How to use AIMP player

Surely you use special software products for each specific task, since specialized software will do much better. This principle also applies to playing audio files on a computer. In this article, we'll figure out what the Aimp program is for and how to use it. Let's get started. Go!

Information will be especially useful to those who are just mastering the PC.

The Aimp utility is a music player designed to make listening to music as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. This player is considered to be the best among all free products of this kind. Further in the article you will learn why this is so and why you should start using it.

Checkboxes can be removed if desired.

Need to start, of course, with the installation. Download Aimp is no difficulty. There are a lot of links on the Internet where you can download this player. The installation process is quite trivial and not much different from other applications. Pay attention to the choice of different modes and functions, do not just click "Next" without looking. If you do not want Yandex.Bar to get into your browser, uncheck the corresponding items. At the end, select the language / languages ​​that you want to use. After that, the installation will start, which will take place very quickly.

In the latest versions of the program, users are offered a new look.

Once in the main Aimp window, the first thing you need to do is configure, personalizing all the parameters. To open the window with settings, click on the wrench icon, which is located at the top.

You will like the flexibility and subtlety of settings

In turn, go from point to point, changing the necessary parameters. So that all the audio files are automatically launched in Aimp, go to the "File Association" section and tick all the items with birds. Click the "Activate" and "Apply" buttons to apply the changes.

A choice of several scenarios

Aimp has a very handy feature for automatically shutting down the computer, which many will like. Turning it on, you can easily fall asleep to the music, knowing that the PC will turn off on its own at a specified time. In addition, this utility allows you to listen to the radio and even record the broadcast.

Also, if you do not like the standard interface of the program, you can change it. For this there are so-called visualization. They are installed very easily and quickly. First you need to download the archive with the theme files. Then copy all the files into the AIMP3 \ Plugins folder. Start the player, and then go to the visualization window. Select the desired theme or plugin and enjoy the result.

Visualization called Analog Meter (Classic)

To update Aimp, open the settings menu and go to the "Updates" section. Next, click on the button “Check” and then “Download update”. Download the installation file using Yandex.Disk or any of the suggested downloaders. After the download is complete, run the file. Specify the path to the folder with the player, enable or disable the advanced settings, then click on the "Install" button. In the window that opens, tick the formats that the program will open automatically. After the installation is complete, you will receive an updated Aimp player.

Now you know what Aimp is, what features and functions it has, as well as how to customize it and update it. This software is much more convenient than the standard Windows player, the functionality of which is very limited. Write in the comments whether this article was useful for you and ask any questions of interest on the topic considered.