Error Warning LNB Short when connecting a digital receiver to a TV: causes and solutions

Television for several decades as a non-replaceable, indispensable device, operated in the household of every person. For a complex and long evolutionary period, TV has changed not only the appearance of televisions, their technical characteristics and the number of programs available for viewing, but also the quality of the television broadcasting itself. At present, modern analogue channels have been replaced by modernized digital broadcasting technology, which is characterized by improved image quality, excellent sound, and the absence of interruptions in signal loss and other unforeseen precedents that interfere with watching your favorite programs. A digital signal is provided through the acquisition of an ultramodern TV with a built-in port for a digital card or, more conveniently for ordinary users, by purchasing additional equipment to an existing television in the house - a receiver. Digital set-top boxes, regardless of the manufacturer’s company and technical features, are often easily connected to the TV, however, sometimes users have difficulty synchronizing devices, one of which is the Warning LNB Short error. Consider in the article the main causes of the fault and options for its elimination.

Troubleshooting the Warning LNB short.

What does the notification mean?

The variety of digital set-top boxes on the modern market is quite large, and the receivers differ mainly in technical characteristics, manufacturer's company and price policy. To be able to watch TV in digital quality, some people use the services of providers that offer, for an additional charge, buy a receiver from them, install and configure it to the user. Naturally, this solution is acceptable, however, many consumers do not want to overpay for setting up the set-top box: synchronization is provided by simple and simple connection of the device to the TV, and manufacturers indicate the possibility of self-tuning the receiver.

Often, when performing connection manipulations, the user, even having performed all the measures according to the instructions attached to the set-top box, faces the problem of appearance on the TV of a Warning LNB Short notice, which makes it necessary to understand the causes of the malfunction to be able to watch TV channels in a specified quality. According to the literal translation, the phrase Warning LNB Short means “Closure of the receiver unit”, which requires finding the source of the circuit, followed by its elimination. There are several reasons for the Warning LNB Short error:

  1. The closure of the core wire of the cable that goes from the antenna to the receiver due to the integrity of the sheath of the wire.
  2. From the first reason the following follows: if the integrity of the cable is broken, it means that debris and moisture, affecting critically the signal, can get onto the rod that transfers power.
  3. The settings of the antenna being operated and the acquired receiver do not match, which means that it is impossible to synchronize the devices, which is manifested visually by the appearance of a conditional message on the TV display.
  4. Technical failure of the TV or purchased tuner.

Consider how to solve the problem of connecting the receiver, starting from the reasons for its occurrence.

How to troubleshoot

The question of how to remove the Warning LNB Short error is recommended by specialists from the technology industry to start with the elementary actions of checking the cable for integrity. This can be done through a thorough visual inspection of the cable coming from the antenna being operated to the receiver. It is important to carefully consider the connecting, plug-in elements, where the central core was installed and insulated. Often, when carrying out insulation actions, the contractor makes a grave mistake by allowing the metal elements of the braid to touch the central residential cable, which results in a closure, provoking the appearance of a corresponding message on the TV screen.

It is also unacceptable to get moisture or a quarrel under the insulating elements or on the butt components of the cable. If such precedents are identified, it will be necessary to re-insulate the work, with the exception of errors that provoked a precedent that makes it impossible to synchronize the devices. In a situation if the integrity of the cable is broken along the perimeter, it will be necessary to replace the wire with a new product that does not have external damage.

If checking the cable and connecting contacts with the antenna and attachment is audited and there is no doubt, the reason may be hiding in the failure of the tuner card itself, which, if not properly connected, voltage drops, ingress of moisture or debris, can burn out. The nuances of this category are almost impossible to determine visually, therefore, if there are doubts about the health of the console, you can try to connect your own tuner on obviously working equipment from acquaintances, friends or relatives. If the malfunction has not gone away, the tuner will need to be taken to a service center, where specialists will be able to diagnose the fault and repair it by repairing it, or replace the receiver according to the warranty.

The Warning LNB Short message often pops up on the TV screen due to incorrect device sync settings. Often, the nuances of the settings are spelled out in the instructions for the digital receiver, following which the user will be able to independently adjust the operation of the digital broadcast receiver. One of the most common user errors when changing settings is the choice of incorrect synchronization mode. For example, in the absence of an active antenna in a user, when cable TV acts as a broadcast, you will need to manually change the settings in automatic settings to use synchronization through the use of a passive tele-antenna. The methodology for switching modes varies on transmitters from different companies and manufacturers, so the user will need to “dig a little” in the receiver's menu and in the device manual. Often this option is located in the paragraphs mode or is registered as a power off position at the antenna output.

Sometimes, to eliminate the inscription on the Warning LNB Short screen, it is enough to simply turn off the power coming to the antenna through a specialized element, or so called, power supply. Power supplies, previously supplied with antennas, are needed only for special, designed for capturing a digital signal, devices operating from a current, the indicators of which are equal to five volts. For analogue television antennas, the use of such devices is irrelevant, and sometimes it can even harm the possibility of their transmitting the signal to the TV.


The described solutions to the problem of the lack of contact between the antenna and the digital set-top box, which is manifested by the occurrence of the Warning LNB Short message, will help to solve the problem independently and without any problems. If the above methods did not produce the desired result, watching TV is impossible in digital quality, problems may be hidden in the technical malfunction of the TV or receiver, which only a specialist can help. Remember, in extreme cases, there is always the option of calling the master to the house: you will have to pay for the services of connecting the receiver, however, this solution always gives a one hundred percent positive result.