How to recover the failed activation of Windows

What kind of action to go when constantly flies activation of Windows? Today we will look at this problem on two OS versions at once: Windows 10 and Windows 7. We will work out such methods with you, after which you will not face a similar situation later.

The main point that decides which way you should go next is the type of OS: licensed or pirated. In the first case, the developers have thought over everything in advance: there should be a special key on your PC or on the installation disc, after the introduction of which you successfully pass the test and the program will not disturb you anymore. If for some reason it is not possible to find the key, the user can calmly ask for help from Microsoft, where experienced staff will tell you the next steps.

The situation with pirated Windows is completely different, even if it is not different from its official version. If you are the lucky owner of the key, even if you have installed the pirated version, after overcoming the OS check it will turn into a license one. In general, many installation packages from the network have already been activated, but recently Microsoft decided to start a war. The company has invented an update "KB971033". Subsequently, the activation flies and it is strongly demanded from the cunning user to register.

Do not worry, there are simple ways out of this situation, about them below.

Causes of Windows Activation Termination

For a start on why the activation flies to the seven. Keys found by the owner via the Internet do not necessarily work. Most likely, this will happen after the introduction of the fifth code. All this is because Microsoft monitors violators and puts such keys in the black list. It may be that the key is simply expired or is the code of the test OS. And the last point: some developers stick an important addition to the automatic update. Its purpose is to certify authenticity.

Now go to the OS higher. First, as usual after installing the new version, the system will require the user to enter the key. As you understand, this process is accomplished with the goal of ensuring that the copy does not apply to countless PCs. Secondly, if you decide to replace one of the components of your iron friend (processor, motherboard or RAM), then a dozen will ask you to enter the key. This is its main difference from other versions. Windows 10 is associated with a PC ID by hardware. Consequently, already in this state of affairs will have to call Microsoft.

Activation recovery

For the reasons outlined above, we divided the solutions.

With code

When you have lost the activation of the licensed Windows 7 or 10, then it will take you a few seconds to restore it. Enter the key and that's it.

When replacing components

But what to do if Windows activation failed when replacing parts?

Speaking of the seventh version, here everything is extremely simple, since the key can be entered an infinite number of times.

With the tenth OS, things are a little different. As we have already reported, dozens of licenses are tied to a specific user and PC, and a personal identifier is also assigned to a computer. Due to the fact that the ID number is made up of the main components of your installation, after replacing one of the important parts, the user must somehow prove that he did not purchase a new PC and still can use his license. Of course, if you decide to upgrade your computer mouse, then you don’t have to do anything - this concerns only serious details, for example, the motherboard.

Now the whole procedure is automated, so you only need to complete the following steps:

  1. Enter Parameters.
  2. Find the department Update and security.
  3. Then Activate and click Troubleshoot.

During your attempt to correct the error, the system will check whether you are the real owner of the license and whether you have already tried to correct the error before this point. In any case, if you will be denied reinstatement, then call technical support.

When you rally after upgrading or reinstalling the system

Already had time to regret the decision to upgrade the operating system? After upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10, there are cases with such bugs as activation activation. Here is a detailed step-by-step system recovery guide:

  1. Go to the control panel of the former system.
  2. We find the program and components column.
  3. Click View installed updates.
  4. In the resulting listing, select KB971033.
  5. We get rid of the extension using the Delete button.

After restarting the PC, you only need to re-activate. For such operations are intended certain applications. Their work proceeds under the condition that the antivirus is turned off, due to the fact that they interact with the system files. Below we will provide a list of pre-tested programs:

  1. Chew7 - the creators thought out everything from the very beginning to the finals, so we have nothing to add.
  2. KMSAuto - when choosing this utility, carefully read the conditions, since not every version works with Windows.
  3. Windows Loader is the only thing you need to know about the progress of the activator, is that if the color of the circle, which appears at the very beginning, is green, then the program will continue to recover.

Here, perhaps, that's all. This is not a serious problem. We are sure that you will easily cope with it yourself, of course, not without the help of our hints. We hope that the information was useful to you. Leave a comment below.