Ways to watch 3D movies on your computer

To watch a movie in a 3D effect, you don’t have to go to the cinema - you can simply set up a home PC and enjoy. There are special monitors that support this technology, but they are not cheap. We will tell you how to use a regular computer or laptop. It does not require almost any costs, everything is very easy.

What you need to run on a computer 3D-movie

The minimum set for watching 3D movies is as follows:

  1. A utility player with support for a special filter.
  2. Filter itself "Anaglyph."
  3. Anaglyph glasses.

The most popular program for playing stereoscopic movies is KMPlayer, but there are others - the last chapter will be devoted to them. Anaglyph.ax extension is introduced into the player - it is free and easy to install.

We look through anaglyph glasses

Glasses can be bought for 100 rubles in the store / cinema, or, if you want a particularly economical option, you can make them yourself. To do this, you need markers, thin PET plastic (for example, from some box or frame) and a cardboard base. One “lens” needs to be painted in blue, and the second - in red, then cut out the “frame” of cardboard and fasten both halves on it.

How to run a movie in 3D

Swing Anaglyph.ax

Before you start watching a 3D movie on a computer, you need to do the following:

  1. Download and install the KMP player. During the installation, you can choose the Russian-language interface. Remember also in which folder all the files of the program are moved - this will come in handy later.
  2. Download Anaglyph.ax: if it is in the archive, then unpack it, and if not, do not launch it, it will not open.
  3. Move the filter to the root folder with player items. If you did not change the location, then by default it is located on drive C in the Program Files section.
  4. Now you need to open the player and find the Configuration tab. A whole list of settings will open on the left; you need the Filter Manager section. Click on it and on the right click the Add an external filter button.
  5. Go to the folder where you moved the file with the filter, and select it. For more accurate settings, double-click the filter name.
  6. Indicate that you will use Red and blue glasses so that the program adapts the image to the features of your glasses.
  7. The value of Depth of the scene, you can leave the default or slightly reduce - try to pick up your own feelings.
  8. Click Apply the settings and you will be returned to the window with the selected filter. To make it work, as it should be, tick the box next to Use Coercive.
  9. Now turn on the video and in the lower left corner select 3D mode.

Sometimes at startup, a warning window appears with the words "Application Failure." In this case, the value of Use Coercive is better to change to Set the degree and leave the numbers in the string unchanged.

3D playback software

If for some reason you do not like KMPlayer, pay attention to others that can reproduce a movie with a stereoscopic effect.

Watch 3D movies on a laptop

The best of this series:

CyberLink PowerDVD - can turn an ordinary monitor into a screen with a Blu-ray effect. In addition to the volumetric image illusion, this player allows you to convert videos to another format, mark and quickly find your favorite moments, resume viewing from the moment you stopped, and much more.

Stereoscopic Player - the name speaks for itself. You can view 3D video and significantly improve the quality of the source material: adjust the sound difference, adjust the color, etc. The player supports almost all types of extensions that exist at the moment, and at the same time has a simple interface.

Bino - a program designed specifically for stereoscopic films - for the usual number of enhancement options is much less. With this player, you can display a movie on multiple screens (including using a projector). Also quite a wide range of supported extensions.