Features of the choice of a wireless mouse: review of the best manipulators

Computer equipment, in the form of PCs and laptops, confidently entered the everyday life of ordinary people, and, according to world trends, is only increasing its user positions. Modern devices are already hard to compare with those that were popular a few years ago, have undergone significant upgrades, are presented to the consumer in a huge range.

Technological developments related to the accessories required for the use of computer equipment, simplifying the operational capabilities of devices, are not in place. One of the upgraded, convenient and mobile accessories is the computer mouse of a wireless connection, which replaced the standard, wired “tail” predecessors. In this article we will discuss the choice of a wireless mouse for a computer or laptop, namely, the characteristics and features of the product, which should be guided in the selection, consider the best options for manipulators for different consumer purposes.

How to pick up a wireless mouse

The question of how to choose a wireless mouse only initially seems simple in the decision, however, when there is a need to buy a product of a specific class, a potential buyer faces a large-scale product range, differing not only in name and origin, but also in technical characteristics.

Such diversity makes it clear what wireless mouse is better, to determine the technical parameters of the products, affecting its operational features, so that the purchased device becomes a reliable, mobile and convenient assistant in the operation of a computer device.

Significant criteria for the selection of goods are the following characteristics:

  1. Type of connection. On sale, the most popular are accessories that synchronize with a PC or laptop, via a Bluetooth connection, when a conditioned communication module exists in a computer device. Not less reliable synchronization is provided by models that work by transmitting a signal through a USB adapter that comes bundled, inserted into an unused PC or laptop connector. Radiofrequency, induction and WI-FI transmitters are less popular.
  2. Optical or laser principle of operation. The first option relates to democratic solutions in financial terms, is suitable for work for “undemanding” users, has decent response indicators, however, is sensitive to uneven and mirror surfaces. The second option is characterized by unpretentiousness to the working surface, however, the cost of such goods is much higher. Each of the options will be a worthy solution, and the answer to the question of whether the laser or optical model will be better, is purely individual, depends on the scope of its operation and the user's consumer ambitions. Optical options will satisfy consumer needs of people using computer equipment for work purposes, as well as for solving individual tasks that are not required "jewelry" accuracy. Laser copies are an excellent choice for games, as well as for professional purposes, where responsiveness is in the first place.
  3. Frequency parameters. From the working frequency range depends on the range of the accessory, causing the range. Mice operating at a frequency of 27 megahertz, have a small range, while accessories with a frequency of 2.4 gigahertz are more powerful signal: they overcome even physical barriers, guarantee the response of a computer device to commands performed at a remote distance.
  4. Power can be provided by batteries and battery. Each of the options has both advantages and disadvantages: batteries guarantee the work of the accessory, provided that good batteries are purchased, up to a half-year period, the second option requires systematic recharging, however, it is more economical in terms of content.
  5. Dimensions and design. As for the design, here each consumer is guided by his own ambitions, and the selection of products in size should be approached more practical. For home use, it is better to buy accessories of medium and large size, while for mobile use it is more practical to choose a small mouse that can be conveniently transported in a bag or backpack.
  6. A brand is not a secondary selection criterion, as the service life often depends on the reliability of the manufacturer, the reliability and functionality of the product, the availability of a guarantee on it. It is better to purchase products in specialized stores of computer equipment, which will reduce the likelihood of purchasing fakes.

Comparing the important parameters, and determining the necessary significant criteria for individual operation, the user will be able to choose a product that does not disappoint him after purchase, will satisfy subjective requests.

Consider the options of mice in different price categories and operating areas, which, according to users and experts, are the best at the present time.

The best manipulators for games

Gamers are a special category of consumers of computer accessories that have high requirements for a conditional category of goods. The main requirements of gamers are the accuracy of work and responsiveness of the mouse.

As the best wireless mouse that satisfies the agreed criteria, the G900 accessory under the Logitech brand is positioned by professionals. This unit will satisfy even the requirements of high-ranking players with ambitious gaming ambitions: excellent sensitivity, reaching 12 thousand DPI, excellent grip, symmetry, which makes it possible to operate the accessory with any hand without errors in operation and a powerful laser sensor - these are the main advantages of the model. The G900 has virtually no flaws, with the exception of the price, which is about eleven thousand rubles per item.

The list of the best and at the same time democratic options for contactless manipulators is confidently turned on by users of Bloody Warrior RT7 from the manufacturer A4Tech: suitable for both gaming tasks and everyday functions needed by a standard PC user. The device operates from a battery, the capacity of which provides the possibility of its operation without recharging, on average, for about five days of active use. Consumers manipulator is positioned as the most reliable version of the multifunctional type at a reasonable price, ranging from two to two and a half thousand rubles.

Bloody Warrior RT7

As the most successful solution, when choosing a mouse for a gamer with a laptop, consumers position the G602 manipulator from Logitech, which has a high frequency range, an ergonomic and compact design. Gamers will appreciate the ability to capture as accurately as possible, the response speed is not more than two milliseconds, the ability to control the picture at a distance of up to three meters from the monitor. Model G602 is the best wireless mouse in the ratio of price and quality for mobile people: two powerful batteries guarantee uninterrupted work during three hundred hours of active gaming activity, and its cost does not exceed six thousand.

G602 from Logitech

The best manipulators for universal use

Versatility is another parameter that is important for the consumer, if the purchase of goods intended for diverse operation is foreseen: for a computer and a laptop, for working in the office and at home, for games and performing household tasks. The particular difficulty in choosing products of this class is due to the combination of many characteristics combined in one device.

The universal class wireless mouse rating opens the WM514 model under the Dell brand. The manipulator is perfect for both professional tasks and gaming activities; it has a stylish and at the same time strict appearance, which is acceptable for representative organizations, suitable for both left-handers and right-handers. The cost of the accessory ranges from two thousand rubles, which refers to the democratic purchase options. Autonomy of functioning is provided with two powerful batteries.


As the best, multi-purpose wireless mouse, the Logitech M720 Triathlon accessory is positioned by professionals and popular among consumers. Its rating recognition is due to its versatility, the ability to operate in parallel with three computer devices, it can be operated as a computer mouse, a convenient manipulator for working on a laptop, and mates with smart TVs. The traditional design performance is another significant advantage: the mouse will effectively fit into a sustained office interior, and is suitable for home use. Power is provided by a battery, class AA, which, according to the manufacturer’s regulations, causes a uninterrupted operation period of up to one year. The price is an average of four thousand.

Logitech M720 Triathlon

As a democratic and, at the same time, universal, the Logitech Wireless Mouse M235 is positioned by consumers. This is the best wireless model, in terms of price policy with quality characteristics: for one and a half thousand, the consumer will be able to purchase a multifunctional device suitable not only for the office or at home, but also for gaming purposes of the average level.

Logitech Wireless Mouse M235

The best wireless mouse configuration for a laptop

Owners of laptops, when deciding how to decide on a purchase option, which wireless mouse to choose, prioritize and weighty characteristics include indicators such as mobility, uptime and compactness of the accessory.

The contactless manipulator Sven LX-630 is the leader in sales among consumers of mice for laptops. Popularity brought him a budget price on the background of excellent functionality, unusual design and compactness, which is important for mobile operation. Laser specificity of operation guarantees uninterrupted and prompt response when working on any type of surface.

Sven LX-630

You can choose a wireless mouse for a laptop from the Wireless Notebook Optical product range from a reliable Microsoft manufacturer. This series is represented by several copies of accessories designed specifically for portable computer equipment. Wireless 4000, an average cost of about four thousand, is connected via a miniature USB receiver inserted into the free port of the laptop, providing a connection over a three-meter distance. The accessory is characterized by small, compact size, ease of operation, the presence of four coordinating keys, undemanding to the type of working surface, which is important for work on the road.

Wireless 4000

Completes the list of the best manipulators for a laptop computer, the M525 model from Logitech: a compact laser-type mouse, characterized by simplicity and ease of use, excellent responsiveness and excellent workmanship. The USB format receiver has how small it is, that there is no need to remove it from the socket when it is finished. Accuracy of capture, instant response to teams, along with an interesting design - these advantages allowed the model to become a leader among sales and consumer sympathies.

M525 from Logitech

Top 3 best ergonomic mouse

Ergonomic manipulators are far from the most demanded version of mice among consumers, however, those people who at least once try to work with a device of a conditioned type will never exchange it for a standard modification. The originality of the ergonomic format consists in a unique form that guarantees the “correct” position of the hand during work, from a medical position. Accordingly, even with prolonged work, the person will not feel discomfort in the joints and bends of the hand.

Opens the TOP-3 of the best wireless manipulators model L6V-00005 from the Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse series of products under the well-known brand Microsoft. This advanced mouse has a unique design that provides the natural location of the hand during operation, comfort in managing it. The advantages of users include the dynamics, sensitivity, instant response, attractive and at the same time sustained appearance, which allows the use of products in the office and at home. The cost of the goods is about three thousand, which can be attributed to a fairly affordable price for conditional quality and convenience. Power supply unit provides two standard batteries.


The Logitech M720 is another ergonomic unit that deserves the attention of consumers: the functionality is provided by a special ball located on the left side of the unit, due to which there is no need for constant movement of the manipulator with wrist load limiting. The price of the model is a little more than five thousand.

Logitech M720

Another model from Microsoft under the ARC Touch Wireless RVF-00056 label is a successful innovative solution to the ergonomic issue. The mouse perfectly combines style, uniqueness of design, decent quality indicators, excellent technical characteristics and compactness. To enable the mouse, it is necessary to bend under the shape of the hand, and for storage and disconnection it is enough to straighten it. Suitable for both home use and work on the road due to small parameters and easy storage. The cost of the model ranges from six to seven thousand.

ARC Touch Wireless RVF-00056

Best budget mouse

Price is a criterion that often determines the choice of the consumer. Many people assign a key role to the pricing policy of a product, therefore we will further present models that, despite their democratic cost, are characterized as high-quality and reliable in operation.

The ranking of the best mice of the conditioned type opens the Logitech brand, with the model M185, the cost of which varies within a thousand rubles. It is not suitable for demanding gamers, however, standard user requests will be 100% satisfied: compact, comfortable and convenient, copes with everyday tasks, has decent resolution and minimal response time, and battery life is standard for nine months. An excellent solution when you need to get a working, mobile and inexpensive manipulator.


A similar price is also on the XIAOMI Mi Wireless Mouse, which is surely included in the rating of budget goods of a specific category. The wireless mouse from the manufacturer XIAOMI is characterized as a sensitive, comfortable, multi-tasking and durable products that can force goods similar in price to the market. Its technical resolution is determined by the indicator 1200 DPI, and the charge of one battery is sufficient for active use during the year.

XIAOMI Mi Wireless Mouse

A copy of the WT425, which is sold by the well-known computer organization ASUS, is included in the ranking of the best budget manipulators due to the excellent build quality, efficiency, and the ability to switch sensitivity from one thousand to one thousand six hundred DPI, depending on the need. Its cost varies from one thousand to one thousand one hundred rubles.


The mouse is, for computer users, a daily tool whose quality of work affects the efficiency of work on a laptop. In this article, selected the best models, among which every potential buyer will be able to choose a great option for both a computer and a laptop.

Before you make a choice in favor of an accessory, carefully review the range, technical indicators of the model that you like, user reviews and expert advice. Before buying, be sure to try on how the accessory “lies” in your hand: convenience and comfort of its use depend on it.