The best cloud storage

More recently, we carried with us flash drives with the necessary data in order to view or drop information from one device to another, and a little earlier we exchanged disks. Today, the need for physical media to transfer content to each other is completely eliminated due to the opportunities provided by cloud storage. The functionality of such services allows each user free or paid (with advanced options and cloud capacity) to have quite a few gigabytes of virtual space to store files of various formats and sizes. The storage is accessible from any device, but subject to the availability of the Internet, and you can transfer information to another user instantly. The advantages of the technology are many, and many users have already acquired their own spaces for conveniently storing information, moreover, often the cloud service is integrated with other developer services, which allows you to use a single account for all the tools available in the arsenal.

If you have not yet appreciated the advantages of such data storage and do not know which cloud storage to choose, pay attention to our rating, which contains the best options available to users today.

Top 10 best cloud storage

Services of various developers differ in functionality, but, in fact, use a similar principle of operation. The user is given a certain amount of space and all information placed in the cloud is reliably protected. Your data will be available for viewing or downloading only to those people whom you allow. The service on the device creates a folder that will be synchronized with the cloud in the network, and when the Internet is turned on, any changes in this directory will be displayed on the virtual disk. So, the data will be available from other devices, so you always have the opportunity to use the storage, whatever your location. In the case of offline work or when the application is not running, the changes you make will be saved only in a local folder. Most of the known services for user comfort integrates additional functions that allow you to perform various actions on files, such as viewing, editing them, etc.

We offer you a small review-comparison of cloud storages that have already won the love of many users and a good reputation. Thanks to the rating with the description of the functional, you can determine for yourself the best option. And so, before you the top 10 cloud services:

Google drive

None of the top best cloud storage does not do without service from the Corporation of Good, and, according to many users, is the best platform. Google Drive allows you to store data of various formats; 15 GB is provided free of charge to users, but at the same time video, low-resolution photos and small documents are not counted in the calculation of spent gigabytes in the virtual space. The amount provided is shared between Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive. If there is a desire to expand the dimensions of the available space for data, there is the possibility of buying packages with the desired volume. For example, 100 GB costs $ 1.99.

Service benefits:

  • 15 GB of free space.
  • The possibility of expanding the storage capacity up to 30 TB.
  • The maximum dimensions of the downloaded file is 5 TB.
  • Simple interface and easy navigation between services.
  • Cross-platform, mobile OS support (Android from version 4.4, iOS0 and higher).


  • Separation of free disk space into several services.


The product from the Russian developer is one of the best cloud storage, mostly it is chosen by Russian-speaking users. Yandex.Disk is notable for generously provided free space of 10 GB, a pleasant and simple interface, as well as ease of use due to integration with other services of the company. The maximum amount of data storage can be up to 1 TB, and the size of a single file should not exceed 10 GB using software and 2 GB using a browser. In this, Yandex yields to a competitor from Google, but it has other significant advantages. From 2017, you can download unlimited amounts of content from phones and tablets, besides, a big plus is support for Windows Phone, Symbian and Linux, which is not implemented by Google.

Benefits of use:

  • Free immediately available 10 GB + unlimited photo, video from a smartphone.
  • Bonuses, promotions that allow you to expand the space for free.
  • Integration with other developer services.
  • Improved security system.
  • Built-in photo editor, a utility for creating screenshots, antivirus for checking downloaded files and other useful tools.
  • Low rates for the purchase of additional space (+10 GB - 30rub., + 100GB - 80rub., + 1TB - 200rub.).
  • Cross-platform (the ability to use the service not only in the popular mobile operating systems Android and iOS, but also WindowsPhone, as well as on Linux and Symbian operating systems). cloud

No less popular than the above sites, the service provides its users with 8 GB of free space with good download speeds. There was a time when the company distributed and much more space in the cloud, so many have already managed to overclock the storage capacity and up to 100 GB, but now the newcomer registered on the service will receive only 8 GB, and the capacity can be increased only on a paid basis. Nevertheless, remains a popular platform among users, and the Russian-speaking audience comes due to the ease of navigation and the functionality of the cloud. File size should not exceed 2 GB.

Service benefits:

  • Simple interface.
  • A large number of functions (screenshoter for PC, loading photo of phone automatically and other additional tools).
  • Integration with other services.
  • Built-in antivirus.
  • Ability to add up to 4 TB cloud volume (for a fee).
  • Cross-platform support for Android and iOS mobile OS.


  • The lack of automatic resume files.
  • On older versions of Windows, the incorrect operation of the service was noted.


In the top "The best cloud data storage" it is impossible not to include the wonderful Mega service, which is distinguished by its generosity towards users and reliability. Previously, a novice could immediately get 50 GB of cloud space for free, now the system of achievements motivates to receive additional space. Everything is quite simple here: 15 GB is given immediately, 35 GB - registration bonus, 20 GB - installing the application on a PC, 15 GB - installing software on a smartphone, 10 GB - inviting users, etc. Despite the limited validity of bonuses, already uploaded files will still remain in place, while new ones cannot be added. Expanding the storage capacity to 200 GB is possible for 4.99 € / month. Receiving is available and up to 4 TB of space. The company's servers are located in New Zealand, all information in the cloud is stored in encrypted form, which is an additional advantage of the service.

Advantages of using storage:

  • Ability to get up to 50 GB for free.
  • Referral bonuses, user achievement system.
  • Data security provided by the encryption system.
  • Backup.
  • The presence of a large number of additional options (many of the tools are available with a paid subscription).
  • Russian interface.
  • Cross-platform service.


  • At times there is not the best transfer rate.


Reliable service from a Swiss developer, offering up to 20 GB for free use. 10 GB of them are provided to the user immediately, the rest are available due to the attraction of referrals and the fulfillment of other conditions. Security is given special attention. The data is transmitted to the company's servers using the TLS / SSL protocol, copied on three servers with different locations in the data center. When you subscribe to Crypto ($ 3.99) - encryption is performed on the client side, so if information protection comes first for you, the option of using this service is one of the best. You can expand the storage capacity to a maximum of 2 TB (in this case, a subscription will cost $ 7.99).

Benefits of pCloud:

  • 20 GB free space (10 GB + 10 GB).
  • High level of reliability.
  • Data confidentiality.
  • Russian interface.
  • Support for various devices and operating systems (including Linux).


The service enjoys considerable popularity, despite its small generosity of the initially free space provided (only 2 GB, which by today's standards is very meager). At the same time, it will not be necessary to suffer for a long time to increase the storage capacity, if you try a little, you can receive up to 16 GB for free. Thanks to the cooperation of the service with other web resources and the use of various actions, it is possible to disperse the dimensions of the cloud very quickly.


  • The possibility of increasing the storage capacity up to 16 GB using the referral program and other conditions.
  • Perfectly implemented synchronization.
  • Fast download.
  • File storage using 256-bit AES encryption, and SSL for data transfer.
  • Office 365 integration
  • Data recovery option, save versions of data.
  • Setting data access levels, the ability to control.
  • Access links with password, time limit.


  • A small amount of space provided initially.
  • Data privacy is in doubt (helps BoxCryptor, encrypting data on the device before the process of synchronization with the cloud).


Microsoft's service is an old-timer among cloud storages, he is more than 10 years old. OneDrive provides 5 GB for free, which is a bit compared to other platforms, but it also has its fans (users who make friends with the product until 2016 have 15 GB of free space available). The usability of the cloud is the ability to create and edit Microsoft Office documents, as well as save them to the storage. As for data security, the service cannot be called the best in this regard, but for frequent work with documents and transferring them to other OneDrive users is a great option.

Advantages of using the cloud:

  • For Windows, the product is already pre-installed.
  • Office 365 integration
  • Creating and editing documents is available from the browser and saved in the cloud.
  • The ability to conduct simultaneous work with documents online.
  • The maximum file size is 10 GB.
  • You can enlarge the spaces to 5 TB (paid subscription for 5 people).
  • Android OS support from version 4.0, iOS from 9.0, WindowsPhone 7/8, SymbianBelle and MeeGo 1.2.


  • Access to documents is also available when using other services, which, plus this, offer much more features.
  • Doubtful data security.

iCloud drive

For owners of Apple devices iCloud just a godsend. Free 5 GB of space is available, you can expand the volume up to 2 TB, while paying for "space rental" $ 9.99. The purpose of the service is to create backup copies of “apples” and it was previously available for work on devices running iOS. Now there are versions for Windows and for the browser.


  • The application is integrated into all Apple devices.
  • Backup.
  • Synchronize data between different devices.
  • Two-level encryption system. Files are encrypted using 128-bit AES encryption, and SSL for transmission.
  • Family access service for up to 6 users.


  • The product is intended only to work in the ecosystem of Apple, there is no possibility of use in Android and Linux.
  • Availability of minimum system requirements for operation.
  • The transfer rate is not always happy.


Another old-timer in our rating, at one time re-trained from the file hosting service to the cloud service. MediaFire is adapted for storing and sharing media files. It is possible to expand the volume up to 1 TB, and also to get additional opportunities by buying a package for $ 2.49 / month, more than 100 TB is available for $ 24.99 / month.


  • 10 free gigabytes.
  • Convenient interface, ease of working with the platform.
  • Paid packages provide the ability to direct links to files, disable promotional offers available to download items up to 20 GB.
  • Support Android, iOS, web version.


  • Poor functionality.
  • No applications for Windows, Linux, Mac.
  • The presence of advertising (you can remove by buying a subscription).

Baidu Cloud

Perhaps for the Russian-speaking audience the use of this product will not be very convenient. Under the domestic consumer, the Chinese Baidu Cloud is clearly not sharpened, but if you look at it from the other side, then for the sake of a free terabyte it is possible to overcome the language barrier.

The main advantage is the possibility of obtaining 1 TB for free, and for this it is worthwhile to build on the registration and installation of the application on the device (this is the condition for receiving 1 TB, 5 GB is provided during registration). Going into the study of language for this is not necessary, the infa on the account is available on the network.

Underwater rocks:

  • Identification by SMS message to a phone number for a domestic consumer is possible only from rented numbers. From the servers of the Middle Kingdom on the Russian, Belarusian or Ukrainian numbers do not come.
  • Registration for individual addresses of postal services is impossible (for example, Google or Yandex).

So if you have big requests in terms of volume, you don’t want to pay monthly or annually a subscription, and are not afraid of difficulties, then BaiduCloud is just perfect.


The top cloud storage includes only the best services that have won the trust of users. The choice is always yours, because everyone has different requirements, and the question of convenience is ambiguous. If you use email, search engine and other services from Google or Yandex, of course the most profitable solution will be to use an integrated cloud. This simplifies navigation and eliminates the need for separate registration. If you need a large space to store your files and do not want to pay for a subscription, then depending on the scale of the requests, Mega or Baidu would be best.

In a good way, the simultaneous use of several products from different developers is possible and this is practiced quite often, so it’s not necessary to choose a single service. If there is a need to use different sites for their needs, then why not organize the work, while not spending money.