Errors when working with Qiwi: QWPRC codes, their interpretation and troubleshooting options

In modern times, at the peak of the development of computer technology, electronic payment systems have become particularly popular among consumers. Consumer choice is focused on changing the usual wallet or card with a more convenient, variable and multi-functional online wallet, the option of which includes keeping personal money, the ability to pay for services of a different nature and purpose. One of the most popular Internet systems is the Qiwi payment structure, which allows for a variety of payments. The Qiwi system is characterized as one of the most user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, however, during its operation, as in the case of other Internet services, there are sometimes technical problems that require immediate solutions, since failures can precede financial category losses. Consider the most frequently occurring errors in the Kiwi system, as well as the reasons for their occurrence and options for eliminating

Solving technical errors when working with the Qiwi payment system.

Features of Qiwi system and error verification

Payment, electronic system Qiwi: to start its operation, you just need to download the conditional application, install it on a computer or mobile device, register and use the services at the proper level. The system, unlike the analog ones, has a multi-level protection that guarantees security from unauthorized money withdrawals and data confidentiality, allows replenishing the wallet through terminals, is characterized by a low commission charge for services, and in some cases an absolute absence of fees for payments.

In general, the system can be called ideal if, although infrequent, the occurrence of errors inherent in some cases. The account developers have taken care of this problem on a technical level, having turned into reality an innovative error encryption system, identified by QWPRC codes, with digital symbols, which allow the user to quickly determine the cause of the failure. Knowing the interpretation of the error code, the user will be able to quickly and correctly resolve the problem, which will contribute to the possibility of bringing the transaction to the desired, logical result.

Common errors and features of their elimination

Methodology, how to correct the error that appeared when making a monetary transaction, varies depending on the criterion, what inscription on the screen the consumer contemplates, namely, the digital code QWPRC. Consider troubleshooting options based on the type of error found.

Account lock

One of the most difficult to solve is a system malfunction having an error code QWPRC 1021. The problem is categorized as appearing when the wallet owner attempts to pay for services or when transferring funds to a certain account. A window with the inscription “Error QWPRC 1021: restriction on outgoing payments” appears, which prohibits execution of the transaction. Technologists explain the appearance of the notice 1021 by protecting the account holder’s finances from unauthorized interference by fraudsters, however, often the reasons are of a different origin:

  1. Exceeding the amount of the limit possible to complete the transaction. Often, this problem occurs with the purse owners, with the “Minimum” tariff plan, which is solved by reducing the amount of transfer or changing the status to the optimal one for the user, with an increase in the limit criteria.
  2. The appearance of doubts among the employees of the structure regarding the legality of the origin of the finances available on the account. In this case, the questions on what to do, how to get around the ban on outgoing payments with code 1021 can only be answered correctly by the system provider that you need to contact to solve the problem. The procedure consists in passing the re-identification by the account holder and providing the employees with a system of documents confirming the legality of the origin of money.
  3. The QWPRC 1021 code in Qiwi may appear when trying to transfer money from an item where the Qiwi wallet is not authorized for use. In such a situation, the error will disappear when the client's location changes, returning him to the country where such operations are authorized at the state level. Sometimes a similar reason can be identified by the system as a QWPRC 1018 error.
  4. Gross violations by the user of the terms of the contract signed during verification in the system.

In all these cases, blocking Qiwi, as evidenced by the appearance of a window with the error code QWPRC 1021, which means that a financial transaction is inadmissible, can be done both by the financial operator and the system itself in an automatic way. The restriction on conducting transactions in the Qiwi system, which has the error code QWPRC 1021, provides for the following procedure for unblocking an account:

  1. Write a message to Customer Service, with a description of the problem.
  2. After the client has written the message, he will receive a notification in the mail, with detailed instructions on what to do next. Most often, the organization requires the owner of the wallet to confirm the ownership of the account, which is a contract concluded with the operator. If there is no such document, then write a statement about the loss of the contract, with a request to restore it.
  3. Together with the application, the client will be required to submit all documents proving his identity, as well as information explaining the origin of the funds and their purpose.

The procedure for solving an error with the QWPRC code 1021 may take a short period of time or several weeks, depending on the complexity of the problem. When unblocking an account, bankers warn customers against asking third parties who “promise” for an additional payment to remove the QWPRC 1021 restriction from the client’s current account of the banking structure: it is recommended that experts solve the unlocking issue only through cooperation with official representatives of the system.

Technical system or server malfunctions

Less problematic in terms of the decision criteria are situations associated with server failures of a bank service representative, or factors triggered by user browser failures, lack of communication, and other technical nuances. Often, to correct an error of a contingent nature, to return access to operations, it is enough for the consumer to wait a while and repeat the attempt to conduct the transaction again.

For example, the QWPRC 300 error code often indicates that it is impossible to conduct a transaction at the time the client tries to use the service. This malfunction is positioned by the developers as a “technical error”; in order to carry out the operation, it is enough for the consumer to log out of the system, followed by re-entering, making a payment or replenishing the card. If the problem is not removed if you try to perform the operation again, an error with the cipher 300 appears on the screen, you can try to fix the problem by changing the browser.

Payment error with the QWPRC code 7602 is also due to technical problems in the payment structure, namely, the system’s inability to identify the card number or the electronic account. In this case, the developers recommend trying to use the virtual capabilities of the system, or try to carry out the operation after a certain time. Cipher 7000 may appear when the need to restore the financial system, makes it impossible to perform transactions at a certain moment.

A common technical category error is a malfunction having the QWPRC 7100 code, which appears when the wallet owner tries to make a “large” money transfer, and sometimes even in situations where the user does not exceed the limit specified in the contract, it fails. It is possible to eliminate the failure with the QWPRC 7100 cipher by performing the operation later, or by breaking the amount into several parts. The error with the code 705, indicating the excess of the monthly limit for transfers established by the system and approved in the contract, also belongs to this category of faults. The problem is solved by increasing the limit by changing the status of the client in the system.

Error code 7700 rarely appears as a technical failure, however, its occurrence indicates a blocking of the provider whose services are used by the account holder. In this case, possible solutions to the problem include changing the provider, trying to conduct a transaction using a different Internet hosting service, or contacting the financial structure to unlock the service. Error 780 also indicates that the payment is impossible, and the reason for the occurrence of a failure with a conditional cipher is the blocking of the account by the service representative due to the frequent replenishment of one card from different wallets. To remove the restriction of this kind on transactions has legal sanctions exclusively representative services, when the client applies to the financial structure.

There are frequent situations when a system malfunction is due to the usual human factor, namely the carelessness of the owner of a Qiwi wallet, with the subsequent incorrectness of data entry. A good example of a mistake of this kind is a notice with the QWPRC 319 cipher. The appearance of such a message is preceded by incorrect filling of the payment document, entering incorrect data of the recipient or sender of funds, as well as insufficient amount of money in the account to perform the required transaction: for example, the client could not specify calculate commission payments for services or make a mistake when entering numbers. Such a problem is solved by checking the correctness of the entered data, with parallel error correction.

Useful tips

Any of the situations described in the article may result either from technical or economic problems, or from the incorrect operation of a user's computer or mobile device, browser, or other subjective reasons. Before taking drastic measures to eliminate the failure of Qiwi, contact the support service for help, you should perform the following steps:

  1. Try restarting the browser, or use a different browser, restart the computer or mobile device, and then retry the transaction.
  2. Clean up the browser from garbage, in the form of cached files, update the system, check the laptop or device for viruses.
  3. Try to reclassify status in Qiwi higher in rank.
  4. Wait a few hours and then try to perform the operation again.


This article contains errors that often occur in the Qiwi payment system, which may be the result of technical malfunctions from both the user and the service provider, or may be the result of incorrect actions of the account holder. Following the described recommendations, with reference to each of the codes, problems with translation should be eliminated. If the actions performed did not produce the desired result, and the message prohibiting the transaction does not disappear for a long time, contact the support service, where the specialists can analyze the account, identify the exact cause of the precedent and help solve the problem.