Choosing where to chat: popular social networks

Today, people are increasingly communicating in the virtual space. The Internet and mobile devices allow you to do this almost anywhere. The most popular social networks play the role of a kind of bridge between vast distances and at the same time a small state, each of which has its own rules.

Today, people more and more communicate in social networks

In itself, the concept of a social network has already become quite vague, since many of those virtual sites that call this name are messengers, video streamers, video hosting sites, photo hosting sites. Nevertheless, all these communities are recognized by social networks.

List of popular Russian networks

List of the most popular Russian soc. networks is different from the same world. Mainly on the first two lines:

  1. In contact with
  2. Classmates
  3. Facebook
  4. Skype
  5. Google +
  6. Whatsapp
  7. Viber
  8. Instagram
  9. Twitter
  10. Facebook messenger

We have such a list for 2016.

In contact with

VC has traditionally been a leader among all other social networks in Russia and many CIS countries for many years. In October last year, the contact turned ten years old, and he remains almost a monopolist in the field of online communication of Russians. The average daily audience is about 64 million visitors.

Every year, both the mobile app and the web version receive new features that are present in other social networks. One of these was the emergence of "stories", with which you can on video or photos to tell friends and followers about your life. In addition, there were money transfers and voice messages known to many by WhatsApp.


Classmates is the fifth most popular Russian site. Classmates all the time come on the heels of Contact: 51 million users per day - but nevertheless can never catch up with him.

This year in the social. Networks appeared broadcasts from groups, money transfers, the app "OK video". Classmates also try to provide users with the maximum amount of communication opportunities. It is worth noting that both sites: VK and Odnoklassniki belong to Mail.Ru Group.


Facebook was in third place, largely due to the existence of the Russian counterpart - VKontakte. Since it is more convenient for us to use the brainchild of Pavel Durov, and many more people have many more friends there, 6 million Russians visit Facebook every day.

Facebook is a social network in its classic sense, from which it all began. Subsequent projects will already be slightly different from this concept.



Skype can not be called full social. network, as it is still devoid of many functions inherent in the same VC. The main chip of Skype was and will be video calls. Yes, there are chats and the ability to add personal information, but most people use Skype to negotiate video or audio communications.

Despite the emergence of programs such as Viber, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype does not lose its popularity. It is possible that many people are not yet accustomed to new substitutes for the old reliable program.

Google +

Google + is an unsuccessful attempt by Google to create its own social. network. Unsuccessful since the popularity of Google + every year everything decreases. When users do not stay there at all - a matter of time.

The most interesting thing is that Google + takes the fifth place already. In other countries, in general, almost no quotes due to low popularity.



The popular application is conquering the world with rapid steps. Today, hundreds of millions of people around the world use VatsApom: the monthly audience is 1 billion. It is also quite popular among Russian users.

Calling whatsapp social network is difficult. Rather, it is a means of communication, an instant messenger, which allows its users to perform more and more various actions: file sharing, video calling, voice SMS, stickers.


Analogue VatsApa with similar functionality. However, it is more often used to make calls than to exchange messages.

Viber is already starting to lose ground after the appearance of such popular means of communication or social services. networks like whatsapp.



Instagram is in eighth place, in the world it is constantly in the lead and located in the top five. This is the network that a large number of young people use. Finally, it’s possible to consider it social after the Direct-Chat with users appeared on Instagram.

Instagram gradually begins to outperform Twitter. “Insta” has everything built on the exchange of photos, Twitter - on short messages.



Twitter has strengthened enough in the post-Soviet space, but is beginning to give way to the popularity of Instagram, which is still winning new users. The monthly audience is 7.7 million people.

In Twitter, the main thing are small notes about their lives, which users share with each other. Naturally, the creators did not stop at this and added many more different possibilities: chat, the ability to post videos and photos, likes and repost - by making Twitter a full-fledged social. network.

Facebook messenger

The Facebook messenger also cannot be viewed as a separate social network. This application allows you to chat with your friends.

However, despite this, Facebook Messenger was in the top ten most popular networks. The messenger has an arsenal of possibilities similar to Viber and VotsApp.

How are things going abroad

Here is a list of the most popular social networks in the world:

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Whatsapp
  4. Facebook messenger
  5. QQ
  6. WeChat
  7. Qzone
  8. Tumblr
  9. Instagram
  10. Twitter



YouTube is also familiar to the Russian user, but in the world it is displayed in second place, moreover, as one of the most popular soc. networks. The site is viewed daily billions of videos, and the number of accounts is 1.3 billion.

Well, maybe in a few years YouTube will become just as popular with us. The service at the moment mainly serves as a server for a huge number of videos, allowing users to create their own channels, comment on each other, put “likes” or “dislikes”.



Tumbler appeared in Russia relatively recently and is just beginning to gain its popularity. While in the rest of the world he is already in the top ten. Its monthly audience is 555 million people.

This network is mainly used by young people. In it, you can share various multimedia content. At the same time, developers are trying to follow its uniqueness.

QQ and QZONE services are known primarily in Asia. This is the instant messenger and social network, respectively. It is unlikely that you go to them and find your friends there.

So, as you can see, in 2016, the lists of the most popular networks overlap in part. And let them not merge at all, but it is clear that everywhere people follow the path of instant messengers and specialized applications to discard the superfluous. Although the tops still occupy the traditional social networks.