Correct installation of the application on Android via computer

Sometimes, using a smartphone, it is not possible to create a high-speed internet connection, but you need to download some game or something else. Therefore, it is worth knowing how to install the program from a computer on Android.

Downloaded applications through the computer are easy to install on your Android phone

It happens that through a PC it is much easier to accomplish. Moreover, some additions in the official Google Play store for some reason do not want to install and download them from a computer, and then it will be much easier to transfer them to the device. This can be done in a few simple steps.

Change device settings

On some Android devices, it is impossible to simply transfer software from a computer and install them. Before that, you need to allow the device to install from unidentified sources:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Find the item "Applications".
  3. We find and put a tick on the item, which will be called something like this: “Unknown sources” - on different versions of Android will look different, but the value remains the same.

Allow other sources to install apps on your device.

Download on PC

Files that are for the Android OS application installers, have the extension apk. It is this installer that you need to download if you want to use any software downloaded from a computer.

You can find them both in the web version of Google Play (the official Android application store), and on the websites of various programs that offer the Android version of their product. If you are interested in a particular game or utility, then the best solution would be to visit the developer’s website and download the latest version there: on Google Play, there are sometimes problems downloading some add-ons.

Download apk file from google play or developer website

We throw the installer

Now you need to transfer the file with the apk extension to your device. You can do this in several ways: using Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, or upload via SD-card.

Choose the two most common ones: let's transfer the installer via USB and via SD-card. It is much easier, however, many use just these methods.


To do this, simply connect the Android-device to the PC via USB-cable. Then we allow file sharing. After that, from a computer, you can view all the data from the Android system, as well as add your own.

Allow file sharing between phone and computer

Now we simply transfer the file with the apk extension to one of the folders in the system directory. It is better to choose a folder that you then easily find, for example, “Downloads / Downloads”.

Memory card

Through the SD card to transfer the installer is also easy. To do this, simply connect it to a laptop through a card reader or a special adapter.

If you have previously used the SD card as a data store in an Android tablet or smartphone, then you will see the already created directory of Android folders. Then just throw the installer in the same way as described above.

Transfer the installer to the folder directory Android

If you have just purchased an SD card or used it somewhere else, then simply dump the apk-file from the computer at a convenient location for us. Then connect the card to Android. After that, it remains only to install.

By the way, install add-ons to your device on a memory card in this way will not work. As a result, it will still be located in the memory of the gadget. If you want to transfer part of the software to external memory, you need to find all the programs that can be placed on the map in the “Applications” section in the “Applications” section. You can do this by opening the tab relating to the removable drive. In the same place, you can transfer what you need to a removable storage device.

Run the installer

So, we managed to move the file to be installed in the Android device. Now you need to run it so that we can get a game, client or utility ready for work.

You can do this using the file manager. As a rule, such a utility is already installed in the system. For example, ES Explorer or Total Commander.

Using the file manager, we find the installer where we moved it, and launch it. Android applications are usually installed fairly quickly.

We hope our tips helped you to install applications on Android through a computer

As you can see, installing software on Android using a computer is quite easy. This can be performed using a standard USB cable or SD card, as well as a file manager.