option "Import contacts." It remains to comply with all the requirements that the application will put forward.

Initially, you need to specify the place where the file with the csv extension is saved, then simply click on the "Open" button that appears. After that, an automatic process will start, successfully loading all contacts to your iPhone. This completes the process of importing all important contacts for you.

So, having read the recommendations on how to import and export all contacts from the mail application, as well as having carried out these manipulations practically, everyone will understand that this process is really simple.

Thanks to such actions, you can have important contacts always with you, in your mobile gadget. Simultaneous storage of email addresses on a computer and on mobile devices allows you to be sure that irretrievable data loss is excluded.