Convert djvu to Word

Scanned books, saved as images, occupy a large amount of memory, so they are often combined into one file with the extension djvu. It weighs little, is convenient for storage. Initially, the expansion was intended for images, but using it for e-books turned out to be quite practical and expedient. But sometimes the question arises how to translate djvu in Word? This must be done when it is necessary to make changes to the file, because when viewed as an image, the text cannot be edited, something added, deleted.

Djvu are layers of images and text. If the text is overlaid on top, it can be easily converted. We will tell you how to make Word from djvu.

Copy text layer

  1. Download the appropriate program for viewing - DjVu Reader.
  2. Open through it the desired text with the format djvu.
  3. On top of the panel there is a button that highlights a piece of text. If it is active and it can be pressed, then there is a surface layer that can be copied.
  4. Press the button, select the passage, copy it.
  5. Open a new page in a text editor.
  6. Click the paste button on the left in the top panel or use the Ctrl + V function keys. You can also right-click on the sheet and then on the "Insert" menu that appears.

Application DjvuOCR

Not always in this extension there is a text layer. If not, then how to copy text from djvu to Word?

Will help a special program. Convert - means to convert to another format, change properties. Such a utility can be DjvuOCR. The program will translate the djvu extension into any graphic format, for example, into PDF, which can later be converted through special programs, for example, through ABBYY FineReader. The disadvantage of this path is its complexity and complexity, since the use of FineReader will take a lot of time, and not always the old versions cope with the task. The advantage is that the capabilities of ABBYY FineReader are quite wide, so they will help you recognize the text as much as possible and it will be easy to correct.

There are similar online converters that help translate a file into text. Their advantage is that they work pretty quickly. However, to work with them requires the Internet. And be careful, as you can get to the sites that spread viruses or all sorts of scammers, offering to send some code via SMS.

Using one converter

There is a special converter for this type of documents, which immediately translates the image into the desired format - DjView. It is enough for you to find and download one program, and not to work around it. Consider how to translate a djvu file in Word through this program.

  1. Open the file through the converter.
  2. Click the "Export" button.
  3. A window will appear prompting you to select the range to be exported: the whole document or one or several pages.
  4. At the bottom of the result section in the list, select "DOC Document."
  5. If necessary, set additional settings.

Your document will be converted to Word.

So, the first method described by us is the fastest, and the last one is more accurate and practical. But in any case, you need to use special tools - you can not do without them. Carefully study all the ways in which you can translate one format into another, then choose the most convenient for you. Despite the apparent complexity, each user is fully capable of coping with the task and doing the necessary operations.