How to work with SWF files

In parallel with the development of technology and computers, file formats are evolving. New formats appear for the convenience of users, offering opportunities for working with data, multimedia and so on. All this leads to the fact that, having met with new formats, it is not always clear how to use them. Let's figure out how to open the SWF file.

Small Web Format is a video format used for flash-animation, vector graphics, and audio data on the Internet. Simple online games, various interactive applications also use this extension. Small Web Format is good because it is small enough. This allows you to upload videos much faster and scale vector images without any distortion.

There are several ways to open a SWF file. Each of them will take a closer look.

Through the browser

You can always open the Small Web Format using any browser, be it Chrome, Mozilla, Opera or any other, but only if it has Flash Player installed. In the latest versions of Google Chrome, it is installed by default in the browser itself. If the Flash Player is not in your browser, download it from the official Adobe website.

To open a SWF file, simply drag it to the browser. If for some reason nothing happens, try updating Flash Player.

Using programs on the computer

Of course, you can use special programs to play videos, for example, the very popular KMPlayer. This program supports many modern formats, including Small Web Format. Those users who work with UNIX-like systems will find Gnash useful. Another good player, implemented as a browser extension, is Swfdec. It works on both UNIX and BSD systems.

Some users involved in adding information to the site, it will also be useful to learn how to edit files of this format. To do this, you can use the SwiX program, which has a fairly simple Russian-language interface, which will not be difficult to deal with. Besides SwiX, there is Sothink SWF Quicker. This utility has a set of filters, animation effects and built-in tools for working with vector graphics. Unfortunately, Sothink SWF Quicker is officially available only in the paid version.

Now you will know how to open a SWF file and how to work with it. Write in the comments, did the article help you with the questions that arose, and ask if something was incomprehensible.