Why do you need Wi-Fi Analyzer

If you have a Wi-Fi router installed at home, you must have wondered why the signal level is constantly changing, and why the Internet works better in one part of the apartment than in the other. All these questions can be answered with the help of special software that will be useful to have on hand for each user. One of these programs is the Wi-Fi Analyzer. In this article we will take a detailed look at what a Wi-Fi Analyzer is and how to use it. Let's figure it out. Go!

Wi-Fi Analyzer allows you to accurately determine the signal quality in different parts of the room, and find free and busy channels. The utility is available for both Windows and Android. Using the analyzer on a smartphone is especially convenient, since it doesn’t make it difficult to navigate indoors when checking the reception quality at certain points.

We now turn to how to use the analyzer. On the main utility screen, there is a graph by which you can determine which channels a particular network occupies. As a rule, several networks are displayed at once - directly yours and neighboring ones. Be sure to pay attention to how many networks occupy a certain range of channels. The more of them, the more likely there will be failures in the work of the Internet and other problems associated with the reception. Having identified the most free channels, you can reconfigure the router to them, thereby making the signal more reliable and stable.

Wi-Fi Analyzer window

In addition, the utility allows you to view the rating of channels that are most appropriate to use. Also, the program is very convenient to check the reception level. First you need to select the wireless network for which the scan will be performed, and then you can start moving around the room in search of better signal quality.

Wi-Fi Analyzer, among other things, can still be used to select network passwords. So, if you are interested, you can try. But keep in mind that you will also need a special application WIBR, designed to crack the passwords themselves. WIBR has the ability to connect your own dictionaries and much more.

In general, the interface of this utility will be simple and clear to any user. Be sure to download Analyzer for yourself, having such a utility on your computer never hurts. Write in the comments if this article helped you, tell other users about your experience of using this program, and ask any questions you may have about the topic discussed.