Where to see the version of Internet Explorer

Microsoft's Internet Explorer is one of the most popular browsers, as it is installed on every Windows computer. While a significant number of users prefer to use other products, for example, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and so on, IE still holds its position, occupying a special place in the market. In addition to the usual functions of the browser, Internet Explorer plays a role in the operation of the Windows operating system. So, depending on the current version of IE on your PC, some services, system components and utilities may not work correctly. In this article we will look at how to find out the version of Internet Explorer. Let's figure it out. Go!

How to find out if your viewer is relevant

To find out the current version of the browser, launch IE and click on the settings icon in the upper right corner of the window. If the gear icon is missing, press the Alt key and select Help. Also in older versions there is a separate tab "Help". In the menu that appears, click on the item "About the program." After that, a window will appear containing all the necessary information about the browser.

Common method for Windows applications

The second method is even easier. Click on the shortcut with the right mouse button and select “Properties” in the menu. Next, click on the item "Location halyard." After you get to the folder with the executable file, go to its properties by using the right mouse button. In the window that appears, go to the "Details" tab. In the item "Version" you will find all the necessary information.

In the properties of the exe-file, you can find out the necessary information.

The version number consists of several parts - numbers separated by dots. Pay attention to only the first digits of the number. All other figures show various minor updates, fixes, and more.

If you have the operating system Windows 10, do not worry. Although the default browser is a new product from Microsoft - Edge, Internet Explorer has not gone anywhere. You can find it through the search for Windows, or in Microsoft Edge - there is a special menu where you will find a button to launch IE. Please note that Windows 10 has the latest Internet Explorer, and the new versions will no longer be released, as Microsoft decided to develop its new product, Edge.

Now, if necessary, you can easily find out the version of Internet Explorer. Use the most convenient method for you. Write in the comments, did the article help you solve the problem, and leave your opinion about the browsers from Microsoft.