Top Anonymous Browsers

The issue of privacy in our time is more than relevant. In the wake of the struggle for the right to privacy of users, a lot of means have appeared that allow us to save data from devices to devices in different ways. Many of the services are developing even against the background of scandals and prohibitions by government departments. Personal data can be protected by various means, one of which is the use of anonymous browsers.

Protecting personal information on the network is a priority for many services. After all, we all want to maintain confidentiality, and not because we are doing something illegal (except for visiting blocked resources), but more often because of the prevention of theft of our own information from devices. Most often, it is not the fact that correspondence from the social network will open up (although some of it also), but the risk of identity theft. Many of us make purchases on the Internet, specifying the data of bank cards and other details, also keep this information in the browser for easy ordering. So, without being properly protected, there is a chance of suffering from the actions of the intruders. Among other things, conventional browsers collect information about users in order to show relevant news, relevant advertising, etc., based on preferences. Many people do not like this behavior of the programs, because the information has been collected and it’s not known how they will be used in the future, and we don’t forget about the possibility of them being received by third parties.

Mass paranoia is, or the unpleasant side of modern life, we will not climb into this jungle, but we will consider anonymous browsers for Windows 7, 8, 10, which will help us to hide the true location and provide safe surfing across the network and protection from outside interference. Information encryption technologies have reached a sufficiently high level and today it is not so difficult to achieve anonymity on the network, all the more so with a web browser.

Top 5 Anonymous Browsers

Consider the best browsers used for anonymous surfing on the Internet. They will defend your privacy, will not allow you to see what resources you visit, and track the location of your computer, which also allows you to gain access to sites blocked in your region.

Tor browser

About the browser Thor is known to everyone who has ever been interested in the issue of privacy on the network. This is an example of the most anonymous browser that supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. Tor is software that embodies second-generation onion routing technology. This system uses a chain of proxy servers and allows you to establish an anonymous network connection. There is a lot of software to use the Tor network, but still the best solution will be to use TorBrowser. Currently, the browser performance is quite good, unlike the one that was observed several years ago.

Anonymity on the Internet is due to the way information is transmitted through several Tor servers. Thus, the program allows you to visit web resources without being noticed, as well as work with content or applications that use the TCP protocol. Having installed an anonymous browser, there is no need to configure anything; all the necessary settings for the obstacle to identifying a device on the network are set by default. If you want, you can start TorBrowser from a flash drive without installing it on your computer.

Comodo IceDragon

Anonymous Comodo IceDragon browser is suitable for a computer or laptop on a Windows, Mac or Linux operating system. The browser provides good speed and security on the network, so it is great for surfing anonymously. The IceDragon browser is based on Mozilla Firefox and is compatible with all plug-ins and extensions for Firefox, plus Comodo functionality added to the available features. Among the program's features is the Siteinspector link scanning option, which allows you to check the security of web pages before the actual transition to them, the integrated Secure DNS service, which blocks websites with phishing content, shocking advertisements and viruses.

SRWare Iron

Another good and completely anonymous browser that runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android operating systems. The browser is based on the Chromium project code, on which the famous Google Chrome is based. Despite the similarity of the interface, SRWare Iron is free from the flaws present in the product from Google - it does not create a user ID and does not send the collected data to the Good Corporation. The browser supports all extensions for Chrome, so that you can use any tools for the most comfortable work, there is also an option to block ads.

Epic Privacy Browser

Simple and no-frills browser with integrated VPN and Adblock option (ad blocking), which provides users with anonymity online. The browser is built on the Chromium platform and is supported on Windows and Mac operating systems. Despite the simplicity of the product in comparison with the options considered, it is also quite functional. Epic Privacy Browser is aimed specifically at ensuring privacy, it does not support plugins, does not store history, and also blocks ads and third-party cookies.

By enabling the built-in proxy option with encryption (the VPN option will require activation), you can no longer worry about protecting your data from data collectors and other unpleasant phenomena on the network, including when using public Wi-Fi networks.

Pirate Browser

Pirate Bay's browser is used to bypass Internet blocking and protection against tracking. It is a symbiosis of Firefox Portable and Tor-client (Vidalia) with built-in tools for interacting with proxy servers. For anonymous surfing, the product is not suitable, despite the Tor in the composition, it simply gives users access to prohibited content by redirecting traffic through various sites around the world.

Which browser will work better is more a matter of personal convenience. You can protect traffic from someone else's intervention, including using special software. Some observers are completely anonymous, as those discussed above, others include a built-in function that allows switching between the two modes, while in the third confidentiality is realized by installing special extensions. The built-in VPN option, which allows you to hide your location, is available in the popular Opera browser, but with the help of extensions you can also do this in Yandex.Browser, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and others.