Adding and deleting contacts in whatsapp


Dear readers, today we will consider several questions: how to remove a contact from WhatsApp, how to add and block it. There will also be a case where you are a blocked subscriber from someone else. But first, you will need to refresh your memory a little, or learn for the first time about how users appear in Vatsap. In fact, everything is very simple: the program automatically synchronizes with the address book in the phone and shows you only those subscribers who have an authorized utility for exchanging fast messages over the network. That is, if your friend has not installed and registered the Vatsap application, it will not appear in the list of users of the application.

Whatsapp on phone

How to add or remove

From the above, you learned how contacts appear in WhatsApp. But what if you need to add a new one? Or remove someone? This is all done very simply:

  • You can add a subscriber to your phonebook on the device in a standard way. If this person is registered in the WhatsApp program on his device, he will appear in the lists. Otherwise, you can send him an invitation to install this software.
  • The same procedure can be done in the Vatsap application itself. For example, in the program on the iPhone you will need to select the “Contacts” tab located in the middle of the lower menu bar, then press the plus button in the upper right corner. Fill in all the required fields and save the subscriber.

Adding contacts to whatsapp on iphone

  • On Android devices, you need to do the same. The only exception is the location of the tab: it is located in the upper bar.

Adding to Android

  • In order to remove a contact from WhatsApp, you will need to erase this person from the address book on your smartphone. Only in this case, it will disappear from the list of contacts in the program. In the client itself, you can not do this.

Number lock

Now let's discuss how to block a contact in WhatsApp. This is done through the application itself, so to get started, launch it using the shortcut on the desktop of your device. If you are using an Apple iPhone, enter the contacts tab, as in the second paragraph of the previous block. Select the desired subscriber and click on it with your finger once. This will take you to the user’s page. Scroll to the bottom and tap the button "Block contact". Confirm the action to be taken, if necessary.

Uninstall on iPhone

On Android smartphones, the process is different:

  • Go to the menu (three points in the top bar of the tabs), then open the settings of the messenger.

Click on Settings

  • And click on the item "Privacy".

Click on Privacy

  • Here we will need to click on "Blocked" and select the button with the image of the plus sign and the little man located in the upper right corner. Next, from the address book, specify the people you want to blacklist.

Many are tormented by this question: how do you know or understand what have blocked you in WhatsApp? According to the terms and privacy policy of the developers of this messenger, you can not immediately understand that this or that person has blocked you. And the more you can not just see the list of those people who have blacklisted you. However, there are several criteria by which this can be determined:

  1. It is not possible to call any particular person using the call function via the instant messenger.
  2. User does not read your posts. That is, they do not reach it, which is indicated by one tick next to your message. If there are two, then you this subscriber is not included in the black list.
  3. You can not see that the client has changed his picture: you will always be old.

Please note that these criteria do not always reflect the truth. It may be that your partner simply does not run the program. For verification, you can send him a message from another number and see if it reaches him. Also see the shipping report, try to call. These actions will help you more accurately determine whether you are blocked or not.


Now you know not only how to add a person to WhatsApp, but also the process of its removal and blocking. Examples were considered for the application on the iPhone and on devices running the Android operating system. Friends, did you manage to do everything? We share the work done in the comments!