Running two Skype on one computer: how to do it

When you are not the only PC user or you have several Skype profiles for different purposes (for example, one for family and friends, and the second for colleagues and clients), you may wonder how to switch between accounts or open both at once. Now we will try to help you and explain everything in detail.

Run two Skype on one computer.

Alternate login to accounts

The easiest way to run two different Skype on the same computer is to technically switch between accounts in one window as needed. For this:

  1. In the open Skype window, click on the username at the top.
  2. Scroll to the end of the sections in the appeared plate.
  3. Select "Exit" (usually highlighted in red, it is difficult not to notice).
  4. Log in to the second entry, under which you are registered in Skype, and uncheck the box with automatic authorization - this way you will quickly switch between two accounts.

Of course, you can switch using your Microsoft account, but this is even longer. In general, this method will help out, if the computer is family-owned, and you are sitting on Skype in turn. If you need both accounts at the same time, it is better to act in another way - spend a few minutes on special settings.

Multiple instances of the Skype window on the same computer

Now we will talk how to start two Skype at a time on one computer.

Create a label for Skype

First, do the following to create a separate utility icon and change something in the run order:

  1. Click Win + R.
  2. Enter in the window:% programfiles% / skype / phone / and click "Inter".
  3. Find Skype.exe in the general list and right-click the paddle.
  4. Send to Desktop via the appropriate command.
  5. Thus, the program icon will appear on the "Desktop".
  6. Click on it with an additional manipulator button and select Feature.
  7. Open the “Shortcut” tab. In the Object section you see a long way - do not erase it, just move the cursor to the end of the line, put a space and add the word "/ secondary". Confirm the changes.

Now you can open several Skype - each time you click on the created icon, a separate tab will be created, where you can log in under a different name. To close Skype later (and you know that it’s not so easy even in standard mode), press Ctrl + Alt + Del to call the Task manager. Remove the task from the processes by selecting them and clicking the button below.

Customize the shortcut to run the second Skype

To run two different Skype at the same time, you can act a little differently:

  1. Click on the "Desktop" additional button of the manipulator in any free space.
  2. Choose Create - S
  3. Give him the following direction vector: C: \ Program Files \ Skype \ Phone \ Skype.exe "/ secondary, as you did last time.
  4. Click Continue and OK.

This works fine on Windows 7, but if you have a licensed Windows 10 on your computer with a built-in Skype, it can resist - it is better to download a separate program.

Automatic authorization when launching the second Skype

With two accounts, you can also set up automatic login, as with one (just to remind you that this is not suitable for the built-in messenger in windows 10). To do this:

  1. Find the newly created Skype shortcut on Desktop.
  2. Click on it with the right button and select “Properties” - Object.
  3. We have already added one word here, and now, without departing from it, we assign: / username: your_login / password: your_password. Do not forget about the indent after entering your login.
  4. Restart Skype and check the effectiveness of the work we have done.

For completeness, let us explain how to be with the built-in application on Windows 10. To avoid confusion, it is better to remove it altogether. Proceed as follows:

  1. Click “Start” and find Windows PowerShell in the list on the left, right-click on the name and launch Run As Administrator.
  2. In the window type: "Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.SkypeApp" (without quotes).
  3. After a pause, the system will give you the text: save the data related to the PackageFullName to the clipboard.
  4. Write “Remove-AppxPackage –package” (without quotes), back out and paste the copied.
  5. Confirm the action by pressing "Enter".
  6. Do not close the window until the operation is completed - you will be notified of its successful execution.

Restart your computer and make sure that the built-in Skype has disappeared (if you did everything right, then there will be no trace of it). Then you can go to the official website of the developer, download the usual distribution and install it. Then follow all the steps described in the first chapters of this article.

Well, now you know how to open several Skype windows under different accounts, without constantly resorting to the authorization procedure and without using other gadgets. Try it, it is not too long to adjust, but then it will be much more convenient for you to work.