How to clear the RAM on the computer

In the process of working on a laptop computer, the computer’s RAM (Random Access Memory or RAM, random access memory or RAM, in short, RAM) is gradually clogged with unnecessary processes, fragments of applications being opened. When the computer's RAM is clogged, it runs slower, “buggy”, “slows down”. Accordingly, for full operation in cases of freezing, it is recommended to free the RAM from unnecessary “garbage”. Let's take a look at how to clear the computer's RAM. You can perform cleaning in several ways.

Pre-diagnose the computer's RAM, perhaps the reason is not at all in its workload, but in design problems, damage. You can check it like this:

  • Click the combination of Win + R;
  • The “Run” window will open, enter in the line the command to run the built-in mdsched testing program, click “OK”;
  • Next, select the test method recommended by the system - reboot with verification;
  • After the computer restarts, testing will start automatically. You can watch his progress, see the results. After the process is completed, your device will reboot again (automatically), after logging in, you will see the results;
  • There are several check options. You can manually select the method, not the default. To do this, press F1, select the method with the Tab, press F10 to start the test.

If there is no damage, you can clear the RAM, freeing it from third-party applications. Below we list the possible ways. Choose how to free up RAM you will be more convenient, based on your preferences and capabilities.

Download via Task Manager and autoload

  • Call the task manager window by simultaneously pressing Ctrl + Shift + Delete;
  • Go to the "Processes" tab.

Processes in Task Manager

  • Look at which of them consume the most RAM resources; you can determine this by a column with CPU data (central processing unit);
  • Select an unnecessary process (also suspicious - some viruses consume system resources) by clicking on it with PCM;
  • Click the button “End Process” below;
  • Run the Run window again by pressing Win + R;
  • In the line type msconfig, click "OK";
  • In the “System Configuration” window that opens, go to the “Startup” tab, see which program is rarely used, uncheck it (if necessary, start them manually);
  • Apply the changes. Restart your computer / laptop.

Installation of cleaning tools

There are many utilities that help to unload / clean RAM. We name the most common and effective. Download spetsutility only from official sites, a virus program may disguise them.

Mz ram booster

The program for cleaning RAM, distributed free of charge, takes up very little disk space. Very effectively cleans RAM, makes monitoring of resources, removes unnecessary DLL-libraries from memory, speeds up the processor.

Mz ram booster


A powerful RAM cleaner will remove all unnecessary from the cache without disrupting the OS processes. The program has both automatic and manual mode. In manual choose one of three commands:


  1. Clean & Shutdown - cleans, then turns off the computer;
  2. Clean & Reboot - cleans, then reboots,
  3. Clean & Close - cleans and closes.

Mem reduce

Quickly started cleaner. The simplest interface, without any extra settings. When you first start the window will turn on displaying the settings, in the General section set the Russian language.

If desired, change the default settings to your own. After cleaning the tray, pointing the utility icon will see the results.

Mem reduce

Cleaning script

You can create your own simple software tool for cleaning the computer's RAM. The program is created as follows:

  • Start Notepad;
  • Print this text code:
  • MsgBox "Do you want to clean your RAM?", 0, "Exclusive RAM cleaning";
  • FreeMem = Space (307200000);
  • Msgbox "RAM cleaning successfully completed.", 0, "Exclusive RAM cleaning";
  • In the second line we entered the value for RAM in 3 GB. If another amount of RAM, put the value, calculated by the formula "volume in GB x 1024 x 10000";
  • Save the script by entering the name in the save window, specifying the extension .vbs;
  • To start cleaning RAM, run the script file;
  • In the window that appears on the request for cleaning, click "OK".

Means of cleaning the RAM is simple, any user can handle. Still, we recommend that when the computer / laptop hangs, increase the amount of RAM, upgrade your device.