How to set the video as wallpaper on the "desktop"

Everyone already knows how to install ordinary static wallpapers on the “Desktop” of a computer, but not many people know how to use video and animation in the same quality. Immediately, we note that this is possible and easy, but it is not recommended for weak and outdated PCs - such décor loads the processor. Before you put the video on the desktop screensaver, you will need to download one of the special programs. Often, their distributions are distributed on sites that also contain collections of wallpapers: animated and standard - you can choose something suitable directly from the library. Next, we bring to your attention the most popular utilities from this series and brief instructions for installing wallpaper - choose the most convenient option for yourself.

Set the video in the role of wallpaper on your desktop.

Windows DreamScene

  1. The program is free, and it can be downloaded from the official site of the same name in the “Tools” tab.
  2. You will see several versions for different modifications of Windows - read carefully and make the right choice.
  3. If you have a stationary PC, download the 32-bit distribution, and if the laptop is a 64-bit. This parameter can be specified in the “System Information” section.
  4. Unzip the installation package, run it and wait for the process to finish.
  5. Now find the video file you like and click on its thumbnail with the right button of the manipulator.
  6. After installing the software, a new feature “Install as Desktop Wallpaper” appeared - you need to use it.

The application only works with two extensions: .wmv and .mpg, so you may have to change the format yourself. Online converters are convenient for this, because they have a simple interface and do not need to load extra programs on the computer. Just add a video through a button on the site and specify one of the supported extensions, and then download the file.


This application is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10, but the Windows Desktop Desktop may display video wallpaper incorrectly. But the software is completely free and weighs only 0.7 MB, which is a rarity for the present.

  1. After unpacking the rar-archive, launch the installation and configure the utility using the parameters of your screen.
  2. When you start, you will see a plate with the words “Set Video” - with its help you can select and add a clip to the screen saver.

The program is in English, but the interface is absolutely simple.

Wallpaper Engine

And this is already a paid program of the published series, but inexpensive - about $ 3.5 per license.

  1. Install the program.
  2. Open it and click "Change Wallpaper".
  3. Select a video.
  4. If you want a clip from the live wallpaper catalog, click another Browse Workshop button.
  5. Sign up on Steam to access the content.

You can set up an automatic change of wallpaper - this feature will be active after logging in to the site.


Also a paid program - its cost is $ 9. At the same time, it works with a limited number of formats: .mpg, .wmv and .avi, but there is no such popular extension as mp4 in this list. But you can use the converter. Now a quick guide to use:

  1. Install the application.
  2. Open a window and drag the desired clip into it.
  3. Click the thumbnail of the video, and then click the Apply button on the right.

If the video for some reason did not appear on the screen saver, restart the computer. Often on weak PCs such wallpapers slow down, freeze and slow down the system. In this case, simply select some image without animation and replace it with a clip.