Correction of the error “Invalid session, try restarting the game”

This error occurs in new versions of the popular game Minecraft. Most often this happens with those who use hacked copies, but sometimes with owners of paid software. When you select "world" and try to load it, a window appears with a message about the failure. Contrary to the advice contained in the text of the error notification, restarting the game does not change anything. Read further what can be done in this case.

Fixed launch of the game Minecraft.

What caused the error

By and large, the login error with the explanation “Invalid session, try to restart the game” is provoked by the developers themselves, who wished to protect their commercial rights from intruders and increased the verification of the rights of authorized users. It was easy, because the game involves connecting to the Internet and using a common server. Sometimes there are other circumstances behind the problem:

  • the game is not updated on time;
  • the distribution does not contain the necessary elements (if you downloaded it from a dubious source);
  • launcher can not correctly display the contents of the game.

Of course, you will simplify your task if you try to upgrade to the paid version, because, for any problem, this gives you the right to get help from the support service and not worry about the solution. But if you do not have such an opportunity, read on.

What to do with the "invalid session" error

First of all, try to neutralize the verification of your account. For this:

  1. Remember where you downloaded the server, and open the root folder.
  2. Open it and find the component that you want to copy.
  3. Now open Notepad and press Ctrl + V.
  4. In the text you will see the word "true", referring to the Online-Mode - erase it and write "false."

With the server recommended by developers, this focus is not always possible. Also, if there is an error marked “Invalid session, try to restart the game”, you can try to create a personal server and invite gamemates. For this:

  1. Download any ready-made server file (just get some positive feedback from other gamers to avoid confusion and read the PC requirements and game versions).
  2. Save it to a folder and remember its name and location.
  3. Open the folder, and transfer the contents of the properties file to Notepad.
  4. Set the following settings:
    • allow-nether - you can leave it as is (TRUE or FALSE) - by selecting a value, you allow or deny the portal to hell;
    • level-name - enter the name of the “world” you created;
    • allow-flight - select TRUE or FALSE to control the possibility of flight;
    • server-port - specify the port through which the server is available (5 digits);
    • level-type - select the appearance of your "world" (DEFAULT - standard, FLAT - flattened, LARGEBIOMES - extended "natural zones" in the game);
    • enable-rcon - select whether or not to allow access to your server for other players (TRUE, yes, FALSE — no);
    • Level-seed — Enter a character-numeric value to generate “peace.” If you do not install it, it will be created randomly;
    • server-ip - write the IP of your device;
    • max-build-height — specify how far the height of the objects in your “world” will reach (the limit is 272);
    • spawn-npcs - choose whether you want to see random characters (TRUE - yes, FALSE - no);
    • white-list - disable this option with FALSE, so as not to have difficulty adding players;
    • spawn-animals - indicate whether you want to see animals in your “world” (TRUE - yes, FALSE - no;
    • texture-pack - specify additional textures if you want;
    • online-mode - this parameter is already familiar to us, and it is better to turn it off so that it is not revealed that your game does not have a license;
    • pvp - indicate whether you want your characters to fight with the characters of other gamers (TRUE - yes, FALSE - no);
    • difficulty - select the level of difficulty (from 0 to 3, the higher the number, the more difficult the game);
    • gamemode - choose what you want to do in the game (0 - survive; 1 - create, build, creative; 2 - look for adventure);
    • max-players - enter the maximum number of people for a one-time multiplayer game (up to a thousand);
    • spawn-monsters - indicate whether you want to see monsters in your game (TRUE - yes, FALSE - no);
    • generate-structures - indicate whether you want to retain the ability to erect buildings (TRUE, yes, FALSE, no);
    • view-distance - indicate how wide the horizon will be (up to 10);
    • motd - write the name of your server.

And remember that to add a player you need to give him the IP address of your device. If you initiate an addition yourself, the player must be online.