How to optimize and speed up Windows

Searching for information on how to speed up a computer running Windows 7 is occupied by many users who do not want to put up with the fact that their computer is not able to perform work as quickly as they would like.

Learn how to quickly and efficiently optimize and speed up computer performance.

If you are one of those who want to improve your PC, you should take into account that the optimization of Windows 7 depends on several parameters, including hardware and software. However, it is necessary to try to improve the speed of your computer, especially since it will be easy to implement if you are familiar with the detailed instructions on how to speed up the computer boot.

PC Optimization Algorithm

In order for the computer to satisfy all your requests, you should pay due attention to it, to show even to some extent care. Over time, parts wear out, so they need to be replaced.

Some of the components need to be cleaned of accumulated dust and updated thermal paste. By the way, the computer can often freeze only because of the fact that the old thermal grease has exhausted its resources, in connection with this, the processor began to overheat much faster.

Outdated components can also affect the performance of a computer, when a weak video card, a small hard disk space, and weak RAM are not capable of ensuring fast performance of your PC. In this case, you will have to put up with the computer sluggishness or agree to financial waste by purchasing new components.

However, there are options when components are able to provide additional speed, having even a weak resource, it is important that you only need to figure out what actions will help optimize PC performance.

Disable visual effects

The loss of speed of the computer is often due to the fact that a weak computer is hard to overclock, having completed all the tasks set before it after the operating system is loaded.

Turning off only visual effects, you can already be sure of an increase in the speed of individual tasks.

Visual effects are more focused on enhancing the aesthetics of pop-up windows and the mouse pointer, so disabling them will definitely not lose functionality.

To do this, click on "Start", go to the "Control Panel" section. In the window that opens, find the line "System".

In the new window on the left side several parameters will be placed, select the last one, which has the name “Advanced system parameters”.

Now a new window pops up on the screen, in which there will be 5 tabs, go to the Advanced tab. In the "Performance" block, find the "Parameters" button and click on it.

In the "Visual Effects" tab, select the option "Provide the best performance." It remains after that to click on the “Ok” button to accept all changes.

If you do not want to turn off all effects, you can use the “Special effects” parameter, then you will be able to select only those effects you need.

Sometimes it is difficult for a not strong computer to work quickly and perform all installed tasks.

Disable inline search

Optimization of Windows 10, as well as the previous version, is also in disabling the indexing service. Of course, at first glance, this service is quite important. It helps to quickly find the desired document folder. However, many users note that in Windows 10, such a search is not very fast, as a result, it is easier to manually find the search object, rather than waste time waiting. In addition, such a search is often ineffective.

For this reason, it is easier to abandon the indexing service, agree to an independent search for documents, but at the same time ensure that the actions taken regarding the speed of the computer are successful.

Open the “Control Panel”, go to the “Administration” option, and in the new window that opens, click on the “Services” line.

The new window will list all services that the operating system executes. It is strictly forbidden to disable some of them at random, as this may lead to the fact that your computer will not start up again.

Experienced users recommend disabling only those services about which you know everything, have information about what process they are running.

We propose to find the service "Windows Search", it is she who is responsible for the search operation, indexing the collected content. Hover over this service with the mouse cursor and right-click, go to the "Properties" parameter.

Disable unnecessary services on a computer device.

You will immediately be taken to the General tab, if this is not the case, be sure to make the transition. Now find the “Startup type” parameter in the center, set its value to “Disabled”. This completes the deactivation mechanism of the search service.

You will be convinced that you have been able to improve the operation of the computer, as well as speed up the process of completing tasks.

Disable User Account Control

Wanting to learn how to speed up the loading of Windows 10, it will be useful for you to pay attention to such a component as account control.

If access to your computer is not limited, someone else can manage your business without permission, then it is risky to disable such a component. If you are the only user, you can completely disable this component without any risk in order to improve PC performance.

Log in to "User Accounts", after making a transition from the "Control Panel". In the window that opens, you will again see the “User Accounts” option, click on it, and then below you will find the “Change Account Control Parameters” line, click on this line. In the opened window on the left side there will be a slider, you just have to move it down to the minimum. After that, accept the changes.

According to the instructions disable user accounts

Load optimization

Improve the performance of your computer will be able to make changes to the settings of the system configuration tool. You can open it without much hassle by pressing only two keys: “Win” and “R”, and then writing in the msconfig line.

After opening the window, go to the “Download” tab, there you will find the next parameter “Additional parameters”, click on it.

In the next window that opens, check the box next to the checkbox “Number of processors” in the checkbox. Next, set the maximum value possible. If you have a dual-core processor, then the maximum figure you will have is 2, but if the quad-core processor is then 4. Be sure to check the box next to the Maximum memory option.

After all these steps, return to the System Configuration window, which continues to be open for you. Here you can find the “Without GUI” parameter, you can also disable it, but only in this case, when the operating system is loaded, you will not see the welcome window, and you will only watch the black screen.

If you agree to this, to optimize the performance of your computer, take advantage of this offer.

To enable speed changes, go to control panel

Disable unused components

It is possible to optimize the performance of a PC when removing all programs from autoload that you rarely use.

There are several options for solving this problem. You can open the Task Manager, go to the Startup tab, and then view the entire list of programs listed there. When you find a program that you do not need as automatically loaded, click on it with the right mouse button, select the option "Disable".

You can also remove programs not only from the “Startup” item, but completely from the hard disk. Thus, it will be possible to optimize the operation of the system and increase the free space of the hard disk. To remove programs that you absolutely do not need, go from the “Control Panel” to the “Uninstall Programs” directory. From the list of programs, select the program from which you wish to get rid of, and boldly remove them.

So, the optimization of the work of a personal computer is even possible for an inexperienced user who is able to concentrate his attention and knows how to act according to the established instructions. The performed manipulations will not go unnoticed, they will surely cause delight and pleasure from the fact that even a weak computer starts to work faster.