Installing two identical applications on Android: ways and practical benefits

Many users of mobile gadgets (smartphones and tablets) are faced with the fact that they are simply not enough of a single instance of any software. This problem is especially relevant for users who use several SIM-cards or several accounts in social networks or game clients. Earlier (about 10 years ago) this issue was resolved quite banal - this is the acquisition of another device. Subsequently, when smartphones with two or more SIM-cards began to be mass produced, software developers rushed to occupy this niche, but for some reason this software, which would allow installing several identical applications on Android devices, did not receive proper distribution . Currently, manufacturers of mobile gadgets have begun to introduce such functionality into stock firmware, making life much easier for all users. And it is about this functionality and will be discussed further.

The method of installing two identical applications on Android.

How to clone an application

One of these developers, in time to hurry up, became the world famous brand "Xiaomi" with their managed shell "MIUI". On the devices of this brand to create a copy of any application is not difficult, all this is provided within the shell and is done in just a few steps, namely:

  • Open the “Settings” section and scroll down to the “Applications” category.
  • Tap on the line "Application Cloning".

  • You will see a list with all the software options for which this functionality is available.
  • In order to create a "Clone", you need to move the switch to the right, and the system will automatically create a copy and place the icon in the free area of ​​the desktop.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in this issue. The main thing is to understand that in order for the copy to work properly, a certain free storage space is required. Also it is worth considering that the created clones for their operation may require the presence of various support services, for example, “Google Services Framework”, which are also subject to cloning. In the settings of this functionality, you can install which applications should be copied by default, how and with what to synchronize accounts, and you can also read the privacy policy. Thanks to the developers. It is convenient, affordable and extremely useful.

Third party software

For users who have gadgets from another manufacturer, it remains to rely on third-party software that can be purchased for free at the Google Play store. It would not be superfluous to note that the functionality offered by them is still more diverse than that realized through the standard features of the MIUI managed shell. Therefore, the material described below will also be useful for users / lovers of Xiaomi products. So, the considered software product can be found by the name “App Cloner” with an average rating of “4.3” points and with more than 500.000 downloads.

Unlike many other alternatives, App Cloner is not required for its work to get root-rights, which can be called a significant advantage relative to competitors. As mentioned earlier, this option has several more features than were described above, for example:

  • Changing the name of the shortcut and setting the icon itself (flip, rotate).
  • Set passwords on the created "clones".
  • Set restrictions on access to contacts for created copies.
  • Stable work with most of the existing game accounts.

App Cloner is as easy to use as all available options are on the main screen, and to create a copy, all you need to do is to select the desired application and click on the Clon button.

Practical testing did not reveal any significant problems, other than those already known, including those known and announced by the developers themselves, namely:

  • App Cloner does not know how to work with WhatsApp messenger (in the free version), with the business version of Skype, as well as with many services from Google.
  • Backup via Google account functionality is not available.

In addition, for this software, you can purchase a paid enhanced version, which opens up even more different parameters, including batch cloning, creating more than one copy, transferring data to external media, etc. For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that all these The positive aspects of the free version for many are leveled by one fact - this is an abundance of advertising. Indeed, when testing this software, such problems were identified, advertising is intrusive and appears quite often, which is distracting and to some extent extremely annoying. Therefore, despite the extensive functionality, preference is given to the standard means of the MIUI managed shell.


As you can see, a question that previously seemed an impossible dream is now resolved in an extremely simple way. And the last thing worth noting is the lack of similar options for owners of Apple products, where a jailbreak is required to create a copy, as well as a number of other (not always completely legal) tweaks.