Proper iPhone charging

Many owners charge the device erratically. Usually they do it “on the go” as possible. Often put on the night, more than 7 hours. Let's look at how to charge the iPhone.

First charge

Despite the fact that charging the iPhone is a simple process, you should still consider some details.

The newly purchased iPhone is important to charge correctly, only then it will serve properly, for a long time. If you want to know how to properly charge the iPhone, follow the first cycle according to the instructions below.

  1. After removing the new iPhone, connect it to the charger for 3 hours.
  2. Disconnect after 100 percent, use it until the battery is completely discharged. Be sure to charge it fully.
  3. When the smartphone turns off, leave it for 2 hours, do not use it.
  4. Next, you need to re-charge up to 100%, during the process, do not use the device.

Night charge

Let's take a look at what happens with a smartphone when you connect it to a power adapter. The process of all modern gadgets is controlled by a built-in module - a charging controller. It helps to charge the smartphone for the maximum possible, moreover, a reasonable time. He does not allow the battery to recharge. Here it is necessary to take into account that 80% is charged quickly, using the maximum possible current strength; the remaining 20% ​​at a slow pace, reducing the amperage to prolong battery life.

When the process is complete, the controller turns off the power supply. The battery does not transfer the charge, remaining inactive, and does not lose it. They say: after 100% cyclic charging / discharging occurs, but this is not true, because then wear would be faster.

It is also known that all batteries are subject to self-discharge when there is no connection to power sources. Self-discharge rate for lithium-polymer batteries is 5% per month. The controller checks the residual stock, when the loss is significant, the process begins anew. It resumes with a loss of 2%, i.e., about once every two weeks. When leaving the gadget connected to a power source, it will be charged 1-2 times in a month.

Consequently, when leaving the phone connected for the night, there is no harm to it.

Power adapters

All Apple adapters give a voltage of 5 V, differ in amperage, power.

A standard power supply of 1 A (ampere), 5 W (watts) performs a full charge of the phone in about an hour and a half.

Consider the question: is it allowed for iPhone to use a power adapter designed for iPad? The official website of Apple says: iPad adapter can charge models of iPod, iPhone. The power controller regulates what current will be taken by the gadget battery. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, iPad devices do not harm the iPhone.

The statement that charging an iPad speeds up the process of charging a smartphone is also incorrect. Only the 6th generation of gadgets has been taught the accelerated process, previous generations do not have this ability.

Chinese adapters

Considering how to charge the iPhone, do not forget to take into account the country of manufacture of the adapter.

We do not recommend using Chinese devices. The quality of all is doubtful, the characteristics do not correspond to the declared by the manufacturer.

Car devices

It is also not recommended to use car adapters to charge the iPhone. They will not protect the phone from electricity surges. The power controller will be damaged due to the instability of the amperage, voltage of automotive electrical networks.

When the phone stops charging even from the original cable, the process takes too long, not completely, which means that the power controller is corrupted, which is more often the fault of car devices.

Long storage

When it is necessary to leave iPhone for a long time, be sure to follow these steps.

  • Charge the device by 50%. Fully charging the battery will cause the loss of part of the battery capacity. Fully discharged, it will go into a state of deep discharge.
  • Be sure to turn off the iPhone.
  • Place it in a dry place with a temperature not higher than 32 ° C.
  • Recharge the iPhone every six months and up to 50%.

Charging rules

Special rules, how to charge the iPhone, of course, no. The power controller successfully protects the iPhone if it is handled incorrectly. Do not use dubious devices, and you can charge your iPhone as you like.

The above tips will prompt the right decisions in different situations. You can connect the power to your smartphone, without fear of damaging it.