Error 1935 when installing Microsoft Office: reasons and solution

There are many different nuances in the process of upgrading the operating system and any other software. Taking such nuances into account is necessary in order for the actual result of an update or manual transition to a newer version of the software product to be “painless” both for the program itself and for the operating system as a whole. The software package from Microsoft has been keeping user interest beyond the reach of competitors for almost two decades. Most of the user segment “migrated” to modern versions of the office suite, dated 2019, since the 2003 version, where Service Pack 1 and Windows XP (SP1) were sufficient for work. The subsequent release of new versions of operating systems, and, consequently, versions of “Microsoft Office”, was often accompanied by the appearance of some problems with updating the software product from the 2003 version to the 2007 and 2010 versions. About one of these errors and will be discussed in this article.

Fix error 1935 when you install Microsoft Office.

Causes and Solution

So, within the framework of this topic, an error with the number “1935”, which manifested itself earlier (now it occurs in isolated cases) when installing “Microsoft Office 2007” or a version of 2010, is subject to analysis. The text explanation indicated “Error, problem during installation, loading of the assembly component”, and then event codes were given. The appearance of such an error leveled all the attempts of users to continue the installation of the office suite, which already required a significant amount of time spent, and now forced some to repeat these actions many times.

If we conduct a more detailed study of the problem, then in the event log you can find a message about the code with the number KB926804, which, as indicated by Microsoft itself, is a consequence of the incorrectly working ".NET Framework" system library. Based on this, the corrective actions for the problem are as follows:

  • Open "Start" and select the folder "System Windows".
  • Go to the "Control Panel" - "Programs and Features."
  • In the presented list, find everything that has in the name ".NET Framework".

  • Delete each of the options found.

Next, you need to visit the official Microsoft website to download the latest version of the system library - // At the end of January 2019, the version under the number "4.7" is available in mass access. Install the “.NET Framework” library using an online or web installer and restart the computer.

On this the main and only reason for the error must be eliminated. Further steps are to reinstall the office suite. It is worth noting that, for safety purposes, you should disable all anti-virus software and an active Internet connection for the duration of the installation. It is statistically noticed that these manipulations also help prevent the occurrence of an error with the number "1935".