Proper spelling of email address

Nowadays, no one can do without e-mail. Communication over the network has become widespread. Many issues - both business and personal - are solved in this way. It is convenient, fast and does not require much effort. This method of information exchange is available for each user who has a computer and the Internet. Therefore, it is important to know what an email address is and how to write it correctly. Thanks to this service, you can quickly communicate with someone, send important documents or simply communicate with someone who is far from you.

We will tell you how to become the owner of a mailbox on the Internet.

About email

Electronic Mail (e-mail) services are used everywhere. Each organization or institution along with other contacts is always listed and an email address. It should be at any PC user. Without it, it is impossible to register on sites, subscribe to newsletters, get access to closed resources and forums. It is also necessary for the work of some programs.

This distribution of e-mail is due to the fact that the services for sending messages are accessible and understandable to everyone. They appeared a long time ago, but still remain relevant. Email does not need a powerful computer or fast internet. There are many different sites where you can register it. Everyone has a different interface and functionality, so there are options for every taste. If you do not like online services, install special utilities on your computer - email clients.

E-mail address is unique for each user. It's like a phone number or an index - no two are alike.

You can send messages of any length, add attachments to them: files, pictures, documents. Such a letter will be delivered instantly. Most e-mail services have a huge tool for text formatting. Different fonts, styles, colors, background insertion, drawings are available. You can send a real greeting card. And the recipient will see it on the same day.

What does an e-mail address consist of?

E-mail has a clear structure and is formed in a certain way. It consists of several elements. The elements themselves may differ, but they must be written in Latin letters. You can use numbers, punctuation marks and some other characters. This is a common standard. Here is the email address: " ". Let us examine in more detail each part of the address.

E-mail address structure is not that complicated.

  • Login. This is your username or nickname. A unique identifier by which the system of receiving and sending messages will calculate that this is your e-mail. You have to invent it yourself. It can be anything, as long as it does not coincide with the nickname that already exists in the postal service. When registering an email, you may receive a warning “This login is already taken” or something similar. Then you have to invent and write another name. It is not necessary to change it completely, just add some numbers or symbols to it so that it becomes unique.
  • Next comes the delimiter character "@". It is called "Commercial at" or simply "Dog." On the keyboard it is located in the same place where the button with the number “2” (you can type it in the English layout). This sign is required in all e-mail - it stands between the login and the domain. In different countries it is called differently. For example, in Finland it is “Cat” or “Cat's tail”, in Italy - “Snail”, in Bulgaria - “Monkey”, in the USA - just “at”. On public Internet resources, this symbol is sometimes replaced with “at” in brackets. This is done so that the address does not fall into the database of spam bots. When sending messages it is necessary to replace "at" with "@".
  • Domen (domain). The URL of the service on which the e-mail is registered. This can be a corporate or any free site (for example, or Many resources offer several domain variations. You can't think of it yourself - you can only choose. Many organizations create their own domains, but this is done for a fee.

See how to write an email address with a specific example: “ ”, “ ”.

How to register email?

Several sites with the function of free registration e-mail:

  • Yandex
  • Mail
  • Gmail
  • Rambler
  • Qip

Viewing incoming mail in Google is quite convenient.

They are not just for creating email. Each of them has a huge set of information, entertainment or simply useful services. To obtain a personal address, you must do the following:

  1. Go to the resource.
  2. There will be a button "Create account", "Register", "Register mail" or something like that.
  3. Fill in the fields. It is usually necessary to write a name, a desired login, specify a security question and answer to it, set a password. If you do not want to enter a real name, you can replace it with a nickname. But in the e-mail, which is necessary for work or some kind of official business, it is better to write the correct user data so that it is displayed in messages to your clients, colleagues and employers.
  4. The password is desirable to make difficult. Not related to login, name, date of birth or something similar. So that it can not be picked up.
  5. Login can consist of letters of the Latin alphabet, numbers or special characters. If you enter an invalid character, the system will warn you.
  6. Confirm the registration.

Mailbox creation dialog in one of the systems

Large organizations register their own domains. It looks presentable. Serious companies prefer not to use free e-mail services.

If you don’t know how to create an email address, try something like this:

  • Last name with initials or abbreviated full name. You can add numbers, dots, dashes, underscores. Convenient for business communication. By login it is immediately clear to whom it belongs.
  • Nickname that you often use on the Internet. Those who know you by this nickname will be able to recognize your mail at a glance.
  • In some services, the address is automatically generated from your name (if you specified it). The system will offer several logins to choose from. If one of them suits you, use it.
  • It is better to create a nickname that is easy to remember. You should not set a rampant set of letters or numbers if you are going to use the service for communication or work in the future.

How to send an e-mail?

Do you want to send something to e-mail? Make it very easy.

  1. Log in to the e-mail site or launch your e-mail client.
  2. Click the "New Letter" button. It may be called differently.
  3. In the "To" field, enter the address.
  4. In the "Subject" field, describe briefly what your message is about. The recipient will first of all display the sender's e-mail and this topic.
  5. The largest field is for the body (content) of the letter.
  6. When done, click on “Submit”.

The webmail interface for different services is about the same.

Understanding how an email address is formed is easy enough. It consists of three parts: the login, the @ separator character, and the domain name. These items are fixed and cannot be swapped. Each e-mail is a unique set of characters, there are no two identical. You can create a login, a domain - just choose from the options. The address must consist of Latin letters, numbers or some characters.