Firmware or flashing of smartphone MTS 970

Introduction What is the firmware for?

Most users of mobile devices often do not understand what firmware or flashing is and, in fact, what is it for?

MTS 970 is a compact smartphone for simple tasks.

The fact is that the work of any smartphone, phone, tablet and other equipment is provided by special software that allows you, for example, to make calls, access the Global Network, watch your favorite movies or listen to popular music. That is, it is a kind of foundation on which all mobile software rests.

In this regard, there is a need to update this software (operating system version), which fixes some problems that were not previously identified by the company when the product is released, and also adds many interesting features. Therefore, today we will talk about how to flash or reflash the MTS 970 phone. To begin with, you should decide what specifically needs to be done:

  1. If you just want to check for available updates that MTS delivers, and, if possible, download them, then you need the paragraph “OS Update”.
  2. If you have a firmware file or you want to download and install it, then you need the “Firmware” paragraph. To reflash you need a computer or laptop with Internet access, as well as a USB cable.

OS update

So, to officially update the operating system version of the MTS 970, you need to do the following:

  1. Connect to an available wireless network (preferably with unlimited traffic).
  2. Go to the device settings (in the main menu).
  3. Now we are looking for "About the device", where there is an "Update" tab. Here we will need a tab with the name "Software Update", click the "Update" button. If your smartphone says that updates are already installed on your device, it means that there are no available firmware for your device. That is, you have the latest available operating system version installed. Otherwise, we agree to download updates and wait for it to finish.
  4. During the update, the device may restart several times. Therefore, we do not immediately panic, but simply gain patience. When everything is ready, you will see the home screen of the device. Congratulations! You successfully coped with the task.

Firmware with SP Flash Tool

  1. First, download the driver for your phone and install it on your computer.
  2. Next, download the program itself SP Flash Tool and run it. Please note that you need to unpack the archive into a separate folder, the name of which should be in English without characters, numbers and spaces.
  3. Be sure to download the firmware for your device in a separate folder on your computer or laptop. The requirements for the name of the created folder are the same as in the previous paragraph.
  4. If you have antivirus and Firewall, then disable these services, as they may adversely affect the process of flashing.
  5. Now, using the power button, turn off the MTS 970 phone. After that, we connect it to your personal computer using the original USB cable, preferably from the box of the device.
  6. We are waiting for the device to be recognized by the computer system. Only then can the Flash Tool run on behalf of the administrator on the PC.
  7. Now, in the program window, click on “Scatter-loading”, after which you will need to select a text document from the downloaded archive with the firmware (third paragraph), where the word scatter is mentioned in the file name. This will allow the utility itself to download the necessary firmware files.
  8. Now is a very important point: in order to avoid device breakdowns, you need to uncheck the PRELOADER and DSP_BL items in the program window. These are the first two tabs. Do not bypass this recommendation in any way.
  9. So, all the preparatory work ends here, and you can press a key in the top menu of the Download utility. You need to disconnect the phone from the computer, then reconnect it. After this, the process of flashing the MTS 970 smart card will begin, the completion of which will definitely have to wait. Please note that the phone is always off.
  10. Successful completion of the device firmware process will be felt with the help of a pop-up window with a green circle. Then you can disconnect the gadget from a laptop or PC, remove the battery from the MTS 970, then reinstall it, only after that you can finally turn on the device. The process of inclusion may take some time, so you need to gain strength and patience. In no case do not panic and do not try to spoil anything.


So, we have learned how to upgrade the version of the operating system and make firmware or flashing the MTS 970 phone. Now you will have the latest software that may improve the performance of your device. Do not forget to share your experience in the comments, thereby helping other users.